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Discover and grow at the Little School

At the Bryn Mawr Little School, we want your child’s earliest school experience to be one filled with warmth, joy, and wonder. We know the importance of providing loving and consistent care, authentic experiences, and meaningful learning opportunities. With close observation, personal attention, and ongoing communication we get to know each child and are able to guide him or her on a path of discovery and learning that is best suited to their individual learning styles and interests.
“The Little School is a home away from home where every child, family, and teacher is welcomed and loved for who they are.”
—Megan Brown, Little School Director

Life at the Little School means…

  • Celebrating each child’s unique contribution to the community.
  • Expressing creativity through painting, drawing, dramatic play, block building, and dress-up.
  • Sorting, counting, graphing and creating patterns.
  •  Listening to stories, drawing, reading, writing, and exploring language.
  • Singing and dancing in weekly music and yoga classes.
  •  Riding trikes, bouncing balls, swinging with friends and digging in sand during outdoor playtime.
  • Exploring the campus during nature walks and discovery activities.
  •  Enjoying healthy snacks and lunch with teachers and friends.
  • Taking the time for rest, naps and self-care.

Hours of Operation

The Little School is open Monday through Friday from 7:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.

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