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Leadership, Teamwork, Spirit, Confidence

The Bryn Mawr School was founded in 1885 in order to provide girls with the same educational opportunities that boys enjoyed, which included an emphasis on physical activity. Now, more than ever, we know that participation in sports helps develop strong, self-confident, well-balanced young women. We continue to celebrate the challenges of competition and appreciate the lessons for life that sports provide.

Athletics at Bryn Mawr

With hundreds of girls who like to play everything from ice hockey to squash, the variety and levels of athletics offerings at Bryn Mawr is staggering! Team bonding and spirit are celebrated at Bryn Mawr. Whether an ace tennis player or the team manager, each girl's contribution is valued. Many girls continue to play their chosen sports in college.

Get in the Game

Bryn Mawr Athletics Core Values:  Confidence, Leadership, Hustle and Commitment are our championship behaviors.  Our core values are those that we absolutely cannot negotiate and cannot compromise. These are the values that fuel us, Bryn Mawr Athletics.