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How does Bryn Mawr develop confident, curious, courageous changemakers? 

By encouraging them to find their voices to advocate for themselves and others.

For generations, bold voices have been a hallmark of a Bryn Mawr education. Our students and alumnae are known for their confidence, clarity of thought, and willingness to speak up both for themselves and for others, in pursuit of a better world. Bryn Mawr’s signature Voice& program inspires all students—from Little School through graduates—to grow, create change and expand opportunities for others.

Through Voice&, Bryn Mawr students:

Feel empowered in self-discovery

Become responsible global citizens by having an impact on the world

Partner with and serve communities in Baltimore and surrounding areas

Immerse themselves in real-world experiences beyond the classroom

Use bold voices to share their work with the community

    • Voice& Little School


Little School

Voice and wonder are the foundation of the Little School. Children learn to communicate and express their individual needs, thoughts and ideas. They begin with simple sounds and babbling and progress to understanding language and eventually using full sentences. As the children grow, we see the development of humor, storytelling, questioning, imaginary play, reading and writing. 

While Little School students play, construct, laugh, jump, ride, climb, draw, read, write and sing, our teachers learn each student's interests and encourage them to freely experiment, taste, feel, hear, see, and safely explore the exciting world around them. With curious imaginations and confident voices, they are prepared to thrive in Lower School.


Students begin to share opinions, ask questions and contribute to discussions during daily “circle time”
Author’s Tea: Students create and share their own written story with an audience
All students share their creativity and voices in annual events like the Art Show and Spring Sing
Special experiences like Popcorn Explosions, Wildlife Adventures, and visits from Baltimore City Fire Department

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Values Class
Through this bi-weekly program taught by the Lower School counselor, students learn skills such as conflict resolution, decision-making, assertiveness and identification of feelings.
Responsive Classrooms
This approach in the Lower School creates safe, joyful and engaging classroom communities where all students feel a sense of belonging.
Offering three seasons of activities—such as tennis, robotics, yoga, painting and drama—students to discover new activities, take intellectual risks with their ideas, build leadership skills, and cultivate their passions.

Lower School

In Lower School, students begin to explore, define and communicate their own personal values and beliefs. Beginning in pre-kindergarten, we nurture student voices through the lens of the Lower School’s core values: responsibility, respect, integrity, cooperation, compassion, resilience, and mindfulness. Throughout their time in Lower School, students lead assemblies, serve as reading “buddies” to younger students, and even run the division’s morning car line. Through leadership and public speaking opportunities, students become self-aware, advocate for what they believe, and represent themselves and Bryn Mawr confidently.  They are ready to face Middle School with a bold voice and strong sense of self.

    • Voice& Middle School


Middle School

In Middle School, we ask students to start using their values to guide their vision— for their own futures and for the ways in which they will impact the world.  Students are given the opportunity to lead Harkness discussions, form their own affinity and ally spaces, or create choreography in Dance Company; they choose their own books and research topics in Humanities classes and create assemblies on topics they love. They learn to negotiate disagreements through Restorative Circles and build self-advocacy skills as a cornerstone of their academic, emotional, and social well-being. 

To culminate their Middle School experience, students complete a capstone seminar that challenges 8th graders to channel their interests to create innovative solutions for pressing issues, whether on campus or in the community. Application of their values, voice, and vision teaches them to see their own agency in the world and be ready to make an even greater impact in Upper School.


All 6th graders are immersed in the history, culture, geography and more of our city through the year-long, interdisciplinary Believing in Baltimore's Best project.
How big is the universe? Why is pi irrational? Why do we dream? The Wonder Project challenges 7th graders to wonder, research, create and present on a science topic of their choosing.
Our 8th grade capstone leadership seminar, Voice and Vision, asks students to create “something real for someone real.” Each 8th grader gives a convocation speech in which they describe and depict their Voice and Vision journey to our community.

    • Voice& Upper School



Our four-times weekly gathering of the school community to hear a senior speech is a signature experience for every student as she considers what impact she would like to have on her fellow students.
Public Speaking
This required course during junior year offers students opportunities to gain confidence using their voices in front of an audience—a life skill!
Impact Project
Sophomores and juniors opt to extend the learning done in the classroom to an external issue or concern, connecting academics to real-world application and problem solving.
Edith Hamilton Scholars
conduct independent research during their senior year guided by a mentor and present a convocation on their work.
Students regularly lead discussions and workshops during 5th period on any topic of interest, from meteorology to Gaming and Well-being. Truly, sky’s the limit!
E3 Day
Our annual full day of student-organized and led workshops and discussions focused on equity.
Student Leaders
Head up Bryn Mawr's six school-wide organizations.
Many students opt to participate in real-world, hands-on, experiential learning outside of the classroom with local partners, businesses and organizations.
Service Learning
All students engage deeply in community service as part of their Upper School experience. The school’s Broadus community service award program also provides a funded opportunity for selected students to work with a community organization in Baltimore to both build and financially support a new programmatic initiative.

Upper School

In Upper School, students focus their attention on the impact of their voices on the world around them. They may choose to advocate for inclusive and equitable practices and participate in community issues they care about in Baltimore and beyond. They might consider how to become activists for climate change. They may commit themselves to developing technological solutions to problems they encounter by building apps or conducting research in a STEM field. They may create art or music or dance that speaks to issues that concern them. No matter what, in Upper School, students will move from cultivating their bold voices to applying them.  
They graduate from Bryn Mawr ready to shake up every field they enter, seeking challenge, embracing complexity and leading lives of compassion and consequence.