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Class of 2022 Cum Laude Society Inductees

Bryn Mawr is proud to announce seventeen students from the Class of 2022 have been inducted into the Bryn Mawr chapter of the Cum Laude Society, an international organization dedicated to recognize scholastic achievement in secondary schools.

Seniors Shayna Brodman, Caroline Colangelo, Geneva Flores, Shreya Gandhi, Sloane Huey, Emily Kang, Kaitlyn Leitherer, Yushan Li, Olivia Matlaga, Lana Milman, Rory Powell, Madeline Richard, Ava Wilson, Emma Wolk, Jingjing Xu, Ariana Yegane and Ammy Yuan were recognized for their academic accomplishments as they were welcomed into the society during a ceremony in Centennial Hall. 
Established in 1906 as the Alpha Delta Tau fraternity, the Cum Laude Society is modeled after Phi Beta Kappa. It has grown to more than 380 chapters around the world, including in the United States, the Philippines, Puerto Rico, Canada, England, and several other European countries. Bryn Mawr established its chapter in 1984. 

Membership is selective as the society was created to celebrate not only academic achievement, but to promote justice, honor and excellence. Upper School Director Dr. Nicole Hood described the inductees as having, “ distinguished themselves as scholars and as school citizens by bringing their high standards and applying their dedication to all of their school commitments.” Due to a change in the national Cum Laude rules, only seniors are now inducted into the society; the total number of inductees is not to exceed 10 percent of the graduating class.