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An exceptional foundation starts here.

For 137 years, Bryn Mawr has been a place that is all about girls— bold, smart, curious, compassionate, and strong girls. Our program provides an exceptional educational foundation, giving each student the opportunity to find her voice and grow into her own extraordinary self.

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We are driven by our mission to prepare young women for lifelong learning and leadership. “Whether a girl wants to be an astronaut, ambassador, author, or attorney, we really feel that girls need to know – not just think, but really know, deep down – that there’s nothing that can stand in their way. That’s the incredibly important message girls’ schools send to girls each and every day.” - International Coalition of Girls' Schools


Our sprawling campus hums with activity and excitement. Bryn Mawr’s innovative coursework and programming ensures girls discover, create, explore, imagine and challenge themselves and one another.


Our approach to learning and healthy living integrates the intellectual, physical and personal development of each girl, in and out of the classroom, before, during, and after the school day. That means we have services and support to ensure students are nourished by food, friends and co-curricular interests in ways that transcend classroom walls and academic hours.


Research shows that all-girls learning environments create a culture of achievement and that girls educated in a single-sex environment have stronger academic skills, are more academically engaged and higher levels of self-confidence over their coed peers. Bryn Mawr faculty raise the bar and help girls achieve more than they ever thought possible!


In a pre-k through twelfth grade community, we all have something to learn from each other. Our youngest girls have instant role models to learn alongside, while our older students have opportunities to lead, mentor and inspire.


Bryn Mawr continues to be the best place for girls to learn, achieve their potential, and find their voice and purpose. Bryn Mawr alumnae go on to attend the finest colleges and universities and live lives of consequence and impact, bonded for life with their classmates and Bryn Mawr network.


We believe that a diversity of opinions, experiences and backgrounds are fundamental to an exceptional education. We are eager to welcome students and families to the dynamic, joyful, and close-knit school community we call Mawrtian Nation.

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Why choose an all-girls school? Because we know that single-sex schools helps girls thrive.
Girls’ schools are more relevant today than ever before. Research by the International Coalition of Girls' Schools shows that:


Girls’ school grads report higher self-confidence over their coed peers.


Graduates of girls’ schools are six times more likely to consider majoring in math, science, and technology and three times more likely to consider engineering compared to girls who attended coed schools.


Nearly 87% of girls’ school students feel their voices – their opinions – are respected compared to 58% of girls at coed schools.


Read more about the All-Girls Advantage, at the International Coalition of Girls' Schools website.

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An all-girls' environment provides a wonderful opportunity for girls to explore who they are as young women and scholars without social pressure. It's good to be smart at Bryn Mawr! Our students are academically engaged, inquisitive and not afraid to speak their minds. Learn more about the exceptional foundation Bryn Mawr can offer your daughter.