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Class Day 2024

This morning, the Upper School community came together in the Graduation Garden to celebrate Class Day and the culmination of the school year. Class Day highlights student achievements both in and out of the classroom in arts, athletics, academics, leadership and service. Classmates selected Sabina Sitwat ’24 and Cara Chow ’24 as this year’s senior speakers. 
Upper School math teacher Dave Stephens, who is retiring after 37 years at Bryn Mawr, delivered this year’s Class Day remarks.  Mr. Stephens served as the yearbook advisor for 36 of his 37 years at Bryn Mawr, and shared his own senior yearbook quotation “Je me souviens,” or “I remember.” He went on to share some of his favorite memories, big and small from his decades as a teacher, ranging from parallel parking a minibus in the Bronx to Dayseye performing for the State Department. He told everyone, “school is full of memorable events and people. It is part of the unwritten curriculum. It is the academic fabric that stitches all of our lives together in a tapestry that embodies the diversity of experience we often do not talk about.”
At the conclusion of the ceremony, the Class of 2024 were officially welcomed to the Alumnae Association. Congratulations to all of the award winners. 
2024 Class Day Awards
All awardees are members of the Class of 2024 unless otherwise noted.
Frances Virginia Wentz Turner Prize
Charlotte Peake
Community Service Prize
Cara Chow
Class of 1953 Prize
Zavier Richardson
Parents' Association Award
Anna Morrow 
The Wurtzburger Cup
Charlotte Feiss
Caryatid Award
McKenzie Tebo
The Agnes Whiting Memorial Award
Jane McLoughlin
Alumnae Awards
Cadence Cherot
Eleanor DeLong
Kalliope Pikounis
Chandler Prettiman-Watkins

The Bryn Mawr School Public Speaking Award  
Emily Yang
State of Maryland Merit Scholastic Awards
Aara Sampath
Qinglan Yu
Cadence Cherot
Madeleine Ward
Bryn Mawr College Prize
Aashna Thadani ’25
The Edith Hamilton Award
Michelle Dong ’25
Class of 2020 Award
Emily Yang
The Bryn Mawr Way Award
Anna Morrow
Class of 1943 Cups
Arts Council – Kate Pearl ’26
Athletic Association – Hannah Rockwell ’26
Community Advocacy for Equity (CAFÉ) – Riya Narasimhan ’25
Community Service Learning – Isha Chauduri ’26
Environmental Coalition - Hanna Kim ’26
Student Government Association – Elia Showalter ’26