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Welcome Alumnae

We cannot wait to connect with you and help you reconnect to your fellow alumnae and the current students at Bryn Mawr. While you are here, please look around and discover some of the ways that you can connect with Bryn Mawr.
We would love for you to join us for virtual and in-person alumnae events including Alumnae Weekend, an affinity group gathering, or a regional event in your area. Do you want to reminisce about your time as a student on campus? If so, perhaps you would like to attend a student performance or watch recorded Convocation speeches. You can also reconnect with fellow alumnae and current school happenings by connecting to Bryn Mawr’s social media and affinity groups. There are lots of different ways to network with fellow alumnae and occasions to engage with current students and give back to the school.

Do you want to jump right in and do something more active? From hosting a regional alumnae gathering to mentoring a current student, there are ample opportunities to ‘shine wherever you are.’ We invite you to check out the Ways to Connect page and see what interests you!

We know that the Bryn Mawr alumnae community is a vibrant group of over 4,000 graduates living all over the world, and working in every conceivable field. The connections you made at Bryn Mawr, whether to former classmates and teachers or traditions (what was your favorite? Maypole, International Bazaar, Ring Dance, Gym Drill?) are foundational to your life today.  We also know that schools can perpetuate inequality if we’re not vigilant. As an alumnae community we stand committed to supporting the school in it’s ongoing work to evaluate all aspects of the school culture and program to improve the experience of BIPOC students, and to educate all of our students and community in anti-racism. If you wish to share any concerns about how you have been treated while part of the Bryn Mawr community, and/or support this critical work, we encourage you to reach out to us directly via Diane Nichols, Senior Director of Institutional Equity and Inclusive Practice.

We look forward to hearing more about what you are doing today and to help you find meaningful ways to connect with current Bryn Mawr students and the larger community.

Please feel free to contact Director of Alumnae Engagement, Deanna M. Boyd ’05 with any questions or suggestions.

We hope to see you on campus soon!

Jenny German Nugent ‘92 P‘24
President, Alumnae Association Board of Directors

Deanna Boyd ‘05
Director of Alumnae Engagement


Do you have news to share? Questions about alumnae events? Updated contact info for us? Email alumnae@brynmawrschool.org

Alumnae Office

Deanna Boyd
Contact us and we will help you create a network of Bryn Mawr Alumnae to further your reach.

Deanna Boyd '05
The Bryn Mawr School
Director of Alumnae Engagement

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