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Tri-School Coordination

For nearly four decades, The Bryn Mawr School, Gilman School and Roland Park Country School have partnered to offer the best of both worlds to our students: single-sex education combined with coeducation in the Upper School years. Coordinate classes are concentrated at the junior and senior levels, but offerings in world languages begin in ninth grade.

Upper School Academics: The Best of Both Worlds

At Bryn Mawr, we know the many benefits of a girls' education. Research shows that more than 80% of girls’ school graduates consider their academic performance highly successful, that girls’ school graduates rate their confidence in their abilities in math and computer skills at the start of college higher than their coed counterparts, and that women who attended single-sex schools tended to outscore their coeducational counterparts on the SAT. We also know that coeducation is an important step in preparing for college and the working world. Through our tri-school partnership, students are able to enjoy the best of both worlds: single-sex education combined with coeducation at developmentally appropriate times.

In addition, our coordinate program allows Upper School students to choose courses from any of our three campuses. We offer 200 electives every academic year  more than some colleges!

For more information about coordinate education at Bryn Mawr, please contact Jason George, Academic Dean, at georgej@brynmawrschool.org. Students with questions should contact Bryn Mawr's Tri-School Liasion, Kevin Yeager, at yeagerk@brynmawrschool.org.

Middle and Upper Schools: Clubs, Arts, Global Travel and More

Aside from in the classroom, there are several other opportunities for students in both our Middle and Upper Schools to collaborate within our tri-school community.

In the Middle School, Bryn Mawr and Gilman students stage an annual winter play, which alternates between our two campuses. Students also take part in grade-level mixers with coordinate school students, as well as students from other area independent schools.

In the Upper School, students from all three schools often collaborate on club events, like the annual Eid al-Adha celebration hosted by the Muslim Student Association (pictured to the left). Bryn Mawr students are also able to take part in the annual Gilman musical in the spring, as well as to participate in global trips to destinations like Peru (pictured to the left).