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Senator Kirsten Gillibrand Comes to Bryn Mawr

On Monday, November 26, Bryn Mawr welcomed special guest speaker Senator Kirsten Gillibrand.
Speaking with Lower, Middle and Upper School students during special assemblies, Senator Gillibrand spoke about her path to becoming a United States Senator, and her new book, Bold and Brave: Ten Heroes Who Won Women the Right to Vote. The book features the stories of ten leaders on their collective 70-plus-year journey to suffrage.

Senator Gillibrand also spoke about the women in her family, and recalled her first experience with political activism. She credits her mother, grandmother and great grandmother for showing her the importance of having women's voices in government. “They really dared me to be different and said it’s okay to have a different trajectory and be bold.”

While answering questions from students, Senator Gillibrand spoke about the value of a girls’ school education, and how her time at one taught her to be fearless. “I never worried about whether what I was saying was smart enough or if I’d be judged,” Gillibrand said. “One thing an all girls environment can offer is that you can be yourself, and by the time I chose to go to a college that was very male dominated, I was never afraid to ask questions, so it gave me the gift of confidence.”

Senator Gillibrand closed the assembly by sharing her favorite lessons she learned from the women in her book. “I would say never give up is the most important piece of advice,” Gillibrand said. “Then, it’s be strong and courageous. Just know that you have inner strength, and if you use it and have a little bit of courage, you can accomplish pretty much anything.”