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Stretch your creative abilities and learn new skills in these camps tailored to budding artists! Whether you’re drafting, crafting or animating, these camps will provide challenge and fun.

2019 Creative Camps

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  • Creative Workshop

    Girls entering grades K–6

    Instructor: Frannie Morrissey, Kindergarten Teacher, Friends School
    Creative Workshop has thrived for 49 years in Baltimore. What’s the magic behind our success? We offer a wonderful mix of arts and crafts, sewing, drama, cooking, music and creative games every day. Your daughter’s imagination will soar as she chooses among various opportunities throughout the weeks. Each session includes a performer, Surprise Day, Clash Day, and a performance by the campers for families and friends. Small groups of similar aged campers foster enduring friendships and support new friendships forming from summer to summer. Before you know it, your camper will grow up to become one of our enthusiastic and valued counselors!
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  • Water, Water, Everywhere

    Girls & Boys entering grades K-3

    Instructor: Amy McLoughlin, Meghann McMahon, Kindergarten Teachers, The Bryn Mawr School
    In this camp we will explore the water cycle with fun STEM activities, opportunities for water exploration, rich literature and crafts. Camp will be offered in the afternoons—perfect for campers attending Creative Workshop! Curriculum and projects will be changed weekly to accommodate children attending multiple sessions. Camp will be led by kindergarten teachers Amy McLoughlin and/or Meghann McMahon.
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  • Summer "Camp In"

    Girls and Boys entering grades K-2

    Instructor: Amy McLoughlin, Kindergarten Teacher, The Bryn Mawr School
    Young campers will have fun with camping-themed crafts, cooking, songs and movement activities with rich literature experiences. Campers will enjoy gentle hikes on the beautiful Bryn Mawr campus and outdoor play as well.
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  • Sports and Crafts

    Girls and Boys entering grades K-5

    Instructor: Mimi Walters, Lower School Physical Education Teacher & Varsity Basketball Coach, The Bryn Mawr School
    This camp is for children who love playing games, want to learn about different sports and also enjoy creative projects. We’ll have lessons on sports such as tennis, basketball, soccer, baseball, lacrosse and work on skills like throwing and catching. We’ll also have time for fun P.E.-style games and the opportunity to express our creativity through a variety of art projects.
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  • All-American Doll Camp

    Girls entering grades 1-6

    Instructor: Christine Rogers, Third Grade Teacher, The Bryn Mawr School
    Have your daughter bring her favorite doll to camp! She will create treasured projects for her doll that may include cabanas, chairs, tents, charcoal grills, purses, woven rugs, picnic baskets, collage frames, beach buckets and towels, sun visors, jeweled crowns, birthday hats and more. To wrap up the perfect week, campers will make a cozy sleeping bag, pillow included, for their dolls.
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  • All-American Pet Camp

    Girls entering grades 1–6

    Instructor: Christine Rogers, Third Grade Teacher, The Bryn Mawr School
    Calling all pet lovers! If your daughter adores her stuffed animals, this is the camp for her. Each camper will receive their choice of a new posable, authentic American Girl™ Pet. Campers will create a variety of fun-filled craft activities for their new pet. During the week, their pets might celebrate a birthday, grill hot dogs, swim by the lake or camp out in a tent.
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  • Drawing from Life

    Girls & Boys - entering grades 2-5

    Instructor: Noah Robinson, Lower School Science Teacher, The Bryn Mawr School
    Join Mr. Robinson to practice your observational drawing skills and create pencil drawings based on still life. Mr. Robinson has a lot of pencil drawing tips and tricks to share with you to help expand your artistic talents. We will balance our calm, focused drawing time with outdoor games and nature walks! (Bonus: Pop-up card art will happen Friday. Be prepared to make the best pop-up card you have ever seen!)
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  • Animation

    Girls & Boys entering grades 2-5

    Instructor: Elizabeth Gray, Lower School World Languages, The Bryn Mawr School
    Do you love to draw? Are you a storyteller? Have you ever drawn your own cartoons? If so, this is the camp for you! Learn how to bring your comic stories into the digital age using iPads to make short animated clips, and bring your creativity to life!
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  • Magic Tricks and Illusions

    Girls and Boys entering grades 3-6

    Instructor: Elizabeth Gray, Lower School World Languages, The Bryn Mawr School
    Have you ever watched a magic show and wondered what was really happening? Would you like to learn to perform these illusions yourself? Come discover a variety of tricks to impress your family a and friends with your own magic show.
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  • Design the Runway

    Girls and Boys entering grades 3-6

    Brought to you by Little Scholars
    Design your very own fashion line with us! Budding designers will keep a fashion portfolio, create a one of a kind piece with recyclable goods and end the week with a runway show to rival Fashion Week! We will participate in several design challenges too. Come design the runway with us!
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  • Friendship Bracelets and Calming Crafts

    Girls and Boys entering grades 3-6

    Instructor: Alisha Caruso, Lower School Computer Science, The Bryn Mawr School
    During this camp you will create several peaceful crafts such as paint pouring, paper rain cloud, calming jar, watercolor drops, doodling, and more. Perfect for campers who just finished a morning sports camp and need to wind down! Campers will also learn a new type of friendship bracelet each day. At the end of the week, you will take home a friendship bracelet-making kit so you can keep creating all summer!
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  • Graffiti Art, Tags & Murals

    Girls and Boys entering grades 4-8

    Instructor: Genie Arnot, Lower School Art Teacher, The Bryn Mawr School
    Want to spray paint, splatter paint, and share your vision with the world? In this camp you will design and paint a personal mural bursting with color and a powerful message. We will paint outside with spray chalk and you will learn 3D effects that can change your name into a masterpiece. We will turn your “tag” into cool stickers to label your stuff.
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  • Future-Prenuers

    Girls and Boys entering grades 6-8

    Brought to you by Little Scholars
    Are you a natural born leader? Do you want to experience the thrills of creating your “own company”? Don’t miss out on this camp where you will create and sell handmade products at the Sale- A-Thon. This camp will dabble in the world of stocks and current events as it relates to businesses.
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  • Songwriting Camp

    Girls and boys entering grades 5–12

    Instructor: Kelly Stallard, Admissions Administrative Assistant, The Bryn Mawr School
    In one week, we will learn how to write a song from scratch (anyone can do it!). We will spend the first day talking about some of the ways that popular songs are put together, and some common tips and tricks for getting started. We will write some music together to give everyone confidence in building and using their musical toolbox, and students will work on some songs individually or in small groups. We will have an "open mic cafe" performance for families and friends on the last day of class.
    This is a great class for kids who enjoy writing poetry, singing, playing an instrument, or collaborating on a creative project. Students of all musical/writing ability and confidence levels are welcome.
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  • Musical Theatre Workshop

    Girls and Boys entering grades 5-12

    Instructor: Grace O'Keefe '12, Middle School English/Drama, The Bryn Mawr School
    This camp is for anyone who loves watching, listening, or performing in musicals! Each day will focus on a different topic in musical theatre, from Rodgers and Hammerstein’s classics to the British Invasion’s megamusicals. Campers will learn the history behind each topic and then practice, perform and help direct scenes and songs in that style. Throughout the camp, campers will work on a song specifically selected for their voice and personality that they can use in their future auditions. The camp will culminate with a two-day audition workshop, where they will learn tricks and tips, perform a mock audition, and receive feedback.
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