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Student Ambassadors

Bryn Mawr’s Admission Ambassadors work directly with the Admission Office to coordinate all student involvement in the admissions process. They are leaders of our community who play a critical role in welcoming our visitors to campus.

In addition to being spirited, every Ambassador is a Bryn Mawr expert. They are knowledgeable about the School, its rich traditions, and the many academic and extracurricular offerings. They are excited to meet you, answer your questions, and show you why they love Bryn Mawr!

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  • Lexi '20

    Clubs & Activities: Princeton Model Congress and leader of the Improv Club 
    Favorite Bryn Mawr Tradition: Senior Bell Ringing
    I came to Bryn Mawr as a freshman, and one of my favorite memories is our ninth grade retreat. Being new can be hard, but I really think that retreat helped me feel more comfortable diving into Bryn Mawr because I formed incredible bonds with people in my grade and with the seniors. I love being able to walk down the hallways and everyone,  whether you know them or not, smiles at you. I ultimately chose Bryn Mawr because it has a reputation for cultivating the best minds. I've always felt that if you're the smartest person in the room, then you need to find a different room. I wanted to be challenged and pushed to achieve a higher level of thinking, and I've gotten that and more at Bryn Mawr. Now, I love being able to talk to people who are skeptical when they visit. I was a skeptic myself until I got on campus, met the people and got to ask questions. Bryn Mawr is an amazing place, and I love being able to show people that.
  • Mia '20

    Clubs & Activities: AKCC, school musicals and plays, piano & voice lessons, and Upper School Dance Company
    Favorite Bryn Mawr Tradition: When the juniors throw daisies at the seniors as they run down the field at the end of Gym Drill  
    I started at Bryn Mawr in seventh grade and have loved being a part of this incredibly supportive and loving community ever since. We have really open-minded faculty, and I like that students are listened to and not just heard here. I enjoy sharing my love for Bryn Mawr with people who have only heard rumors about the school. I love the moment when you watch people's faces turn from skeptical to impressed and surprised. My favorite classes are my languages–English, Spanish and French. I look forward to them all day because I have a passion for writing and communication. My favorite thing about Bryn Mawr is the feeling I get when I walk back on campus after a break. The first steps always make me say to myself, ‘I'm home.’
  • Rachel '20

    Clubs & Activities: Golf, String Ensemble, Coordinated Orchestra with Gilman, Resource Center Mentor,  leader of Love Your Melon Club, Community Service Learning, Middle School After Care volunteer 
    Favorite Bryn Mawr Tradition: Gym Drill–the most iconic Bryn Mawr tradition! 
    When I came to Bryn Mawr for sixth grade, I could instantly tell that Bryn Mawr creates an atmosphere that encourages its students to be kind and welcoming to each other. I can confidently say that I am surrounded by some of the most caring, intelligent and determined girls who help me grow each day. I chose Bryn Mawr because I was confident it would provide me an education unlike any other school in Baltimore. I knew that I would be well prepared for college and life because I would learn how to be curious, confident, compassionate and courageous. I hope that Bryn Mawr will always keep its deep appreciation for history. Our school celebrates traditions such as Founders Day and Gym Drill, which enables students to appreciate our school’s history and values.
  • Olivia ‘20

    Clubs & Activities: House System leader for the Daisy House, editor of The Quill (student newspaper), Model UN, Resource Center Mentor, Invest in Girls, Women in Business Club, Little School volunteer, Bryn Mawr History Project.
    Favorite Bryn Mawr Tradition: Fall Spirit Day
    When I was in sixth grade, I chose Bryn Mawr because of its community. With the small, tight-knit grades and classes, I knew I'd thrive here both academically and socially. I love all the outdoor spaces and being able to eat lunch outside with friends or sit in the sun and get some homework done. Something that is unique to Bryn Mawr is all our traditions. From the first day of school to Gym Drill, there's always something going on, and it’s great! I love being able to welcome all of the wonderful parents and students that come to campus and to show them why Bryn Mawr is the right fit for them. It's a great feeling knowing that you can help make someone’s first visit special.
  • Maddie ‘20

    Clubs & Activities: Field Hockey, Ice Hockey, leader of Love Your Melon Club, After Care supervisor 
    Bryn Mawr Tradition: First Day of School Welcome
    When I came to Bryn Mawr for sixth grade, I felt so welcomed. It truly felt like a family with a big emphasis on community and all the grades being connected as one. Gym Drill always holds my favorite memories of Bryn Mawr. Seeing the whole school together dancing and laughing always ends the year off right. Getting to talk about all of our traditions always makes me feel so connected to the school. 
  • Carrie ’21

    Clubs & Activities: Math League, FTC Robotics Team, Badminton
    Favorite Bryn Mawr Tradition: Fall Spirit Day!

    My favorite thing about Bryn Mawr is the teachers who deeply care about students’ feelings and encourage us to ask for help. I transferred to Bryn Mawr as a sophomore because of this inclusive and supportive community. My favorite class is math because it is inspiring and allows me to explore my uncertainty. I love how people here listen to student feedback and concerns and then create ways to incorporate our feedback–like late start on Wednesdays! As an ambassador, I love being able to share my experience with prospective students and give advice, especially to fellow international students. I encourage them to show their passion about studying abroad and learn to be independent. Never be afraid to talk about your opinions here and always be confident.
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  • Anna '21

    Clubs & Activities: Ice Hockey, the fall musical, Peer Education, LIFE (Lessons Intended for Everyone) club
    Favorite Bryn Mawr Tradition: Senior Bell Ringing 
    I have been a student at Bryn Mawr since ninth grade. I initially chose to come here because of the school's outstanding academics, but once I actually shadowed, I knew that this school had so much more to offer. From the beautiful campus that allows me to be in nature as I walk between buildings to seeing how much everyone here really cares about each other, I knew I would love it here. Today, my favorite thing about Bryn Mawr is all of my friends who make me laugh and brighten my day– even if I am in a bad mood. The teachers here honestly want all of us to succeed and are here to help whenever we need it. I shadowed many schools before making my decision, but this school made me feel at home from the moment I stepped on campus. 
  • Tabi ‘20

    Clubs & Activities: Swim Team, Peer Education, The Quill (student newspaper), Resource Center Mentor, FOCUS (Christian Fellowship) 
    Favorite Bryn Mawr Tradition: Gym Drill, of course!
    I chose to come to Bryn Mawr in 9th grade because I was really drawn to the quality of education here. I was excited to be challenged, and knew that this was a safe environment where I would be well supported and guided without being smothered. My favorite thing about being an Ambassador is sharing my enthusiasm for Bryn Mawr with other people!  I love giving tours and getting to know new students (any excuse to talk too much!) I enjoy using all the outdoor and common spaces here, and having the chance to take coordinated classes.
  • Brynn '21

    Clubs & Activities: Varsity Squash, Model UN, DECA (Distributive Education Clubs of America) and Invest in Girls
    Favorite Bryn Mawr Tradition: Gym Drill 
    This is my thirteenth year at Bryn Mawr, and I really appreciate how invested every teacher is in each students’ success. They are always willing to help us, whether that means answering questions or meeting after school to go over something. I also love how each class is so close and unified. There is something really special about how we are all able to come together on a day like Gym Drill and put on a performance for the entire community. 
  • Emory ‘20

    Clubs & Activities: Soccer, Lacrosse and Swim teams
    Favorite Bryn Mawr Tradition: Spirit Day!
    I came to Bryn Mawr in ninth grade because I wanted a challenging academic program and a warm and welcoming environment. I remember instantly loving how friendly and inclusive everyone was. My favorite subject is science because it is cool to learn about new discoveries and about the world we live in. I hope Bryn Mawr is always a place where the classes challenge students to think critically and to explore and innovate. 
  • Caroline '21

    Clubs & Activities: Upper School Dance Company, Little School volunteer and co-founder of the new club "Lessons Intended For Everyone" (LIFE), which focuses on lifestyle habits and wellness
    Favorite Bryn Mawr Tradition: Gym Drill
    When I chose to attend Bryn Mawr for ninth grade, I loved the overwhelming Mawrtian pride I sensed from the community. Each young woman at Bryn Mawr has pride in the school and in herself, and learns about resilience, respect and compassion just by spending time around campus. I chose Bryn Mawr because I wanted to contribute to that pride. Now that I’m here, I love participating in Harkness discussions in English class, helping out at the Little School and participating in Coffee Houses– a super fun after school event where students from the Tri-School community have the opportunity to perform various acts and support each other. 
  • Charlotte ’21

    Clubs & Activities: Varsity Field Hockey, Varsity Squash, Varsity Lacrosse, Athletic Association and a co-leader for the One Love Club
    Favorite Bryn Mawr Tradition: Gym Drill and Bell Ringing (I just can’t choose!) 
    I came to Bryn Mawr from Calvert in ninth grade and really love the community and relationships that exist across grades here. Bryn Mawr immediately felt like home to me, which is something I found extremely unique and that has never changed throughout my years here! I always feel comfortable every time I step on campus, and I love being able to show other girls how special Bryn Mawr is when they visit . 
  • Cassie '21

    Clubs & Activities: FTC Robotics Team, Badminton, Mock Trial, Math Club and Photography Club

    Favorite Bryn Mawr Tradition: Gym Drill, because it is an opportunity for Bryn Mawr students to be an entity and represent the spirit of Bryn Mawr!

    I came to Bryn Mawr for 10th grade and instantly fell in love with the community atmosphere. At Bryn Mawr, we take care of each other and everyone is devoted to this big family. I hope this school will always be an open-minded place where people can be themselves. My favorite class here is AP psychology because it brings another perspective of the world to me. I learn a lot of interesting facts each time. I love helping students who may have the same struggles that I did when I was a new student at Bryn Mawr as an ambassador. I like to tell people that if you come to Bryn Mawr, you will never feel regret, because this school will exceed your expectations. You really find your true self in here. My advice for new international students is this– there will be some expected difficulties including homesickness, language difficulties and culture shock, but you are not alone. You can always ask for help from your teachers, classmates. The most important thing is to try and step out of your comfort zone. 
  • Emma '20

    Clubs & Activities: Varsity Soccer, Varsity Lacrosse, Swimming, Athletic Association, The Quill (student newspaper)
    Favorite Bryn Mawr Tradition: Gym Drill
    I came to Bryn Mawr in the Little School, so I’ve been here for 15 years! I love being able to show prospective students and families everything that I love about this amazing community–which I have been a part of since I was two. It is nice to be part of the group that allows people to see how much Bryn Mawr has to offer. Two things I really love about Bryn Mawr are the new Student Center and the opportunity to take a variety of classes in Upper School through Tri- School coordinated classes.
  • Tahra '21

    Clubs & Activities: Cross Country, Swimming, Track, ECo and Mélange (literary magazine)
    Favorite Bryn Mawr Tradition: Gym Drill 
    I’m a Bryn Mawr lifer–started in kindergarten, and I love being part of such a welcoming community. My favorite days are when we have dance parties in the quad and the whole community is able to come together to have fun. My favorite class is history because I  like to analyze things and make connections. 
  • Karoline ’21

    Clubs & Activities: Varsity Field Hockey, Varsity Squash, Community Service Learning 
    Favorite Bryn Mawr Tradition: Spirit Day 
    In sixth grade, I came to Bryn Mawr and instantly loved the welcoming environment and how the teachers interacted with their students. As an ambassador, I love getting to talk to new students who are considering coming to Bryn Mawr and make them feel as welcome here as I did when I visited. My favorite thing about Bryn Mawr, besides the people, is all the opportunities we have to take different science classes. I love doing experiments and hands on activities, so I’m glad we have so many opportunities to do that here. 

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