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Elizabeth Macksey '17, Princeton University

"My teachers and classmates at Bryn Mawr are the most passionate and caring people I’ve ever met, and I love the energy they bring to this community.  I’ve also found amazing friends at Bryn Mawr, and I’m really going to miss seeing them on a daily basis."
Which teacher has been the most influential during your time at Bryn Mawr?

Madame Barck. I am so grateful for the guidance she has given me over the past four years in classes, as well as through French Club and the French exchange. She has inspired in me a love for the French language and francophone cultures, and I cannot wait to continue studying French in college.

What made you choose Princeton?

I love the close-knit feel of the campus and sense of community I found there. Princeton’s programs in the humanities will give me the chance to take amazing courses and many small seminars. I’m also excited about their hands-on Teacher Preparation Program because I’m thinking of teaching as a career option. I’m looking forward to facing the challenges of starting over in a new place and continuing my education at the next level. I think Bryn Mawr has prepared me to encounter all sorts of changes in my future, so I’m ready to start this new chapter of my life.

Which school tradition are you most proud of?

Convocation. I love the sense of mutual respect that students and faculty find during this shared time. The questions people ask and the responses speakers give are thought-provoking and insightful.  I also think it’s great that senior speeches are a graduation requirement at Bryn Mawr, so that every girl has a chance to share something with the school.

What project or assignment challenged you the most as a student?

A translation project I did earlier this year for AP English. When I began, I had no idea how difficult my task of translating a poem from French to English would be, but I ultimately learned a lot about the nature of language and gained a greater appreciation for all that can be lost and gained in translation.

Which subject do you think prepares you most for life after high school?

This may seem counterintuitive, but I think history classes have best prepared me for my future.  I’m beginning to see how past events fundamentally shape our present and can guide us in choices moving forward. Moreover, learning about different cultures throughout time has drastically expanded my view of the world and increased my ability to empathize and see many points of view.  Last but not least, I think the critical analysis and writing skills developed in history classes are going to serve me well in college and beyond.

Describe your senior year in three words.

Firsts. Lasts. Change.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

I hope that I find ways through my career and in my personal life to give back to my community and make the extraordinary educational opportunities I’ve been given at Bryn Mawr and in college worthwhile. More specifically, I’m interested in education and see myself teaching English or history at the high school level.