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  • Harry Potter - Magical Mystery Tour (Girls & Boys entering grades 2-6)

    Brought to the Bryn Mawr School by Sciensational Workshops for Kids, Inc.

    All aboard for lots of hands-on fun! Join in the escapades of Harry and his friends as we make edible wants, play quidditch and brew fantastic potions.  Come join us at the intersection where the magic of science, art and literature meet.
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  • Paper Engineering (Girls & Boys entering grades 5-8)

    Director: Lora Peters, Middle School Science, The Bryn Mawr School

    Learn about the incredible properties of paper by folding, creasing, stacking, rolling and cutting it. Each day we will explore a different method of building with paper to create pop-up art, origami, baskets, geodesic domes, paper airplanes and more.
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  • Toys In Motion (Girls & Boys entering K-4)

    Director: Chris Miskiewicz, Little School Teacher, The Bryn Mawr School

    This summer we will use science, technology, engineering and math to reanimate our old toys and create a fun cause-and-effect machine. Students will work together to sketch out the machine and determine what they want it to accomplish, build the machine, test it along the way, and finally film it in action!
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  • Writer's Lab - (Girls & Boys entering grades 3-6)

    Brought to The Bryn Mawr School by Little Scholars

    Test your linguistic prowess and get your creative writing juices flowing in Writer’s Lab. We will entertain each other with comic designs, Magna comic writing, and skit creations, as well as language games to get even weary writers excited to write more. Authors will build a portfolio of work as well as design a book.
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