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Bridges is an inspiring and impactful organization that works year-round with Baltimore City youth from elementary school until the start of their careers and provides-life-changing volunteer opportunities for independent school students. 

Founded in 1993 at The St. Paul’s Schools, Bridges expanded to Gilman School in 2014 and is now a 13-year program that works year-round with 300+ Baltimore City youth ages 9-23 and engages 185+ independent school student volunteers. Over the last 18 years, Bridges has evolved and expanded its programs to help students find consistent academic success from elementary school through high school, graduate from high school and college, and find fulfilling career paths that lead to financial security.

Bridges at Bryn Mawr

Bridges at Bryn Mawr opened in June 2022 with a cohort of 37 rising fourth and fifth grade students from Cecil Elementary, Leith Walk Elementary, Govans Elementary School, Abbottston Elementary, Barclay Elementary and Yorkwood Elementary School, along with 40 independent school volunteers, participating in the Bridges Summer Institute and After-School Programs. Each year, a new group of rising fourth grade students enter the 13-year program. Over time, the program will grow to support the long-term success of 150 Baltimore City students and provide 70 high school students per year in the Bryn Mawr community with year-round tutoring and learning experiences.

Julia Dimaio is the inaugural site director for Bridges at Bryn Mawr. Read more about her here.


Julia Dimaio
Director, Bridges at Bryn Mawr 

Jeanette Budzik
Director of Service Learning 
“As a school dedicated to preparing young women for considered and consequential lives, we want students of all ages to grow into active citizens who feel connected and engaged with their broader community. Bridges at Bryn Mawr helps advance this important element of our school mission.”  
— Sue Sadler, Head of School
“Trust me when I say that if you give any kid an educational home where they are valued, supported and encouraged at all levels, they will thrive beyond your wildest hopes. To me, that is what Bridges is about.”
— Julia Dimaio, Site Director
“Sometimes, spending your time with someone new can be more valuable than setting up a school drive or attending a lecture. Bridges means creating those long-lasting and deep bonds – and therefore, a better understanding of my community.”
— Rory P. ’22, Bridges Volunteer