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Alumnae Awards

The Bryn Mawr School Alumnae Association celebrates recipients of the Young, Senior and Distinguished Alumna Awards along with the Anne Edmunds Croker '58 Alumnae Service Award during Alumnae Weekend.

Reunion giving prizes, recognizing classes for their philanthropic support of the school, are also presented during Alumnae Weekend.

The Distinguished Alumna Award

The Distinguished Alumna Award is given to an alumna who embodies the highest ideal of the school through her professional or volunteer commitments. Leadership, a humanistic spirit, creativity, community involvement and professional achievement are among the qualities to be considered.
2023 Winner: Corinne Funk Hammons '93 
The Distinguished Alumna AwardCorinne has been the President and CEO of Little Flower Child and Family Services of NY for the past 8 years. She has worked for non-profits for over 25 years, and was involved in the 9/11 response at Safe Horizon and the Superstorm Sandy response at CDCLI. She has worked diligently and conscientiously, served on many boards, co-chaired 3 Harvard reunions and nearly all of her Bryn Mawr reunions and does Harvard admission interviews. She’s volunteered for Bryn Mawr in every conceivable capacity including as Class Captain, Reunion Committee member, guest speaker, and mentor to current students. Corinne is one of Bryn Mawr’s most loyal and engaged alumnae – she’s very proud of the fact that she’s given to the school every single year since she graduated in 1993 – and she is always willing to share why she supports the school. Shares Corinne, “I give to Bryn Mawr because my parents gave me the 12-year gift of BMS – which turned out to be the gift of a lifetime.” 

Senior Alumna Award

The Senior Alumna Award goes to an alumna who graduated 50 or more years ago and who has made a significant contribution to the community as a dedicated volunteer or as a career professional.
2023 Winner: Deborah Hebb '73 P'05
The Distinguished Alumna AwardDebbie Hebb spent nearly 40 years practicing as an Obstetrician and Gynecologist in Baltimore. After graduating from Bryn Mawr in 1973 she attended Duke University where she was an English major. She also completed the required pre-med classes. Debbie received a masters degree in Anatomic Pathology from the University of Maryland and in 1983 graduated from the University of Maryland School of Medicine with her MD. She completed her residency in obstetrics and gynecology at Johns Hopkins Hospital and then went into private practice. Over the course of her nearly 40 year career, Debbie estimates having done 5,000 deliveries and hundreds of Pelvic surgeries such as hysterectomies. To give you a sense of the span of her career, Debbie began her career in medicine during the beginning of the AIDS crisis and retired during the coronavirus pandemic. 

The Young Alumna Award

The Young Alumnae Award is given to an alumna who has graduated within the last 15 years who has distinguished herself in the community or in her profession.
2023 Winner: Allison Daniels '08

The Distinguished Alumna AwardAllison Daniels is an Investment Director at Virgin Management, the family office of Sir Richard Branson. She is responsible for managing the Virgin Group’s North American investments including incubations, branded and unbranded investments, and SPAC investments. Allison works closely with Virgin’s cruise line, Virgin Voyages, and previously served on the boards of Virgin Sport and Virgin Pulse. Prior to joining Virgin in 2014, Allison worked at J.P. Morgan focusing on Metals & Mining investment banking. She holds a BBA from Emory University with highest distinction.
Allison has volunteered for Bryn Mawr as a class captain and as a reunion committee member. She is always willing to support the next generation of Mawrtians through mentorship and by sharing her story as she did in a profile in Communique in Summer 2021.

The Anne Edmunds Croker '58 Alumnae Service Award

The Anne Edmunds Croker Award, named in honor of alumna Anne Edmunds Croker, Class of 1958, is a surprise every year and it is given by the Association to an alumna whose dedication to the School and participation in volunteer activities has been exemplary.
2023 Winner: Neilson Peirce Andrews '58
The Distinguished Alumna AwardNeilson is one of Bryn Mawr’s most dedicated volunteers. She has volunteered in some capacity with the school every single year since the school starting keeping records. She’s been a phonathon caller, a Class Captain, and a Reunion Committee member. 
Neilson is brave and bold, and unafraid to invite fellow alumnae to join her as generous donors.  Her belief in the school and its mission, along with her excellent sense of humor and forthright manner, arm her with the confidence to help raise funds for her beloved alma mater. 
Neilson is beloved for her unwavering efforts at keeping the Class of 1958 connected. This year she’s taken the lead, along with her dear friend and classmate, Anne Croker, in planning her reunion and even hosted the class’s reunion dinner at her home.


Reunion Participation Prize

The Reunion Participation Prize goes to the class with the most outstanding participation in support of Bryn Mawr in their reunion year.

The 2023 Reunion Participation Prize was awarded to the Class of 1958, celebrating their 65th reunion.

Past winners of the Reunion Participation Prize:
2022 - Class of 1972
2021 - Class of 1981
2020 - Class of 1995
2019 - Class of 1969
2018 - Class of 1968
2017 - Class of 1967
2016 - Class of 1981
2015 - Class of 1965
2014 - Class of 1964
2013 - Class of 1948
2012 - Class of 1962
2011 - Class of 1961
2010 - Class of 1965
2009 - Class of 1964
2008 - Class of 1948
2007 - Class of 1947
2006 - Class of 1956

Young Alumnae Participation Prize

The Young Alumnae Participation Prize goes to one of the four youngest reunion classes with the highest class participation in its reunion giving effort.

The Class of 2008, celebrating their 15th reunion, received the Young Alumnae Participation Prize.

Past winners of the Young Alumnae Participation Prize:
2022 - Class of 2012
2021 - Class of 2001
2020 - Class of 2005
2019 - Class of 1999
2018 - Class of 2003
2017 - Class of 2016
2016 - Class of 2011
2015 - Class of 2010

Overall Reunion Gift Award

The Overall Reunion Gift Award goes to the reunion class that raises the most money overall for Bryn Mawr. Annual and campaign contributions to special initiatives, capital projects and to the endowment are included.

The 2023 Overall Reunion Gift Award goes to the Class of 1988. Congratulations, Class of 1988!

Past winners of the Overall Reunion Gift Award:
2022 - Class of 1972
2021 - Class of 1961
2020 - Class of 1965
2019 - Class of 1944
2018 - Class of 1958
2017 - Class of 1967
2016 - Class of 1961
2015 - Class of 1965
2013 - Class of 1988
2012 - Class of 1967
2011 - Class of 1986
2010 - Class of 1955
2009 - Class of 1959
2008 - Class of 1988

Reunion Gift Award

The Reunion Gift Award goes to the class that raises the most in dollars for The Fund for Bryn Mawr – the School’s annual giving campaign – in its reunion year. Reunion giving dollars are critical to the school because they go immediately, during the current school year, to support our teachers and students.

Thanks to their generosity, the members of the Class of 1988 are the winners of the 2023 Reunion Gift Award.

Past winners of the Reunion Gift Award:
2022 - Class of 1972
2021 - Class of 1991 
2020 - Class of 1995
2019 - Class of 1959 
2018 - Class of 1988
2017 - Class of 1972
2016 - Class of 1991
2015 - Class of 1965
2014 - Class of 1984
2013 - Class of 1988
2012 - Class of 1962
2011 - Class of 1961
2010 - Class of 1975
2009 - Class of 1959
2008 - Class of 1988
2007 - Class of 1967
2006 - Class of 1956


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