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Upper School Arts Assembly Celebrates Fine and Performing Arts

Bryn Mawr’s annual Upper School Arts Assembly celebrated student accomplishments in both fine and performing arts. Students were inducted into the National Honor Society of Dance Arts, the Tri-M Music Honor Society, the National Thespians Society and more.

This year the assembly featured a performance by Maggie Schneider ’27 playing violin and Liana Kai ’27 playing cello together in a selection from Vivaldi’s “Four Seasons.” 

Read below for a full list of awards 

National Honor Society of Dance Arts
Lilly Rogers ’25
Bea Sequeira ’25
McKenzie Tebo ’24
Emily Yang ’24

Tri-M Music Honor Society - inductees are all members of the Class of 2024
Cara Chow
Mary Fisher
Sophie Gourmand
Kalliope Pikounis
Chandler Prettiman-Watkins
Zavi Richardson
Maria Showalter
Elisabeth Stevens
Sophia Tallamraju
McKenzie Tebo
Krassimira Trainor
Sophie Weiser

National Thespians Society
Eleni Antoniades ’24
Adella Brownlee ’25
Ryan Duncan ’25
Sophie Gourmand ’24
Jane McLoughlin ’24
Cami Miller ’25
Julia Nguyen ’25
Chandler Prettiman-Watkins ’24
Lilly Rogers ’25
Sophie Weiser ’24

Six Bryn Mawr students were selected to participate in the Maryland Senior All-State Choir
Senior Treble Choir
Jenna Bruning ’25
Senior Orchestra - alternate
Alice Li ’25 harp
Junior Orchestra
Tiffany Luan ’27 violin
Clara Luo ’27 violin
Elizabeth Liu ’27 cello
Aria McCloskey ’27 cello

Towson University Choir Invitational
Alex Corwell ’27
Elisabeth Stevens ’24
Sophia Tallamraju ’24
Inez Titus ’24