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Bryn Mawr Helps Make PPE

Bryn Mawr has partnered with OpenWorks and Adfinitas Health in Maryland to print and collect 3-D face shields for medical professionals.
Amid reports of shortages of critical Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) that can protect healthcare workers as they treat patients with COVID-19, Baltimore’s Open Works called on makers from around the city to join them in using 3-D printers to help fulfill the need through an initiative called, Makers Unite. Bryn Mawr is proud to answer the call and use our resources to help those who serve our community. 

Senior Director of Academic and Strategic Initiatives, Justin Curtis and Upper School Mathematics Teacher, Frank Ecker have collaborated to create 3-D printed face shields. Using Bryn Mawr’s 3-D printers as well as building their own at home, Ecker and Curtis have already printed over 30 shield components, making eight to ten shields per day. Their goal is to add more printers and volunteers in the coming days to ramp up production to 80-100 shields per week.

Curtis says he and Ecker are grateful that Bryn Mawr has the resources to aid in this effort. “We are very fortunate to have state of the art equipment available to our students and faculty at Bryn Mawr. It just made sense for us to utilize it to help the medical professionals battling COVID-19. We are honored to do whatever we can to help." 

Curtis says that although this is a very difficult and uncertain time for everyone, it has also provided a meaningful social engagement moment for Bryn Mawr students, including his own daughter Finley ’31. She is only in first grade, but Finley is already helping her dad print masks. She says she is proud to help her community in some small way. "I feel really bad for all the people who are sick. I am happy to help make masks for the doctors and nurses so they can stay healthy when they take care of their patients."
Bryn Mawr parent Ashley Long P ’19 will be receiving the first round of masks to help medical professionals through her company Adfinitas Health. 

If you or someone you know is able to meet the requirements of this project and would like to help, please email Justin Curtis for more information.