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Music School

Research shows that studying a musical instrument as a child builds synergy between both hemispheres of the brain and enhances verbal ability and mathematical reasoning. The Music School at Bryn Mawr offers a range of group and private lessons, each designed to provide a strong grounding in music while encouraging creativity and fun.


New registration for Fall 2023-2024 is now open! Those interested in signing up for Summer lessons should e-mail Todd Twining directly at twiningt@brynmawrschool.org.

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  • Private Music Lessons

    The Music School at Bryn Mawr offers students music lessons with exceptional teachers in a range of instruments. Individual lessons, which include opportunities for performance, are available to students at the beginner, intermediate and advanced levels.
  • Private Lesson Rate

    Annual FeeLength
    $1,09030 minute lessons
    $1,53045 minute lessons
    $1,97060 minute lessons
  • Peabody Children's Chorus

    We are delighted to announce that the Peabody Children's Chorus will offer two levels of training on the Bryn Mawr Campus for the 2023-2024 School Year: 

    Training Choir (Ages 6-10): Wednesday 3:45-4:45 pm
    Choristers (Ages 10-14): Wednesday 4:45-6:15 pm

    More Information
    For information about auditions and registration, please visit:
    Peabody Children's Chorus at JHU
    Audition Registration

    Questions?  Contact Kathryn Harsha, Chorus Manager
  • Lower School Strings Scholarship

    The Music School offers a need-based scholarship to Bryn Mawr Lower School students in kindergarten–grade 5. The scholarship covers a majority of the cost of one year of 30-minute beginner private lessons on the violin or cello. We are currently accepting applications for 2023-2024. If you would like information about this scholarship for future years, please contact Todd Twining, Music School Director.

    String Scholarship Application
  • Make-Up Policy

    Lessons cancelled by the teacher will be made up. The teacher is not obligated to make up lessons missed by students. Lessons missed because of school closings or special events will be negotiated between teacher and student, but are not to exceed three make-up lessons throughout the year.
  • Cancellation Policy

    Once you have registered your child for private music lessons you will have a trial period consisting of three lessons in which to decide whether or not to have him/her continue for the entire school year.

    Registration will be considered final after the trial period and payment will be due in full for all lessons by December 1, 2023. If you choose to cancel during this trial period you will only be responsible for the cost of lessons taken plus the cost of registration.

    If your student attends Bryn Mawr, Music School charges will appear on your November school bill.

    In the event of any failure or delay in the Bryn Mawr Music School’s performance resulting from causes beyond the Music School’s reasonable control and occurring without its fault or negligence, including without limitation, acts of God, fire, epidemic, pandemic, government restrictions, wars, and insurrections, the tuition obligations under this Agreement shall continue and the Music School shall not be liable for any such failure or delay in its performance. The Music School may extend schedules for the time substantially equal to the time lost due to any delay and/or to conduct classes via distance-learning or online learning platforms and/or schedule classes on weekends, at the Music School’s discretion.


  • Lessons begin: Sept. 5, 2023
  • Trial period ends: Sept. 26, 2023
  • Payment due: Dec. 1, 2023

Areas of Study

  • Cello
  • Piano
  • Clarinet
  • Saxophone
  • Flute
  • Violin
  • Guitar
  • Viola
  • Harp
  • Voice
  • Ukulele
  • Double Bass
  • Percussion
  • Trumpet
  • Trombone

String Ensembles

Lower, Middle or Upper School String Ensemble membership is open to Bryn Mawr students. Inquiries about new membership may be directed to Dr. Daniel Levitov, Ensemble Director, at 410-323-8800, ext. 1207 or levitovd@brynmawrschool.org.


Todd Harrison Twining
Music School Director 
410.323.8800 x1270

Teacher Biographies

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  • Joelle Arnhold

    Joelle Arnhold - Violin/Viola

    Joelle Arnhold, a recognized artist, performed at prestigious venues and won significant awards. A Peabody Conservatory alumna, she's a dedicated educator across various institutions, holds multiple degrees, and is affiliated with the American Viola Society. She studied with Victoria Chiang.
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  • Seungmin Chung

    Seungmin Chung - Piano

    Seungmin Chung, Ph.D., from Seoul, has taught piano for 20 years. A Seoul National University graduate, she earned advanced degrees from Peabody Conservatory. Recognized in Korean competitions, she's performed globally and belongs to notable music teacher associations.
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  • Amanda Dame

    Amanda Dame - Flute

    Amanda Dame, a Baltimore flutist, and educator, serves on multiple faculties and co-founded the Virtual Woodwind Academy. Passionate about community outreach, she's performed at prominent venues, collaborates in Duo Sila, and has won numerous competitions. Trained at Oberlin and Peabody, she's mastered under a renowned flutist.
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  • Alec Hiller

    Alec Hiller - Double Bass

    Baltimore's Alec Hiller began bass at nine, studied at Peabody Conservatory, and earned a master’s from McGill University. A member of the Maryland Symphony Orchestra, his passion extends to mentoring the next generation at institutions like Bryn Mawr School and Morgan State University.
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  • Peter Lander

    Peter Lander - Brass

    For 25 years, Peter Lander has taught and performed in Baltimore and DC. Previously directing bands at Hereford High, he's now at Gilman School. Maintaining a private trumpet studio, he's affiliated with Peabody and OrchKids. A dedicated father, he values family outings.
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  • Tyrus Mataban

    Tyrus Mataban, a Towson University music graduate from Westminster, MD, is a pianist and singer. He passionately teaches musicians of all ages and abilities, emphasizing music exploration and appreciation in both individual and group settings.
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  • Brigitte Mungo

    Brigitte Mungo - Voice

    Brigitte Bellini Mungo, a voice instructor with 25+ years' experience, trained students who've excelled in renowned institutions and operas. An award-winning soprano, she's a vocal health expert, trained at New England Conservatory, and has performed widely, valuing versatile vocal techniques.
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  • Kathrin Murray

    Kathrin Murray - Guitar & Ukulele

    Hailing from Honolulu, guitarist Kathrin Murray earned her master's from Peabody Conservatory under Julian Gray. She's a Lamont School alumnus, having studied with Ricardo Iznaola and further trained at Bowdoin Festival and with Gilbert Biberian in England.
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  • Carol Reid

    Carol Reid - Piano

    With 29 years of piano teaching experience, Carol Reid holds a bachelor's in music literature from Towson State University, studying under Jane Tan and Katherine Merani. She's taught at Jordan Kitt, Kunkel Piano, Catonsville Senior Center, and maintains a home studio.
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  • Soyoung Ryoo

    Soyoung Ryoo - Piano

    Soyoung Ryoo balances core musical elements with emotional expression, nurturing communicative musicians. She studied at Yonsei University and Peabody Institute. She rejoined Bryn Mawr Music School in 2021 and was honored with Steinway's Top Teacher Award in 2017.
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  • Maia Schmidt

    Maia Schmidt - Violin

    Violinist Maia Schmidt is a performer and dedicated teacher, emphasizing both technique and student well-being. Awarded in multiple competitions, she's a faculty member at Elizabeth Faidley Violin Studio and the Elite Academy for Strings. Maia performed at Carnegie Hall, Esterhazy Castle, and collaborated with renowned artists. Educated at Manhattan School of Music, she's pursuing her Master's at Peabody Conservatory. She enjoys travel and dogs.
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  • Michaela Trnkova

    Michaela Trnkova

    Michaela Trnkova, an esteemed international harpist, graduated from Prague and Peabody Conservatories. She's Coordinator at Peabody Preparatory Harp Department, founded the Harp Ensemble, and teaches at renowned institutions. Michaela performs globally, from classical stages to pop venues, and has collaborated with notable figures. She's also actively involved in harp societies.
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  • Jennifer Tscheulin

    Jennifer Tscheulin

    Jennifer Tscheulin is a vibrant clarinetist and bass clarinetist who regularly performs throughout the Eastern seaboard. She teaches clarinet, Music History, and World of Music, at Morgan State University, as well as clarinet at the Peabody Preparatory, both located in Baltimore, MD.
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  • Todd Twining

    Todd Twining - Piano and Voice

    Todd Harrison Twining is the Music Director at The Bryn Mawr School. Graduating Magna cum laude in Music Performance, he pursued post-graduate studies at the University of St. Thomas. Experienced in teaching all ages.
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  • Noël Veihmeyer

    Noël Veihmeyer - Voice

    Noël Veihmeyer, a passionate music lover, blends global influences in her teaching. An expert in audition preparation, her unique approach garners significant demand. Trained at Wheaton College, she's expanded her pedagogy globally and now enriches Bryn Mawr's community.
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  • Daniel Weiser

    Daniel Weiser - Piano

    Daniel Weiser holds a doctorate from Peabody Conservatory, graced stages like Carnegie Hall, and embarked on an 11-country U.S. Artistic Ambassador tour. He founded AmiciMusic, taught at Dartmouth, and is a Phi Beta Kappa graduate from Columbia University.
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  • Dr. Eleanor Wyche

    Dr. Eleanor Wyche is a seasoned vocal coach with students on Broadway and National Tours. Trained at Morgan State and The Peabody Conservatory, she specializes in auditions and diverse genres. Holding degrees in Music Education, an MBA, and a Ph.D., she's passionate about elevating novice talents.
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