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French from Afar

Bethany McAndrew, Chair of the World Languages & Cultures Department, explains how French students continue to collaborate during distance learning.
In French 4, students share their ideas via Padlet about symbolism in du Petit Prince. In the Honors French Seminar, students watched several films in which life in la banlieue (literally the suburbs, but in fact more like "the projects") plays an important role. They also use Padlet to analyze the quotation, looking at the word choice, as well as the meaning, as it relates to the films they’ve studied. “We often do this activity on the whiteboards while in the classroom,” said McAndrew. “This is our DL version!”
McAndrew uses Screencast as a warm-up activity in French 4 Honors to practice material they’ve studied in previous classes. “This screencast goes over the answers to the warm-ups, the way we would in class, and then expands upon the grammar, asking students to observe the sentences and find what structures they have in common, namely characteristics that require the use of the subjunctive.”