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College Recruiting

For students who would like to pursue their athletic interests in college, there are a number of resources provided by the Athletic Office, varsity coaches and the Office of College Counseling. Athletes interested in learning more about the recruiting process and various college programs should make an appointment to meet with Assistant Athletic Director Brooke Shriver.

College Recruiting Process

There are several resources that can be helpful in the college recruiting process, including an informative online brochure called the "Guide for the College-Bound Student-Athlete," which you can find at www.ncaa.org. If you have questions or would like to meet with Mrs. Wolf, she can be reached at 410.323.1118 x1245 or at wolfm@brynmawrschool.org.

Students participating in athletic recruitment should register with the NCAA Clearinghouse during the fall of their senior year. For more information, visit www.eligibilitycenter.org. Students can obtain the NCAA Clearinghouse release form through the College Counseling Office.

Where Are They Now?

Class of 2022

Hannah Johnson
Lacrosse - Johns Hopkins University

Shayna Brodman
Lacrosse - Davidson College

Brooke Vinson
Lacrosse - Ohio State University 

Ava Mickel
Field Hockey - Davidson College 

Izzy Rothwell
Field Hockey - University of Delaware

Emma Campbell
Field Hockey - Washington College 

Maggie Winstead
Cross Country/Track & Field - Hamilton College 

Camille Francis
Lacrosse - Wellesley College

Bailey Jackson
Swimming - Stevenson University

Anna Wilson
Lacrosse  - Washington College

Class of 2021

Anna Andrews
Lacrosse - Harvard University 

Callie Chambers
Softball - Penn State Abington 

Zoe Faraone
Lacrosse - Hofstra University

Adair Martin
Lacrosse - University of North Carolina

Marina Miller
Track and Field - Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Emma Rubin
Lacrosse - University of Richmond

Charlotte Smith
Lacrosse - The Johns Hopkins University

Isabel Verheyen
Swimming - Case Western University

Paige Warren
Golf - Washington University St. Louis

Class of 2020

Amelia King    
Volleyball - Notre Dame of Maryland University

Abbey Hurlbrink    
Lacrosse - Johns Hopkins University

Ashley Feary
Lacrosse - Dickinson College

Emma Joyce
Lacrosse - Tufts University

Maisie Fischel
Lacrosse - University of Tampa

Alison Harbaugh
Lacrosse - University of Notre Dame

Lindsay Thompson
Tennis - George Washington University

Maelynn Ugokwe
Track and Field - Tufts University

Kylie Taylor
Lacrosse - Trinity College

Sophie Hood
Track and Field - Davidson College

Nina Duke
Archery - Barnard College, Columbia University

Maddie Gwyther
Field Hockey - Kenyon College

Class of 2019

Kate Dowling
Squash- Brown University

Nina Kolodgie
Swimming- LaSalle University

Margo McCormack
Lacrosse- Hofstra University

Virginia Oursler
Lacrosse - Duke University

Kaitlin Pang
Crew- The Ohio State University

Sam Silverman
Lacrosse - Haverford College

Bella Siren
Ice Hockey and Softball- Chatham University

Cece Slaughter
Field Hockey - Lehigh University

Kieran Suntha
Squash- Middlebury College

Annie Tucker
Lacrosse- Colorado College