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Embracing Innovation for Social Good

The Social Innovators Program, established in collaboration with the University of Pennsylvania School of Social Policy and Practice, is dedicated to inspiring and preparing the next generation of leaders to address societal challenges through entrepreneurship. This initiative welcomes participants eager to develop ventures that deliver meaningful social impact, emphasizing creative problem-solving and ethical leadership.

Program Highlights

Cultivating Impactful Ventures: This program combines the rigorous academic foundation with practical entrepreneurship training to empower participants to:

Idea to Impact

Learn how to identify social challenges and develop innovative solutions that create real change.

Prototyping & Market Testing

Gain skills in creating prototypes and testing them in the market to refine your ventures effectively.

Sustainable Missions

Build business or nonprofit models that are financially viable and socially impactful.

Communicating for Change

Communicate effectively with stakeholders and potential supporters
Completing the program earns participants a Certificate in Social Entrepreneurship from the University of Pennsylvania, symbolizing their readiness to lead change.

A Curriculum Designed for Action

Spanning 13 weeks, the program features a blend of in-person collaboration and enriching virtual lessons, structured around Bryn Mawr's principles of deep learning and community engagement. From the introductory event to the celebratory graduation, every step is crafted to foster innovation and personal growth.

Learn More About The Social Innovators Program

Ready to transform your innovative ideas into actionable projects? The Social Innovators Program is your gateway to becoming an agent of change.