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From Student Center to Student Centered

On Wednesday, August 28, members of the Bryn Mawr community gathered in the Carey Quad for a special Opening Convocation and ribbon cutting ceremony to mark the opening of the new Student Center.
After a year of anticipation, excitement and construction, the new space was opened to the entire community on the first day of school. With 30,000 square feet of new and refreshed facilities throughout KVB Gym, the dining hall and Centennial Hall complex, the new space enables the entire community to enjoy common spaces, new fitness areas, theater improvements, a cafe, fantastic outdoor seating and more. The creation of this space symbolizes Bryn Mawr’s commitment to a strong community and extraordinary student experience. 

To celebrate this school milestone, Head of School Sue Sadler addressed students and reflected on her wishes for the new Student Center, saying, “This is a space for all of us to gather, connect, learn and grow. It is where we will care for the whole girl— your hearts, bodies and minds — for the whole day. It is where you will be fueled by healthy and tasty food, inspired by extracurricular passions and interests like arts and athletics, and feel connected to classmates, teammates, teachers, and coaches in your life.” 

Before cutting the ribbon, Sadler revealed Bryn Mawr’s school theme for the year, Come, Let Us Gather, drawn from a historical school song. The theme is inspired by the new spaces and opportunities for the entire community to be together for another year of learning, sisterhood and fun. Sadler was then joined for the ceremonial ribbon cutting by Chair of The Bryn Mawr School Board of Trustees Hadley Feiss and a group of participants that represented the entire Bryn Mawr community— students from each class, faculty, trustees, alumnae and parents. Instead of a typical three-two-one countdown to cut the ribbon, everyone yelled “shout the love!” 

To conclude the event, the entire community was invited inside to tour the space and get a glimpse of the new heart of campus while the Sister Sledge hit “We Are Family” played and provided the perfect soundtrack to end the celebration. As a keepsake from the event, every member of the community received a piece of ribbon to remind them that they are each a part of something bigger, but have unique contributions to make to Bryn Mawr and the world. 

So, what’s next at Bryn Mawr? Sadler says, “We now turn our focus from Student Center to “student-centered” — ensuring that we put the wellbeing of our girls at the heart of all that we do.”