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Lower School: Where it all begins.

A girl’s Bryn Mawr journey begins in the Lower School, where her natural enthusiasm and curiosity are ignited by a curriculum that combines joy with superior academics. Beginning in pre-kindergarten, students learn to try new things, to challenge herself, to question, participate, collaborate and lead. Supportive teachers encourage self-advocacy and appropriate risk-taking as girls grow into strong thinkers and active problem-solvers.
“Lower School is about building a foundation that prepares a girl for life. Learning to read, write, and conquer math problems is part of it, but they’re also learning how to ask questions, participate with confidence, and support each other in all that they do — from the classrooms to the monkey bars!”

— Laurie Vennes, Lower School Director

Lower School girls love:

  • Starting the day with Walking and Running Club
  • Taking an imaginary trip to France and Spain
  • Incubating and watching baby ducklings hatch
  • Organizing an International Bazaar for the community
  • Writing and performing an original Great myth play
  • After school activities like dance, chess, lacrosse, and more!

Whole Girl, Whole Day

At Bryn Mawr, we care for the whole girl for the whole day, which means that our students are nourished and supported in and out of class, and before, during and after the school day.

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