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Class Day 2020

On Thursday, June 4, the Upper School community gathered virtually for Class Day to recognize and celebrate student achievements for the 2019-2020 school year.
Director of Diversity & Global Programs Talia Titus, who came to Bryn Mawr as an Upper School math teacher and three season varsity coach in 1996, addressed the class of 2020, and reflected on the importance of remembering where they come from. Titus said, “Never forget where you came from, and always praise the bridges that carried us over...This place–Bryn Mawr– with its rich, cherished history and complicated past is where we come from and it has been a bridge connecting us to one another and to a future in which the voices of girls are heard. A future in need of truth-seekers.  A future in need of bright, dynamic, powerful, generous, creative, resilient, and compassionate girls and women.”
Titus talked about how recent events have caused her to spend more time reflecting on where she comes from, the history of America and how it is up to the next generation to write the next chapter in our story. “Black women. Black bodies. Whiteness. We are witnessing a complicated truth about our country and its institutions. And that truth, as I see it, is that this place has been the oppressor just as often as it has been a champion of the oppressed. The world is complicated, and it has always been complicated. To the class of 2020, this is your time. You have the skills, the tools, a network of diverse friends, and an awareness of your power and how to use your privilege to make a difference in the world. Lean in to our complicated truths, know our history, and create the world our daughters and granddaughters deserve.” Read the full speech here.
Two members of the Class of 2020, Astri Doub and J’Nai Knox also gave heartfelt, funny and inspiring speeches about their Bryn Mawr experience and the sisterhood the Class of 2020 has found here.

Following the speeches, Class Day awards were announced, and leaders from the Student Government Association, Athletic Association, Environmental Coalition, Community Service Learning, Arts Council and Community Alliance for Everyone (CAFE) passed their gavels virtually to the incoming president of each organization.
At the conclusion of the ceremony, the seniors were officially welcomed into the Alumnae Association. Congratulations to all of the award winners and to the Class of 2020! 
All awardees are members of the Class of 2019 unless otherwise noted.

Class Day Awards

Frances Virginia Wentz Turner Prize: Sonakshi Kukreja
Community Service Prize: Astri Doub 
The Class of 1953 Prize: Noran Shalby 
Parents' Association Award: Lexi Redrick 
The Wurtzburger Cup: Lexi Redrick 
Caryatid Award: Jenna Resnik 
The Agnes Whiting Memorial Award: Sereena Knight 
Alumnae Awards: Trinity Eimer, Aeven O’Donnell, Jaimie Griffin and Gray Purcell. 
State of Maryland Merit Scholastic Awards: Ava Scharfstein, Astri Doub, Anna Murchie and Ava Archey.   
Bryn Mawr College Prize: Eva Mammen ’21
The Edith Hamilton Award: Cammy Suntha ’21
The Bryn Mawr School Scholarship: Ava Scharfstein
Class of 2020 Award: The Class of 2020 themselves. This newest honor was established this year, in honor of the Class of 2020, to be given annually to an individual or group that has shown exceptional resilience in the face of adversity. 

Departmental Awards

Anne Pugh Award: Emma Joyce
Britten Moore Math Award: Ava Scharfstein
Clare Coriell Hardy Science Award: Ashley Raman
Class of 1974 Prize for Performing Arts: Mia Aversano
Computer Science Award: Jessie Gumtow
Creative Writing Award: Anna Murchie
Evelyn Estey Sanders Classics Prize: Charlie Crawford
Frances Wyatt Chisolm Photography Prize: Kate Mikucki
Gymnasium Cup: Class of 2020
Lawrason Perkins DeMuth History Prize: Sereena Knight
Music Prize: Mason Phillippe-Auguste
Rosemary Elliott Keyser Harder Art Award: Sylvia Choi
Ruth Bridgman Pagon Memorial Award: Astri Doub
Yvonne Green Goodhue Modern Language Prize: Lila Zemil
Julia McHenry Howard Award: Charlotte Peake '24
Class of 1943 Cups:
Arts Council: Naomi Fotenos '21
Athletic Association: Emma Joyce 
Community Alliance for Everyone (CAFÉ): Sophie Leheny '21
Community Service Learning: Ava Scharfstein
Environmental Coalition: Kaitlyn Leitherer '22
Student Government Association: Cammy Suntha '21

Cum Laude Society

Ava Archey, Elizabeth Cucuzzella, Astri Doub, Erica Duh, Trinity Eimer, Olivia Fox, Jessie Gumtow, Grace Harlan, Celia Katz-Zogby, Rachel Lee, Anna Murchie, Ashley Raman, Jenna Resnik, Ava Scharfstein, Tabitha Summers and Lila Zemil