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Faculty Farewells 2023

The Bryn Mawr School community is celebrating eight colleagues who will be retiring at the end of this academic year, representing more than 200 years of service to the school. 
"They have devoted their careers to education, sharing in the delights and demands of learning, coaxing students to their potential and serving as models of lifelong learning," said Head of School Sue Sadler. 

Anne Eggleston Broadus ’88 has worn all the hats at Bryn Mawr, including student, alumna, past parent, teacher and administrator. We’ve been fortunate to have her as Assistant Director of Lower School since 2013. Prior to that appointment, Anne taught in 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th grades and also served as the Lower School Math Coordinator. The ultimate team player, Anne has filled in whenever and wherever needed throughout her tenure as the heart and soul of the Lower School. Anne was honored with the Blair D. Stambaugh Award in 2017 for contributing most to the overall welfare of the school community. She and her husband Toby, are moving away from Baltimore at the end of this academic year and will be missed by the entire tri-school community.

Chemistry teacher Lee Kladky is retiring after 20 years of teaching at Bryn Mawr. As one of her colleagues noted, Lee has been an inspiring role model for students as a woman pioneer of chemical engineering. She founded the school’s prize-winning Chemethon team, initiated AP Chemistry at Bryn Mawr and was one of the early adopters of the “flipped classroom” teaching model. Lee was honored with the Alumnae STEM Chair award in 2015 and received the 2012 U.S. Presidential Scholars Award. In her retirement, she plans to tutor chemistry students, travel frequently (starting with Europe this summer) and work on her plants and gardens. 

First grade teacher Mary Daily Lacy taught at Bryn Mawr for more than 40 years, first as a Little School teacher for 16 years and later moving to the Lower School to teach first grade in 1998. As her colleagues noted, Mary Daily gave first grade girls “the space and time to be themselves, make mistakes, laugh and grow.” She helped generations of students develop a strong sense of respect, independence, confidence and kindness as she set them on a path of lifelong learning.

Lydia Mason has worked across various departments and divisions during her time at Bryn Mawr. Since 2010, she’s been helping to instill a love of reading in young students as the librarian in the Lower School’s Peggy Bessent Library. She’s also served in several long-term substitute roles for Middle and Lower School teachers, provided testing support for admissions, worked with Middle School Afternoon Supervision program. In retirement, she’s looking forward “to waking up with the sun, to visiting friends in interesting places, to crossing the equator and seeing a southern night sky.” 

Kyoko Redd has worked with Bryn Mawr’s very youngest children at the Little School caring for infants, toddlers and two-year-olds since 1999. Her knowledge of early childhood development and age-appropriate milestones and expectations has been a gift to our program. Kyoko is also known for caretaking of the Little School pets, encouraging recycling and for putting the children and families first in everything she does. Kyoko is looking forward to spending time taking care of her 3 grandchildren, visiting her family, relatives and friends in Japan and reading the piles of books on her bedside table.

Patti Rickert-Wilbur joined Bryn Mawr in 2004 and quickly immersed herself into the community serving as Head Librarian and advisor while championing a love of research, learning and reading in our students and faculty. During her tenure, she has served on the Upper School Tech Vision Committee, Diversity Committee, the Books for the Beast Conference Committee and was the AIMS Representative to the Maryland State Department of Education Library and Educational Technologists Committee. She also chaired the AIMS Librarians group and was a founding member of the Indy Book Club. In retirement, Patti plans to travel with her husband, focus on her health and wellness, start a book club for Bryn Mawr/AIMS retirees, expand her knowledge of tie-dying and shibori, get started on some of the house projects, and hopefully, help out at Bryn Mawr every once in a while!

Maintenance Supervisor John Sapp seems to be everywhere on campus—he’s been a member of our Operations Department for more than 30 years. He’s a talented carpenter with a great sense of humor and he has been a wonderful mentor to new members of our Operations team over the years. John’s favorite part of working at Bryn Mawr has been the tight-knit community. He said, “What a great group of people I work with—the faculty, the staff, support staff, it’s amazing. We’re like one little family here.” The Bryn Mawr family will certainly miss him!

Jane Wilbur has been sharing her love of music with the Bryn Mawr community for 24 years. Little School children have enjoyed both music and yoga with Ms. Jane, as she helps foster creativity, self-expression, large motor skills and self-confidence within our youngest learners. Additionally, Jane is a sought-after piano teacher for students of all ages in Bryn Mawr’s Music School. She skillfully (and patiently) helps coordinate the Little School Spring Sing and organizes the audience’s favorite part of the all-school Thanksgiving Convocation, when the Little Schoolers perform a song with Upper Schoolers.