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Faculty Feature: Kendra Richardson

Toddler Room Teacher Kendra Richardson came to Bryn Mawr in 2003. After completing a high school work-study program at the Little School and graduating from Coppin State University, she was offered a full time position and began her career in early childhood education. Richardson is a firm believer in the power of play, and looks for every opportunity to show Bryn Mawr’s youngest students that learning is fun. If you stop by the toddler room at the right time, you just might catch her singing and sharing her love of music with her students.
How long have you been teaching at the Little School and what is the best part of your job? 
The best part of my job is having the ability to create a fun and interactive atmosphere for the youngest Mawrtians, and observing their growth and development throughout the school year. It is a truly rewarding experience. When I first came to the Little School, I remember entering a welcoming atmosphere each afternoon when I arrived to the classroom. The team I worked with would express their appreciation for my assistance, and as a high school student, this meant a lot to me. I felt like I was really making a difference here.

What’s your favorite thing about your Little School students?

I love how curious and eager each student is. The smallest Little Schoolers cure their curiosities with their hands. The older students ask as many questions as they can think of, and they do so very often! 
What’s a day like in the Toddler Room? 
We start our mornings with free play. Morning snack follows, and afterwards, the toddlers engage in activities that consist of art, gross motor, fine motor and sensory activities. Our toddlers love outdoor play, and we try to get outside as much as possible. The playground is a wonderland for them. We also strive to make buggy rides a daily occurrence, but Mother Nature is ultimately the boss of that! After our morning activities, we do lunch, a nap and afternoon snack. There is another opportunity for free play before pick up time, which usually consists of either centers in the classroom, gym play, or outdoor play time.

Share your favorite Little School event or tradition? 
I love the Little School Art Show. The teachers and students spend a considerable portion of the school year preparing for this event, and it is evident in the work that is displayed. Each classroom chooses a different theme, and the Little School becomes an art gallery for the day! Our families are always amazed at the reveal, and pleased with the hard work of their little artists.
What is a funny question that a Little Schooler has asked you? 
A few years ago, there was a student who was using his imagination on the playground and making pizza. He asked me, “Ms. Kendra, would you like plain or polka dot?”

Last year, Baby Shark was all the rage in the Toddler Room, what's this year's go-to song? 
Believe it or not, Baby Shark continues to reign supreme!