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We believe that a diversity of opinions, experiences and backgrounds are fundamental to an exceptional education.

The Bryn Mawr community is tremendously varied in our beliefs, races, religions, political ideologies, and cultures, and know that we are stronger as a result of our different perspectives. We believe the best gifts we can give our students are unshakeable confidence in who they are as an individual, and true appreciation and respect for the experience of others.

Diversity and Inclusion

Parents’ Association Committee on Diversity and Inclusion:

Our parent group supports community events throughout the year, including Breakfast and Books series for Lower School students, parent book discussions, Factuality Game Night, and a multicultural dinner.

Student Organizations:

Community Alliance for Everyone (CAFE) is a student-run, all-school organization that promotes all aspects of diversity by working to bring greater awareness, acceptance, and respect within Bryn Mawr and the broader community. Making Our School An Inclusive Community (MOSAIC) provides an opportunity for Middle School students to share and discuss diverse opinions, views, and experiences.

Student Affinity Groups:

Student affinity groups provide space for diverse groups to self-identify, unite, and engage. Examples include the Black Student Union, Gender and Sexuality Alliance, Young Republicans, Young Democrats, Jewish Student Association, Asian Student Association, Muslim Student Association, and Lantinx Student Association.

Programs and Activities:

Students and faculty lead, contribute and learn from a variety of conferences and workshops on issues of inclusion, equity and justice, and multicultural education, both here in Baltimore and around the country. Examples include our student-led Upper School Equity & Empowerment for Everyone (E3 Day), AIMS Making Schools Safe and Diversity Conferences, NAIS Student Diversity Leadership Conference and People of Color Conference, and Baltimore Leadership in Diversity Conference.

Black Alumnae Affinity Group:

This alumnae group fosters and cultivates relationships among alumnae and between alumnae and the school. With nearly 150 members, the group enjoys many opportunities to network, brainstorm and make new and lasting connections.

Diversity Statement

The Bryn Mawr School honors the dignity and rights of all people. We believe that a diversity of opinions, experiences and backgrounds are fundamental to an exceptional education. Our curriculum, program, and school life are greatly enriched by a wide range of experiences and perspectives. We value and cultivate each student voice while fostering individual and collective responsibility for the building of a more equitable and just world.