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Student Ambassadors

Bryn Mawr’s Admission Ambassadors work directly with the Admission Office to coordinate all student involvement in the admissions process. They are leaders of our community who play a critical role in welcoming our visitors to campus.

In addition to being spirited, every Ambassador is a Bryn Mawr expert. They are knowledgeable about the School, its rich traditions, and the many academic and extracurricular offerings. They are excited to meet you, answer your questions, and show you why they love Bryn Mawr!

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  • Arezu '23

    What is your favorite tradition at Bryn Mawr?
    Gym Drill 

    What is your favorite place on campus?
    My favorite place on campus is the new student center. I love to hang out with my friends in-between classes at the center or do my work there after school. 

    What do you love most about Bryn Mawr?
    I love the supportive environment that Bryn Mawr has with its students and teachers. Also, the school's focus and the amount of resources it has for students interested in STEM is also such a great component that I especially appreciate because of my interest in STEM. 
    Why attend an all-girls school?
    I feel like it’s such a supportive environment to be a part of since all the girls are really encouraging and caring. 

    Give a brief description about yourself - how long you've been here - did you come from a coed school and what clubs/sports/activities are you involved in on campus. 
    • I came to Bryn Mawr when I was in 9th grade. So I've been here for 3 years. 
    • I came from a co-ed and public school. 
    • I am a member of girls who code, medical club, Asian Student Union, SNAC, and DECA. I am also a student leader for HOSA and the secretary treasurer for Princeton Model Congress. 
    • I am a member of the badminton and swim team. 
    • I am also the leader of Bryn Buddies, a cross-divisional mentorship program at Bryn Mawr, and I play the violin for Bryn Mawr’s string ensemble.
  • Arreyelle '23

    What is your favorite tradition at Bryn Mawr?
    My favorite BMS tradition would have to be Gym Drill because I love being able to come together with the entire and celebrate so many different cultures.

    What is your favorite place on campus?
    My favorite place on campus is probably the student center. Outside of class that is where I spend most of my time. This is where I study, do homework, and socialize with my friends so I love being in this space and have a lot of good memories there.

    What do you love most about Bryn Mawr?
    I love that Bryn Mawr is mindful of a work-life balance for students. They always encourage us to do sports or other extracurricular which allows us to make time to have fun while also getting a quality education.

    Why attend an all-girls school?
    I think that by attending an all-girls school, especially one with such a wide range of courses and course options, girls are encouraged to explore different fields and it is emphasized that girls really can do anything and can work and be successful in any field.

    Tell us a little bit about yourself:
    • My name is Arreyelle, I am a junior and I came to Bryn Mawr in the sixth grade. I came from a co-ed Catholic school a few minutes from Bryn Mawr and because of the systems Bryn Mawr had in place, it was a rather smooth transition. I am involved in many activities on campus. I am a part of Dance Company, I  am a grade representative of our school diversity council CAFE(community advocacy for everyone), I am a student leader of FOCUS(a Christian fellowship club) I am a peer educator, an active member of the school's Black Student Union and I am also apart of model UN.
  • Carolyn '23

    What is your favorite Bryn Mawr tradition?
    Gym Drill

    What's your favorite place on campus?
    I love the student center because that's where everyone congregates and it's also home to the cafe, gym, and so many other places. 

    What do you love most about Bryn Mawr?
    The community and how tight-knit we are!

    Why attend an all girls school?
    Being surrounded by so much female power shows how strong of a community we are and we all build each other up.

    Tell us a little about yourself:
    Hi! I'm Carolyn, I've been at Bryn Mawr since 6th grade. I came from a co-ed elementary school. I'm part of field hockey, badminton, ASU, Arts Council, string ensemble, and Peer Ed. 
  • Elaina '23

    What is your favorite Bryn Mawr tradition?
    My favorite tradition at Bryn Mawr is senior bell ringing.

    What is your favorite place on campus?
    My favorite place on campus is the field hockey locker room.

    What is your favorite thing about Bryn Mawr?
    My favorite thing about Bryn Mawr is the teachers- they are so incredibly engaged, and they make it clear that they care about the education and well-being of all students.

    Why an all-girls school?
    I attend an all-girls school because I feel that it will equip me with the confidence and supportive community that I need to thrive in the rest of my life.

    Tell us a little about yourself:
    I came to Bryn Mawr from a local all-girls school in the 9th grade. I knew that Bryn Mawr was the place for me because of the community that exists here- it is one full of compassion, drive, intelligence, and kindness. On campus, I hold a leadership position in the Community Service Learning organization, I am an active member of the One Love and Ronald McDonald House Clubs, and I play field hockey, squash, and lacrosse. 
  • Jingjing '22

    How long have you been at Bryn Mawr
    I've been a student here since the 8th grade, so three years.

    Sports, Clubs, Extracurriculars
    Cross country, The Quill (newspaper), Model UN, Asian Student Union, CAFE rep, Chemathon, DECA, CASA

    Favorite thing about Bryn Mawr
    I really love the campus in the fall time and being outside eating lunch, studying, or talking with friends.

    If you were old enough to make the decision, why did you choose Bryn Mawr
    The promise of a higher level of education and the beautiful campus that gives a sort of college-campus-like feel.

    Why do you love being an Ambassador
    I love sharing my own love for Bryn Mawr and seeing new families see it for the first time and showing off the beautiful campus.
  • Julia '23

    What is your favorite tradition at Bryn Mawr?
    Field Hockey Cup Game!

    What is your favorite place on campus?
    The Senior quad!

    What do you love most about Bryn Mawr?
    I love how supportive the teachers are! I have developed such great relationships with my teachers over the past two years, and they are always available for extra help. 

    Why attend an all-girls school?
    I think attending an all-girls school really built my confidence in and outside the classroom. I always feel super supported by my classmates, and they have helped me find my voice. 
    Tell us a little about yourself:
    I came to Bryn Mawr in ninth grade from a coed school, and absolutely love it! This will be my third year playing varsity field hockey and running outdoor track. I am also a co-leader of the Young Democrats club and am a part of Model Congress and the Bryn Buddies program.
  • Makenna '23

    Favorite Bryn Mawr Tradition:
    Gym Drill

    Favorite Place on Campus:
    Garrett Building - Garrett is one of the older buildings on campus, so there are fireplaces in most of the rooms (which gives it a cozy feel, even though they aren’t used anymore). I also love the nice wooden lockers and large windows that let in plenty of sunshine! This building is additionally special to me because it is where I spent most of my first year at Bryn Mawr back in sixth grade, and while the Upper School doesn’t use Garrett, I still enjoy stopping in frequently to say hi to old teachers. 

    Favorite Thing About Bryn Mawr:
    The welcoming, supportive, and fun community that the students and faculty create.

    Why I attend an all-girls school:
    All-girls schools foster a collaborative environment where everyone encourages and uplifts each other. This helps build stronger bonds with my classmates and develop a sense of belonging. 

    I came to Bryn Mawr in sixth grade after attending a coed elementary school. I play on three school teams: field hockey, winter track, and lacrosse. I additionally am involved in Model UN, Peer Education, Peer Mentoring, Invest in Girls, and the Baltimore Hunger Project Club. I have been helping out with admissions in several different ways ever since my first year at Bryn Mawr, because I want to show prospective students all that the school has to offer so that they enroll and can receive the same opportunities and experiences that I have appreciated and loved during my time here.
  • Merrill

    Merrill '23

    What is your favorite tradition at Bryn Mawr?
    Gym Drill

    What is your favorite place on campus?
    Student Center

    What do you love most about Bryn Mawr?
    The people!

    Why attend an all-girls school?
    Being at an all-girls school allows you to build such a strong community of women that are able to empower each other and have each other's backs.

    Give a brief description about yourself.
    I came to BMS in 9th grade, after attending Hereford Middle School. I play soccer, basketball, and lacrosse, and I am a part of One Love. My favorite classes at BMS are any math and science class, and I love sitting outside in between classes.
  • Lana '22

    Bryn Mawr House
    Owl House

    What's your favorite thing about Bryn Mawr 
    My favorite thing about Bryn Mawr is the deep connections students have with their classmates and teachers. This is seen in every aspect of day to day life, would it be staying long after class ends to continue discussing the lesson with a teacher, organizing a club with your classmates about an important cause and bringing awareness to it together, or simply enjoying the time outside and doing homework together. This community is always there to support me during rainy days, encourage me to do more research in the library about an interesting topic, and live the exciting moments with my friends to the max. These bonds are what make Bryn Mawr so special, and I hope that you will experience them right when you step foot on our campus!
  • Talia ‘22

    Bryn Mawr House
    Star House

    Favorite Bryn Mawr Tradition
    My favorite Bryn Mawr tradition is easily Gym Drill. Although I’m not the most talented dancer, I love Gym Drill because it is an event where everyone’s school spirit really comes through. I also love how it brings together students and their families from 6th grade all the way through 12th grade, which really gives such a strong sense of community.
  • Sloane

    Sloane ‘22

    Bryn Mawr House
    Sun house
    Bryn Mawr Memory
    My favorite memory is my freshman retreat! I was new to Bryn Mawr, and it was such an amazing opportunity to bond with my class, befriend our senior counselor and get to know my grade's advisors.  All in all, it was an amazing experience and I wish I could do it all over again!
  • Caroline ’22

    Bryn Mawr House
    Sun House

    Clubs & Activities
    Arts Council, Model UN, The Quill, Caribbean and African Culture Club, Melange and Black Student Union
  • Anna

    Anna '22

    Bryn Mawr House
    Owl House

    Clubs and Organizations
    Polar Bear Plunge, One Love Club, Catch a Lift, and I'm a member of the field hockey, lacrosse and basketball teams
  • Lara

    Lara ‘22

    Bryn Mawr House
    Daisy House

    Clubs & Activities
    I am the president of the Women in Business and the Teens Against Alzheimer's clubs, a writer for The Quill, member of Princeton Model Congress and the JV Squash captain.
  • Emma

    Emma ’22

    Bryn Mawr House
    Star House

    Clubs and Activities
    I am on the varsity Field Hockey team and I also play squash