School Uniforms - Middle School

School Uniforms - Middle School

Uniform Basics (all year)
  • White oxford, white turtleneck or white cotton polo, long or short-sleeved
  • When in classrooms, for an outer layer, students may wear:
    • BMS green or gray sweatshirt,
    • BMS gray, fleece 1/4 zip pullover or full zip
    • BMS gray, fleece vest, or
    • BMS gray, monogram sweater, cardigan, or sweater vest
  • All white crew or ankle socks, dark green or gray tights, knee socks, or full-length leggings are required each day.
  • Predominantly white or gray sneakers or brown below-the-ankle shoes.  (Open-toe shoes, open-heel shoes, sandals, clogs, moccasins, slippers, and ‘Uggs’ shoes and boots are not permitted.)
  • Green BMS athletic or spandex shorts are required to be worn under, but not visible below, the skirt.  They also may not be seen above the sweatpants.
  • Only plain white t-shirts may be worn under the uniform shirt, and they must be tucked in.
  • Dark green sweatpants may be worn instead of, but not underneath, the skirt.

Fall/Spring Specific Uniform (August to early November and after Spring Break to June)
  • Uniform basics listed above
  • Either light green cotton uniform skirt, dark green or gray pants, or sweatpants (neat, not hemmed or cut)

Winter Specific Uniform (Early November to Spring Break)
  • Uniform basics listed above
  • Either dark green kilt, dark green jumper, dark green wool skirt, dark green skort, dark green or gray pants, or sweatpants (neat, not hemmed or cut)

Physical Education/Dance Uniforms
  • Bryn Mawr T-Shirt (gray or white) with name written on back
  • Bryn Mawr Athletic Shorts (green)
  • White crew or ankle socks
  • Predominantly white or gray athletic shoes
  • Bryn Mawr green or gray sweatshirt and green BMS sweatpants
  • Sash for Gym Drill (obtained from the Brynmawrket in April)

Can I buy some pieces at the Bryn Mawr bookstore?
The Brynmawrket carries gym uniforms, green spandex shorts, sweatshirts, sweatpants, leggings, tights and knee socks. The clothing listed can be viewed and purchased online at the Brynmawrket website:

When should I buy the uniform, and how many should I buy?
You can buy the uniform anytime during the summer. You may purchase used uniforms at Bryn Mawr during the annual Bryn Mawr Bazaar Recycled Uniform Sale, which happens on the first Saturday of May. Someone at Dennis will know what you should purchase and will assist you. It’s up to you how many pieces to buy. Most families buy five shirts and three jumpers (Lower School) or skirts (Middle and Upper Schools), along with a sweatshirt, sweater, socks, tights and shorts.
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