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Student Life

Our students say that Bryn Mawr is their home away from home. Our whole girl, whole day approach focuses on providing opportunities for personal exploration, growth, discovery and, of course, fun!
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The House System

The House System is a tradition at Bryn Mawr that brings the entire school together for fun, spirit, and competition.

So, how does it work? Yes, it's sort of like Harry Potter. Every student from the Lower, Middle, and Upper Schools, as well as faculty and staff, belong to one of five houses named after five icons of Bryn Mawr: Daisies, Suns, Stars, Moons, and Owls. Upper School students are selected as leaders for each house and help organize the activities and fun throughout the year, including an all-campus flower planting, friendly dodgeball games, karaoke, and of course, dance parties. With cheers and gear for each house, the program raises pride, spirit, and camaraderie across campus.

One of the best parts of the House System is how it allows Bryn Mawr’s younger students to get to know the older girls and have someone to look up to, while our Middle and Upper Schoolers are getting a chance to be real leaders and role models.

Clubs, Activities & Athletics

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  • Middle School Athletic Offerings

    • Cross-Country
    • Dance Company
    • Field Hockey
    • Soccer
    • Volleyball
    • Basketball
    • Soccer
    • Squash
    • Track/Conditioning
    • Badminton
    • Lacrosse
    • Softball
    • Tennis
  • Middle School Clubs & Activities

    • Debate
    • Empty Bowls
    • CSL
    • Fall Into Fitness
    • Future City
    • International Menu
    • Math Counts
    • MOSAIC
    • Robotics
    • Sign Language
    • Wellness
    • Helping Lower School
    • Future City
    • Math Counts
    • Crafting Happiness
    • Empty Bowls
    • Helping LS
    • Keswick
    • Magpie
    • Model UN
    • PE Games
    • Sewing
    • Sign Language
    • Souwere
    • 24 Club
    • Winter Workouts
    • 3D Printing
    • Disney Club
    • Escape Room
    • Fun With Words & Cards
    • Gamers
    • Just Dance
    • Magpie
    • PE Games
    • Playing with the Little School
    • Zen Coloring

  • Upper School Athletic Offerings

    • Cross Country
    • Field Hockey
    • Soccer
    • Tennis
    • Volleyball
    • Dance Company
    • Basketball
    • Ice Hockey
    • Indoor Track
    • Squash
    • Swimming
    • Dance Company
    • Badminton
    • Golf
    • Lacrosse
    • Softball
    • Outdoor Track
  • Upper School Clubs & Activities

    • Chemathon
    • Classics Club
    • Debate Club
    • Distributive Education Clubs of America (DECA)
    • Ethics Bowl
    • Girls Who Code
    • HOSA (Future Health Professionals)
    • It's Academic
    • Mawrtian Makers
    • Mock Trial
    • Model Congress
    • Model United Nations (Model UN)
    • Philosophy Club
    • Women in Business
    • Animal Awareness Club
    • Arab-American Perspectives 
    • Asian Student Union (ASU)
    • Atheist & Agnostic Student Union
    • Baltimore Hunger Project 
    • Black Student Union (BSU)
    • Bryn Marxists
    • Catch a Lift
    • Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA) Club
    • Empowerment Club
    • Gender & Sexuality Alliance (GSA)
    • GirlUp
    • Hispanic/Latinx Student Association (HLSA)
    • International Rescue Committee Club
    • Jewish Student Union (JSU)
    • Love Your Melon
    • Muslim Student Association (MSA)
    • National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI)
    • Nut Allergy Awareness Club
    • One Love
    • Ronald McDonald House Club
    • South Asian Student Union
    • Special Needs Advocacy Club (SNAC)
    • Students Demand Action
    • Sunrise Movement Club
    • Teens Fighting Alzheimer's
    • Young Democrats
    • Young Republicans
    Arts & Culture
    Just For Fun
    • Art Club
    • Caribbean & African Culture Club
    • Drama-Rama Club
    • Fashion Club
    • French Club
    • Spanish Club
    • 3XL Dance Crew
    • Desu Club
    • Dungeons & Dragons Club
    • Easier Said Than Run
    • Fellowship of Christians in Universities and Schools (FOCUS)
    • Flag Football Club
    • Food Club
    • Flora, Fun, and Food (F3)
    • Improv Club
    • Lessons Intended for Everyone (LIFE)
    • Medical Club
    • Nature Club
    • Podcast Club
    • Tae Kwon Do Club (TKD)
    • Turning the Page
    • Whip It Up Cooking Club 
    • Writer's Block
    • Team run-through line

Schoolwide Organizations

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  • Student Government Association

    The Student Government Association (SGA) is the backbone of the Upper School community. Each grade elects a President, VP, and Secretary/Treasurer, and the entire school elects an All-School President and All-School VP. We meet once a week to plan fun events (e.g., Halloween Convocation, Snowball, Teacher Appreciation Month), discuss student life, and identify opportunities to strengthen the community. SGA acts as a liaison between the students and faculty/administration, and we seek to serve as your voice for the impact you want to make.
  • Community Service Learning

    Community Service Learning is comprised of two elected representatives from each grade and is led by a schoolwide elected president, vice president, and secretary/treasurer. CSL supports service learning projects throughout the school year and educates Upper School students about the various community needs and opportunities all around them.
  • Community Advocacy for Equity

    Community Advocacy for Equity (CAFE) is comprised of two elected representatives from each class and is led by a schoolwide elected president, vice president, and secretary/treasurer. CAFE promotes all aspects of diversity by working to bring greater awareness, acceptance, and respect within Bryn Mawr and the broader community.
  • Environmental Coalition

    Since 2014, Bryn Mawr's Environmental Coalition has been promoting sustainability and environmental activism throughout our school and wider community.
    What do we do?

    You'll find us involved in almost every aspect of sustainability here at Bryn Mawr. Under our guidance, the community garden has blossomed (pun intended) with new developments, including the addition of rain barrels, pollinator plants, and beehives. In addition to developing Bryn Mawr's environmental program, we engage the wider community by bringing in local environmental speakers to give presentations to the upper school, hosting Earth Week activities, service trips, and local hikes. Visit our website below to learn more.

    Visit the ECo Website
  • Arts Council

    The Arts Council is comprised of two elected representatives from each class and is led by a schoolwide elected president, vice president, and secretary/treasurer. AC promotes and supports theatrical, musical, literary, artistic, and dance opportunities within and beyond the school community and fosters school spirit through these events.
  • Athletic Association

    The Athletic Association is comprised of two elected representatives from each class and is led by a schoolwide elected president, vice president, and secretary/treasurer. AA promotes and supports interscholastic games and events and fosters school spirit in the community.

Gym Drill

Gym Drill is a tradition that graduating seniors often say they would never change about Bryn Mawr. The event began in the 1890s as a way to showcase girls' strength and exercise abilities. Today, it is a celebration of cultural dance and exercise that brings the Bryn Mawr community together. The event includes a Maypole dance, passing of class banners, and showering the graduating class with daisies. Gym Drill connects current students to the thousands of Bryn Mawr women who came before them. Learn more about Gym Drill Here.


Students are encouraged to apply to join school publications as writers, editors, and photographers. Each publication meets during the school day and may have some after-school meetings each year as well. 

The Bryn Mawrtyr (Yearbook)
Mélange (Literary Magazine)
The Quill (Newspaper) 

After-School Activities

Upper School students who don’t participate in a team sport can participate in a variety of other after-school activities. Options might include ceramics, a homework help partnership with a local charter school, supporting teachers and children in the Bryn Mawr Little School, participating in the cast or crew of the play or musical, or robotics. Sign-ups for activities take place at the beginning of each season (Fall, Winter, Spring) after sports tryouts conclude. 

Bridges at Bryn Mawr

Bridges is an inspiring organization that works year-round with Baltimore City youth from elementary school until the start of their careers by providing academic and enrichment programs, guidance and support. Bridges at Bryn Mawr will open as the program's third site in June 2022 with a summer enrichment program for rising fourth and fifth grade students and follow with the after school program during the school year. Each year, a new group of rising fourth grade students will enter the 13-year program. The program provides on-campus volunteer opportunities for Bryn Mawr students and, importantly, establishes a mutually-enriching partnership that strengthens the school's connections with the people and communities of Baltimore.

Click here for a volunteer application.
Questions? Contact Jeanette Budzik, Director of Service Learning.

Activity Requirement 

Students complete at least one season of a team sport or an after-school activity each year of Upper School as part of their graduation requirements. Students who participate in club sports or activities (e.g., skating, riding) outside of school can request that they count toward their activity requirement. 


The Bryn Mawr School offers several after-school activity options for Lower, Middle and Upper School students through our Gateways program. Click to learn more about each program, including music, dance, robotics, yoga, tennis, and more!

View our After School Programs