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Enrichment Classes

Gateways programs allow Lower and Middle School students to discover new activities, take intellectual risks with their ideas, build leadership skills, and cultivate their passions.

Fall 2023 Offerings

Chinese (Grades 1-5)
Let’s learn Chinese together! We will be using the textbook”Happy to Learn Chinese” as our main learning material. We will practice speaking, writing, and reading Chinese together as well as Chinese culture in class. Join us!
Dates: 9/18,10/2,10/9,10/16,10/23 and 11/6

Gardening Club (Grades 2-5)
Do you enjoy the Butterfly Garden outside the music room? Come join us as we plant another new native garden in the LS! We’ll select the right plants to benefit wildlife, prepare the beds, and plant everything in the ground - plus a few garden-themed crafts. Gardening gloves and tools provided. Prepare to get a little dirty!
Dates: 9/19,9/26,10/3,10/10,10/17, and 10/24

Be a Linguist (Grades 3-5)
Linguistics is the science of languages and it plays a large role in our lives. Did you know that linguistics is used to develop AI programs, including Alexa, Siri, and Google? Or that linguistics can be used to solve crimes? There is even an international linguistic olympiad every year! This Gateways will let you learn about how linguistics is used every day and some of the rules that only exist in certain languages. We will work together every session to solve a puzzle using our knowledge. Maybe we’ll even try to solve a crime…
Dates: 9/19,9/26,10/3,10/10,10/17, and 10/24

Friendship Bracelets (Grades 2-6)
Come and make friendship bracelets out of embroidery floss!  We’ll start with the basics and learn patterns such as stripes, V, and X.
Dates: 9/19,9/26,10/3,10/10,10/17, and 10/24

Clay Beading (Grades 3-6)
Come and make colorful clay bead bracelets, necklaces, and earrings!  Make them for yourself or for a friend!  We’ll start with the basics and then move on to some more sophisticated jewelry-making techniques.
Dates: 9/21,9/28,10/5,10/12,10/19, and 10/26

Wind Down Art Club (Grades 1-5)
Come wind down from a busy week with some calming art and music, all focused on relaxing and de-stressing.  Activities may include, zen coloring, sculpting, painting etc.  Start your weekend with a relaxing vibe.  
Dates: 9/22,9/29,10/6,10/13,10/20 and 11/3

WBRY News Team (Grades 3-5)
Join the Lower School news team! Each week (3:30-5:00 pm) we will record a broadcast to be shown in homerooms on Monday or Tuesday morning. The news will cover things like weather, lunch menus, Lower School events, interviews with teachers and students, and so much more. Bring your own ideas to the team… And action!
Dates: 9/21,9/28,10/5,10/12,10/19, and 10/26

Storytelling Through Theatre (Grades 3-5)
Come explore the art of making theatre through improvisation, movement work and creative writing. Sessions will include theatre games, performance techniques, creative movement and written storytelling. Students will be able to work collaboratively and individually to create their own performance pieces.
Dates: 9/21,9/28,10/5,10/12,10/19, and 10/26

Embroidery (Grades 3-6)
Beginner or intermediate sewists are encouraged to come and learn the basics of embroidery. If you’ve never seen it before or if you’ve tied a French knot or two, there is space for you here to learn something new! This class will specifically teach foundational stitches and cover common embroidery techniques, as well as more complex stitches as time and ability allow.
Dates: 9/20,9/27,10/4,10/11,10/18, and 10/25

Cottagecore Decor DIY (Grades 4-6)
Get swept away with the whimsy of cottagecore this Gateway.  We will spend some time walking in the woods, and get inspired by nature to make decor to cozy up your living space.  Projects may include making a mushroom and moss wreath, a hanging planter, a pressed flower lantern, and more!
Dates: 9/20,9/27,10/4,10/11,10/18, and 10/25

Magical & Mystical Club (Grades 4-6)
Spooky season is here!  Let’s enjoy the countdown to Halloween with mystical activities and celestial DIY projects.  Learn about astrology and tarot cards.  Make crafts like crescent dream catchers, pendulum boards, black cat earrings, and fun Halloween decorations.  In our final session (later pickup) we will have a pajama party and watch Hocus Pocus 2 (rated PG) with Halloween-themed snacks and drinks.

Dates: 9/22,9/29,10/6,10/13,10/20 and 11/3