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The Bryn Mawr School: Bold since 1885

More than 130 years ago, we were founded by five young women who vowed to provide girls with the same educational benefits that boys received. It was a bold and courageous idea and the curriculum was daring for its time, including both modern and classical languages, English, history, math, the latest scientific theories, and a focus on physical education—all of which stretched the limits of imagination and acceptance. Today, our founding mission endures.
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Philosophy Statement:

In a joyous and supportive community, The Bryn Mawr School fosters critical thinking, creative expression, a sense of discovery, and honorable character. Through collaborative relationships among faculty, students, families, and alumnae, Bryn Mawr students and graduates feel safe to grow intellectually, to take risks, to communicate clearly, and to engage productively with their community.

Each student is known as an individual and celebrated for her contribution to the larger community. The school values the whole child, fosters the bold voices of students, and encourages intentional, compassionate use of those voices to make meaningful contributions to the world. Bryn Mawr teaches young women to face an increasingly complex world, to make informed choices, and to act responsibly in positive and ethical ways.

Mission Statement:

The Bryn Mawr School inspires a passion for intellectual curiosity, emphasizes the delights and demands of learning, and nurtures the full potential of our young women in mind, body, and spirit. To prepare our students for lifelong learning and leadership, we are deeply committed to academic excellence, ethical decision-making, and the dignity of all people. A Bryn Mawr education is grounded in the expectation that young women will be resilient in the face of complexity, ambiguity, and change; will become responsible and confident participants in the world; and will lead considered and consequential lives.

Diversity Statement:

The Bryn Mawr School is deeply committed to growing as a diverse, equitable, and inclusive learning community. We are dedicated to providing an education that is rooted in the ideals of equity and justice and that reflects the diverse identities, experiences, and voices of our constituents. By honoring and nurturing the unique differences within our school community, we teach our students to better understand and contribute to the wider world. To prepare our students and ourselves to lead considered and consequential lives, we believe it is essential that we develop the ability to identify, question, and challenge bias and acts of discrimination. As we strive to build a community that celebrates and values each individual, Bryn Mawr will engage in an ongoing review of our policies and practices that address bias and discrimination.

Quick Facts

Our students live deliberate, considered and consequential lives, with the resourcefulness and self-awareness to make choices for themselves. They know where they want to go and how to create the lives they want to live. They are well-prepared, creative thinkers. They are confident and resilient. They are dynamic, joyful, energetic, powerful and smart women who care for the world.