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We believe in the delights and demands of learning.

At Bryn Mawr, we inspire each girl to discover her voice, rise to challenges and grow into her own extraordinary self. At all levels, our academic program fosters critical thinking, creative expression, a sense of discovery, and honorable character. There are no limits to what our girls can become.
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Little School

Providing loving and consistent care, authentic experiences, and meaningful opportunities for boys and girls.

The Little School

Lower School

A girl’s Bryn Mawr journey begins in the Lower School, where her natural enthusiasm and curiosity are ignited by a curriculum that combines joy with superior academics.

The Lower School

Middle School

We celebrate the fact that each girl will change and develop significantly over the course of her Middle School years. Throughout this transformative time, we make sure that there is plenty of learning and laughter.

The Middle School

Upper School

The Upper School years are where Bryn Mawr girls stretch and soar. Our program is designed to prepare our students for the nation’s most selective colleges, and to lead lives of consequence and impact.

The Upper School

Meet Our Faculty

Bryn Mawr is home to an extraordinary group of faculty members who care deeply about our girls, and want each student to be successful and happy here. Overall, they have an average of 17 years of teaching experience, and 70% hold advanced degrees.

Meet Our Faculty

Get Ready to Bloom

From the joyful, play-based curriculum used in our Little School to the challenging, supportive academics in our Upper School, Bryn Mawr students experience the many delights and demands of education. Our goal is to help all of our students develop and cultivate a lifelong love of learning. We strive to make learning both fun and challenging, and we focus on developing the whole child—mentally, physically, socially and emotionally.

Bryn Mawr raises the bar for our students, and supports them as they strive to reach it. We are the school for those who value education as the key to a successful life, both in college and beyond. We balance superior academics with a nurturing environment, supporting each student at every turn. We are home to a spirited sisterhood where lifelong friendships are formed.