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Julia Dimaio Named Bridges at Bryn Mawr Site Director

Julia Dimaio has been named the inaugural site director for Bridges at Bryn Mawr, beginning in her role officially in June 2022. 
Julia has been involved with Bridges since 2014, teaching math, science, language arts and financial literacy at the Bridges at Gilman Summer Institute since its founding summer. During the school year she heads the upper school science department at Jemicy School, where she’s worked since 2016. Julia previously worked at Gilman School and at the Baltimore Leadership School for Young Women. She is a graduate of Notre Dame Preparatory School, and holds a B.S. in biology from Wake Forest University, an M.S. Education from Johns Hopkins University, and an M.A. Liberal Arts from the Graduate Institute at St. John’s College. 
Given her experience teaching and learning in both public and private institutions in the Baltimore area, Julia knows how large the opportunity gaps can be and “how similar students are, no matter where they attend school.”
“Trust me when I say that if you give any kid an educational home where they are valued, supported and encouraged at all levels, they will thrive beyond your wildest hopes,” she said. “To me, that is what Bridges is about. Giving the amazing kids of Baltimore what they deserve, and showing the privileged few who already have that just how similar they are to a kid who happens to live on a different street.”  
Bridges at Bryn Mawr will open in June 2022 with a summer enrichment program for an initial cohort of about 30 rising fourth and fifth grade students and follow with the after school program during the school year. Each year, a new group of rising fourth grade students will enter the 13-year program. Over time, the program will grow to support the long term success of 150 Baltimore City students and provide about 70 high school students per year in the Bryn Mawr community with year-round tutoring and learning experiences.
“As a premier all-girls institution, this site will have a slightly different spin tapping into the rich academic history, the bold beginnings and the joyful nature that the Bryn Mawr students bring to the table. I am really the most excited to work with the girls every day, and to help them cultivate meaningful relationships with the Bridges students, who I already love so much.”

Julia says she is most excited that Bridges is expanding opportunities in Baltimore for children to experience top-tier resources, amazing faculty and a safe haven to explore their interests.
“One of the things I said each year when we did admissions work for the incoming 4th graders was that I wish we could take everyone,” she shared. “I wish that there was enough room in the Bridges program so that every family that wanted the support for the next 13 years, could get it.”