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Affinity Groups

Affinity Groups are a natural part of our human experience. Every day we create and join groups with those whom we share a common interest, history, or experience based on race, religion, political affiliation, gender, sexual orientation, age, profession, and interests. Bryn Mawr School itself is an Affinity Based educational setting, designed to combat the gender inequities that continue to plague our world, country and communities. In affinity groups, participants’ individual voices evolve into a collective story that affirms, connects, educates, and empowers its members. Participation in such groups is based on one’s ability to speak from the “I” perspective.  If interested in learning more about our affinity programming or starting an Affinity Group, please contact Diane Nichols, Senior Director of Equity & Inclusive Practice at nicholsd@brynmawrschool.org.

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  • Faculty & Staff

    • Bryn Mawr Black Employee Affinity Group” 
    • LatinX 
    • Asian Pacific Islander South Asian “APISA” 
    • LGBTQIA+ 
    • Parent/Employee Group
  • Parents

  • Upper School

    • Multiracial affinity group
    • Neurodiversity affinity group
    • Muslim Student Affinity Group
    • Asian Student Union

  • Middle School

    • Black Student Union (BSU)
    • Asian, Pacific Islander Desi American “APIDA”
    • South Asian Affinity Group
    • Neurodiversity Affinity Group (FBI)
    • Jewish Student Union
  • Lower School

    • Bryn Mawr Black Girl (Black Girl Magic) “BMBG”
  • Identity-Based Groups/Clubs (MS, US)

    • Upper School:
      • Black Student Union
      • Jewish Student Union
      • Gender & Sexuality Alliance (GSA)
      • Hispanic/LatinX Student Union
      • National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI)
      • Arab American Perspectives
    • Middle School:
      • Spectrum LGBTQIA+

2023-24 Liaisons

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  • Photo of Denise Green

    Denise Green 

    Little School Teacher
  • Photo of Amy McLoughlin

    Amy McLoughlin 

    Kindergarten Teacher
  • Photo of Tonia Vines

    Tonia Vines 

    MS Drama Teacher
  • Photo of Kelly Cardall

    Kelly Cardall 

    US Drama Teacher
  • Photo of Colleen Hanson

    Colleen Hanson 

    Director of Advancement Services
  • Photo of Brittany Pfister

    Brittany Pfister 

    Associate Director of Advancement; Director of Leadership Gifts

Alumnae Affinity Groups

Supported by the Alumnae Association, the Bryn Mawr Black Alumnae group, Bryn Mawr Asian Alumnae group, Bryn Mawr LGBTQ Alumnae/i group and Bryn Mawr STEM Alumnae group, are private groups for Bryn Mawr alumnae to connect, network, and share information within an affinity group.