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Visiting Days

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Student Shadow Day

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  • Q: Will my daughter be able to participate in a Shadow Day this fall?

    Yes, we plan to allow applicants to grades 1-12 an opportunity to spend a morning shadowing a current Bryn Mawr student this fall. Shadow Days are scheduled upon receipt of the student’s admission application. 

    If a student is unable to shadow in-person, she will meet virtually with a member of the Admissions team so that we can get to know her better and answer any questions. 

    In addition to Shadow Days, we will provide opportunities throughout the fall for applicants to connect with their peers and departments of interest, both on-campus and virtually.
  • Q: What is a Student Shadow Day?

    If your daughter is applying to grades 1-12, she will spend a morning visiting classes with a Bryn Mawr hostess.
  • Q: When should I schedule a Shadow Day?

    A student's Shadow Day will be scheduled upon receipt of her application and the application fee. For applicants to grades 6-12, the required student essay and student questionnaire may be submitted after the shadow day, prior to the application deadline.
  • Q: Do students applying to pre-kindergarten, kindergarten or first grade have a Shadow Day?

    While applicants to Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten do not have a "shadow" visit, they will be invited to campus in January for a play day, where they will meet and interact with some of our faculty. Lower School accepted students and their families will also be invited to attend an event in March when they will have the opportunity to spend time in the classroom, meet the teachers and other new girls, and see the Lower School campus.
  • Q: What should my daughter wear for her Shadow Day?

    A typical day at Bryn Mawr is active; she will move around campus and spend time both indoors and out-of-doors. We suggest that she wear comfortable school clothing, sneakers or other comfortable shoes, and bring outerwear appropriate to the weather.
  • Q: What time does a Shadow Day start?

    If your daughter is shadowing in grades 1-5, you should plan to arrive at the Admission Office by 8:30 a.m. Students shadowing in grades 6-12 will be greeted at the Admission Cottage at 7:45 a.m.; parents can park right in front of the building. Her hostess will meet her in the Admission Cottage. Then she will be off for the morning, attending classes with her hostess.
  • Q: Does my daughter need to prepare for her visit?

    Absolutely not. She should just come and enjoy being a Mawrtian for a day!
  • Q: Can we request a hostess?

    If your daughter has a friend in her grade at Bryn Mawr, please let us know. We will do our best to accomodate your request. Sometimes visiting girls like to shadow with someone they already know, but others prefer to be paired with someone new. We keep your daughter's interests in mind when assigning hostesses, as well as the schedules of our students. If everything works out, we will assign her friend to be her escort. If not, she will be matched with another hostess. In either case, we think she will have a great morning.
  • Q: Is it all right to participate in class?

    Absolutely! We can't tell you what the girls will be studying on a particular day, but if your daughter feels comfortable participating in the discussion, please tell her to join the conversation. If she would rather sit quietly and listen, that's OK too. Our teachers and students are very excited to have your daughter visiting Bryn Mawr!
  • Q: Does my daughter have to take a test today?

    Not on her shadow day! Please see the Application Process page to view the testing requirements for your daughter’s entry grade. Applicants to grades 6-12 will meet individually with a member of the Admissions Team as part of their Shadow Day experience. Encourage your daughter to bring her questions!
  • Q: What if my daughter has more questions after her Shadow Day?

    Not a problem! If she has other things she want to discuss, or questions she forgot to ask while she was on campus, just give us a call at 410-323-8800. For the most part, Ms. Canestraro (ext. 1330) works with Middle School applicants and Ms. Jackson (ext. 1237) works with Upper School applicants, but anyone in the Admission Office would be happy to talk with you or your daughter.


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  • Q: Is there transportation available to The Bryn Mawr School?

    Even if you live far away, getting to Bryn Mawr doesn't have to be hard! Bryn Mawr partners with Kangaroo Coach, an independent transportation contractor, to provide motor coach service to and from school. With nearby morning pickup and evening drop off locations, Kanagroo Coach offers safe and convenient daily transportation options for families. The service currently provides transportation for Bryn Mawr students living in Anne Arundel, Baltimore, Harford, and Howard Counties. For more information about routes, and fees, please visit the Kangaroo Coach website: http://www.kangaroocoach.com/school_transportation.php#brynmawr

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