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Enrichment Classes

Gateways programs allow Lower and Middle School students to discover new activities, take intellectual risks with their ideas, build leadership skills, and cultivate their passions.

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Winter Offerings


Chinese (Grades 1-5)
Let’s learn Chinese together! We will be using the textbook “Happy to Learn Chinese” as our main learning material. We will practice speaking, writing, and reading Chinese together as well as learning Chinese culture in class. All levels are welcome.
Dates: 1/22,1/29,2/5,2/12,2/26,3/4

Chess (Grades 1-8)
Come learn to play Chess or refresh your skills with Coach William Morrison.  Coach Morrison is an internationally recognized chess master,teaching chess for over 20 years.
Dates: 1/22,1/29,2/5,2/12,2/26,3/4

Amazing Acrobats (Grades 1-3)
Step right up to the most exciting club in town! Our acrobatics club is the perfect playground for young thrill-seekers. No experience necessary; we'll teach your kids the ABCs of acrobatics, from cartwheels to splits, and then watch them flip, twist, and soar into more advanced tricks like gravity-defying handstands and headstands. Get ready for a high-flying adventure filled with laughter and daring feats!
Dates: 1/23,1/30,2/6,2/13,2/20,2/27

Clay Monster Making (Grades 2-6)
Students will learn clay-building techniques and fundamentals to create their own animal or monster! Come get your hands dirty and make some memories.
Dates: 1/23,1/30,2/6,2/13,2/20,2/27

Taylor Swift Clay Bead Bracelets (Grades 2-5)
Unleash your inner Swiftie with this super-fun clay bracelet extravaganza! You can swap your Swift-themed bracelets with fellow fans, or surprise your friends and family with some sweet gifts. We will make all the clay bracelets your heart desires in this club, so come and be creative!
Dates: 1/23,1/30,2/6,2/13,2/20,2/27

Uke Can Do It! (Grades 4-5)
We’ll start at the very beginning and you’ll be strumming along with terrific tunes before you know it! No experience is necessary. A ukulele will be provided for use during this Gateway session.
Dates: 1/23,1/30,2/6,2/13,2/20,2/27

Basketball Club (Grades 3-6)
Join Coach Ben Woods for an evening Gateway class to improve your basketball skills. We will work on all facets of the game, including ball handling, passing, shooting, movement and defense. More importantly, we will focus on playing together and how to be good teammates. All skill levels are welcome!
Dates: 1/23,1/30,2/6,2/13,2/20,2/27
**evening offering: 6:00-7:15pm 

Paper Doll Fashion (Grades 3-5)
Are you a fledgling fashionista? Is your kelly green jumper (school uniform)stifling your high fashion sensibilities? This Gateway is for you! Come learn about fashion through the decades with Mrs Wheeler. We will create paper dolls and explore different fashion trends, creating new ensembles using a variety of textures and materials.
Dates: 1/24,1/31,2/7,2/14,2/21,2/28

Food Around the World (Grades 3-5)
Learn easy, fun, and delicious foods from around the world! Each week we will prepare and enjoy a new recipe from a different country. We will learn a little about each country and at the end of the session, you will take home a recipe book. 
Dates: 1/24,1/31,2/7,2/14,2/21,2/28

Clay Creature Mugs and Vessels (Grades 6-8)
If you love working with clay and using your imagination, this is the club for you!  You will learn different sculpting techniques to create imaginary creatures that will function as a mug or vessel.  
Dates: 1/24,1/31,2/7,2/14,2/21,2/28

Animal Fun (Grades PK-2)
Step into a world of animal awesomeness! This class is a safari of fun, with games, books, crafts, world travel and much more—all centered around our furry, feathered, and scaly animal friends. Students will have the chance to share their favorite animals, pets, and even imaginary animals!
Dates: 1/25,2/1,2/8,2/15,2/29,3/7

News Team WBRY (Grades 3-5)
Join the Lower School news team! Each week (3:30-5:00 pm) we will record a broadcast to be shown in homerooms on Monday or Tuesday morning. The news will cover things like weather, lunch menus, Lower School events, interviews with teachers and students, and so much more. Bring your own ideas to the team… And action!
Dates: 1/25,2/1,2/8,2/15,2/22,2/29
**until 5pm

Cricut Crafting  (Grades 3-6)
Unleash your inner crafter with the magic of Cricut! You’ll get to design and personalize your own mugs, t-shirts, and bags - the possibilities are endless. Using the Cricut app, you’ll be a DIY wizard in no time. We’ll make a different craft each week using Cricut’s smart cutting machines.
Dates: 1/25,2/1,2/8,2/15,2/22,2/29

Sewing Skills (Grades 3-6)
Students will learn basic sewing skills, and stitches. Students will choose and sew their own pillow or small stuffed animal!
Dates: 1/25,2/1,2/8,2/15,2/22,2/29

Friday Wind Down Art Club (Grades 1-5)
Come wind down from a busy week with some calming art and music, all focused on relaxing and de-stressing.  Activities may include, zen coloring, sculpting, painting etc.  Start your weekend with a relaxing vibe. 
Dates: 1/26,2/2,2/9,2/23,3/1,3/8

Homemade Paper Beads (Grades 3-5)
If you love paper crafts, glue, and beads, then this is the club for you!  We will make our own paper beads from magazines, wrapping paper, etc.  We will string them into bracelets and necklaces.  You can keep your treasures or give them as gifts!  Creativity and imagination required!  Patience and well-developed fine motor skills will be helpful, too!
Dates: 1/26,2/2,2/9,2/23,3/1,3/8

Chess (Grades 1-8)
Come learn to play Chess or refresh your skills with Coach William Morrison.  Coach Morrison is an internationally recognized chess master,teaching chess for over 20 years.
Dates: 1/26,2/2,2/9,2/23,3/1,3/8