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At Bryn Mawr, we know that students thrive when they feel known, understood, and supported.

Our Student Support Services department consists of academic specialists, counselors, and nurses in each division. We work together to advocate, collaborate, and facilitate student success and overall wellness. We support the academic, behavioral, social/emotional, health and well being of all students through individual small group and school wide programming. As a department, we empower students to embrace their full potential, in mind, body and spirit.

Student Support Services


The counseling program at Bryn Mawr is dedicated to empowering all students to achieve success, and personal wellness through development and support of their academic, social/emotional, and physical well-being. Counselors partner with students, teachers, administrators, and families to provide direct services and education. Direct services are provided through classroom lessons, whole grade activities and schoolwide presentations. Individual/small group counseling, consultation, and parent/ faculty information sessions are also offered as needed.

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  • Photo of Farah Evans

    Farah Evans M.Ed., LCPC 98

    Director Student Support Services & Upper School Counselor
    410-323-8800 x1208
    Program Information
  • Photo of Megan Miner

    Megan Miner LCSW-C, CCLS 

    Lower School Counselor
    410-323-8800 x1205
    Schedule a Meeting
    - Tuesdays & Wednesdays 8:30am-4:30pm
  • Photo of Kate Stratton

    Kate Stratton MS 

    Middle School Dean of Students and Counselor
    410-323-8800 x1220
    Program Information
During advisory and grade-level programs we cover the following health and wellness topics through age-appropriate discussions and activities:
  • Social/Emotional Learning
  • Intellectual/Academic Readiness
  • Physical Health, Fitness and Nutrition
  • Human Sexuality

Health Center

We are committed to the health and wellness of our entire school community. Our Health Center team supports each student’s physical wellness and helps guide students on how to make educated and healthy choices. Parents and families are our partners in this work.

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  • Photo of Barbara Scott

    Barbara Scott RN, BSN 

    Lead Nurse
    410-323-8800 x1242
  • Photo of Amy Robinson

    Amy Robinson RN, BSN 

    410-323-8800 x1242

Academic Support

Bryn Mawr supports all students in order for them to be successful and confident in their academic programs. Our learning and reading specialists coordinate with families, teachers, and administrators to meet the learning needs of students within each division.

Lower School

Academic support in the Lower School from the Student Support Team can mean working with our reading specialist to develop foundational reading skills in first, second, and third grade or working with our Learning Specialist. Our Learning Specialist provides individualized support, classroom consultation, and case management as needed across all academic areas, organizational skills, study skills, and writing.

Support Includes:
  • Case management for students with Educational Plans 
  • Classroom support for strategy implementation and differentiated instruction 
  • Individualized support for neurodiverse learners 
  • Consultation and support for access to community-based resources
  • Homogeneous Language Arts groups in grades 1-2
  • Reading tutoring

List of 2 members.

  • Photo of Hunter Hanley

    Hunter Hanley M.Ed. 

    Lower School Reading Specialist
    410-323-8800 x1222
  • Photo of Mary Trompeter

    Mary Trompeter 

    First Grade Teacher

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  • Photo of Alexandra Chissell

    Alexandra Chissell 

    Middle School Learning Specialist

Middle School

A Learning Specialist is available to Middle School students during the day for appointments and consultation. The Learning Specialist also co-teaches a study skills class in which students are guided in organizational, learning and test-taking strategies to thrive in Middle School and beyond.

Support includes:
  • Math and English Labs for 6th - 8th grade students
  • Homework Labs
  • Access to Upper School Peer Mentoring program
  • Implementation of Formal Educational Plans
  • Student Progress Meetings

Upper School

An Upper School Learning Specialist provides support with academic content, general study skills, planning, and organization. The Learning Specialist also manages the Resource Center where peer tutoring and learning support are provided individually and in small group settings through our peer mentoring program.

Support includes:
  • Resource Center
  • Implementation of Formal Educational Plans
  • Peer Mentoring Program for all subject areas
  • Student Progress Meetings
  • ACP - Assigned Class Prep built into 9th grade schedule

List of 1 members.

  • Photo of Sarah Lotz

    Sarah Lotz 

    Upper School Learning Specialist

Additional Programs

Advisory Program

Bryn Mawr’s advisory program is a cornerstone of the unwavering support we provide each student. We ensure that every student  has an encouraging adult who is present and involved in her academic and extracurricular life. Middle and Upper School advisories are grouped by grade level and stay together through the division. Advisory time may be dedicated to wellness or leadership programming, group activities, or spent relaxing and socializing as classmates and friends. In Lower School, homerooms function as advisory groups through daily activities and discussions grounded in the Responsive Classroom philosophy and techniques.

Peer Education Program

The Peer Education program provides Upper School students an opportunity to work with younger students to encourage positive relationships and healthy decision-making. The program is supported by the Christopher O’Neil Memorial Fund, created by Tom and Pam O’Neil in memory of their 17-year-old son, Christopher, who was killed in 1992 in an automobile accident involving a teenage drunk driver.