Middle School

Community in the Middle School

In the Bryn Mawr Middle School, understanding and discussing our community are paramount. Students are encouraged to take part in conversations about their community – at Bryn Mawr and beyond – as well as to give back through service. In addition to the numerous opportunities students have to do this through curriculum and advisory activities, we offer two student organizations to promote community service and diversity education.

Community Service Learning (CSL)

We strongly believe that in addition to having a joyful and challenging academic experience every girl should be an active, engaged member of the broader community. Community Service Learning (CSL) is an important component of the Bryn Mawr Middle School experience. Each girl is expected to participate in at least 20 hours of community service over the course of her Middle School years. CSL projects are carried out at the grade level and are designed to suit the social and emotional development of each age group. In addition to these grade-level opportunities, there are a number of additional ways in which a student can volunteer her time. The Keswick and Roland Park Place Club visits nearby retirement communities to help serve lunch and spend quality time with residents. In partnership with nearby Guilford Elementary/Middle School, seventh and eighth grade students serve as tutors for their National Academic League members. Additional CSL projects include collections and fundraising, and are carried out within advisory groups. Serving as a student representative to the CSL committee also provides students with the chance to shape and promote CSL’s goals within the Middle School community.

CSL Projects:
  • Keswick/Roland Park Place Club
  • Playing with the Little School Club
  • Grade level projects
  • National Academic League at Guilford Elementary/Middle School
  • Parks and People Park Clean-up Day

Community Alliance for Everyone (CAFÉ)

The Bryn Mawr School is committed to building and sustaining a diverse community that honors the dignity and rights of all people. Community Alliance for Everyone (CAFE) provides an opportunity for Middle School students to share and discuss their diverse opinions, views, and experiences. CAFE holds biweekly discussion groups on student-suggested topics that serve to prepare girls to engage in the broader community with insight, conviction and compassion. Local and world news, school events and classroom discussions may all provide a springboard for conversations. Often the meetings begin with a short article or video. Students who join CAFE make presentations and plan activities for the entire Middle School. The goals of CAFE are to create a safe space for all girls in Middle School and to celebrate the diversity within our school community.
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