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Students Launch "Bryn Buddies"

Expanded cross-divisional connections are a silver lining of Distance Learning. 
This month, senior Jenna Resnik ’20 launched Bryn Buddies, a cross divisional program to connect Lower and Upper School students virtually during Distance Learning. Upper School volunteers are pairing up with Lower School classes to lead activities during homeroom Zoom meetings and provide pre-recorded content for younger students to access on their own time, such as read-aloud chapter books, art projects, and virtual tours of museums.  Some of the older students are also volunteering for smaller group or one-on-one meetings— almost like “pseudo-babysitting” to help give parents a small break. “We hope this provides a little extra relaxation time in your day and gives your children a way to connect socially, even if it must be virtual,” Resnik said.

The program is a win-win. Lower Schoolers love interacting with older students, while parents and teachers are excited to have some additional support. “I'm glad that it can make everyone involved happy, especially in such trying times,” said Resnik. “I am so proud that Bryn Mawr is facilitating this connection; it totally strengthens our Mawrtian community!”