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Class Notes Archive 2016-2017


  • 1939

    Grace Welch Beehler
    I will be 97 in June and am happily living at Stella Maris in Timonium.
  • 1942

    Emily Brady Marshall
    This is Emily Brady's eldest daughter Berry just letting you know how lucky I feel to have graduated twenty years after you. I will look for any in my mother's class at the reunion this May. Emily has 13 great grandchildren. The eldest is my granddaughter Lucy who will start UVA this Fall. The youngest is Olive Marshall, my brother Ken's youngest granddaughter.
  • 1957

    Jane Boyd Carr
    We met at Joey Chiu's for our 60th reunioning May 6. Twelve classmates came and three husbands. We missed Jean Gisriel who had a fall on the golf course earlier that week. A good time was had by all!
  • 1958

    Sally Swindell Rinehart
    Sadly, we have recently heard about the death of Billie Andrews. She died Dec. 12, 2016 – following a stroke on 12/10/16.
  • 1961

    Cita Stuntz Stelzer
     I enjoyed my short times at BMS -- when traveling back to the US from living abroad.
  • 1962

    Kate LeBoutillier O'Neill
    First: you! I hope you're all thinking about coming back for our 55th reunion, this coming May 5 and 6. Building on the amazingness of our wonderful 50th, with its great turnout of classmates---and more---we look forward to seeing each other, reminiscing, and catching up. 

    Highlights of my past year were two 50ths: my splendid 50th reunion at Wells College and Tom's and my 50th anniversary, which we spend in South Africa, discovering a whole new world. Our sons aren't nearby, with Matt and Bethan in London, and Tim, KellyAnn, and John Charles ("JCON" now 3) having moved to Salem, Mass. But we were able to get together a lot, and especially loved the several-day hitches with JCON while his parents got the move organized and done. 

    Please send your notes to this BMS page! When we can't be with you, we still enjoy hearing how you are and what you're up to. And don't forget: Reunion #55, May 5 and 6. More to come! XOXO
  • 1962

    Ann Thomas Brody
    My life is finally settling down following Jacob's death three years ago. Becoming a widow is something many of us will live through, much as we hate to think of it, but are never quite prepared for when the time arrives. Geographically I am still in Chicago and Miami, but with smaller places, and have a yen to spend some time in France. I am going there for the second year this May. Of course Mme. Queneau was my nemesis at BMS (and maybe vice versa), but I have a perverse desire to speak French despite a lack of talent. Same with watercolors. However, we are at the stage of life where being good at something isn't as important as finding enjoyment in learning. Sorry I won't have a chance to explore these topics with you all at this reunion, but maybe we can start a discussion on or off the Class Notes. I can be reached by email at
  • 1962

    Debby Jencks
    Not much has changed over the last five years. We spend about 1/3 of our time in Gloucester, sharing our house with Helen and Jay Featherstone. Sarah is still director of Education at Ford's Theater in DC and Melissa works for Baltimore Center for Child Abuse. We are looking forward to hosting all of you who are attending the class dinner at our house at our 55th reunion. XXOO...
  • 1962

    Berry Marshall Hoak
    I look forward to seeing classmates at our 55th reunion in May. Both Dale and I have survived life threatening catastrophes and so it is time to start celebrating our 50th Wedding Anniversary coming up in April 2018. We plan on visiting Spain finally in September. We had a wonderful trip booked when we were in Cambridge, England for Christmas 1969, but Dale had not finished his first chapter of his PHD so it is now or never! First grandchild Lucy heads to UVA in the Fall. We regularly see my son's family since they are in northern Virginia, and will see Megan's family in New Haven after the reunion. I have been busy with the classes for Seniors at William and Mary as well as my daily swim and community activities.
  • 1964

    Carole Naquin
    All is well in VT. Steve and I will go to tiny island in the Azores this June, then to S. Wellfleet for 3 weeks mid-summer. Scant snow here this year, but just enough to xc ski on. Off to Quebec City soon for our annual trip to visit our favorite city and ski north of there. My mother will be 99 in May and doing well.
  • 1964

    Betsy Smedley Shaffer-Ludwig
    We are still enjoying our summers on the water outside of Olympia, WA and our winters in Henderson, NV. The transition can be a bit of a pain, but so worth it to have the best of both weather worlds! My husband and I are both finally fully retired, but involved with committees and grandchildren so staying busy. Life is good.
  • 1969

    Mary Armstrong Shoemaker
    The past few years have been sort of a roller-coaster. I joined Josh in retirement after 38 years at BMS; we became grandparents in the summer of '15 to our daughter Kate's wonderful Emma Louise; and last summer we lost my beloved mother. We spend as much time as possible in the wilds of Maine canoeing and kayaking, and routinely set off TSA bells and whistles at airports with Josh's fake knees and my fake hip. Life is good.
  • 1971

    Dory Richardson Messenger
    These online Class Notes do not seem to be overly popular with our older alumnae, despite the fact that we are all perfectly conversant with our smart phones, tablets, and laptops...I find it an interesting anomaly. I am posting here now mostly so that I can come back later and be reminded of what it is I have to report for the past year in my life...I will probably attempt to start one of our round robin emails again soon, as that seems to get our class "chirping"! Many of us keep somewhat in touch via Facebook these days as well which helps. Our biggest news for the past year is that Steve retired in October, and then we loaded up the car with the dogs, the geriatric cat, and the turtle and headed west to California. Although I had been to or through many of the same states before, I had never driven cross country east to west before - only north to south and back again. It was a fascinating trip and mostly back and other issues make all travel difficult now, but as it was for Regan's and Jasmine's wedding, I thought I probably should go! We had found a perfect little bungalow to stay in with a fenced in back yard for the dogs and the most prolific lemon tree I have ever seen, to which the owner graciously said to help ourselves. In addition to our first experience with Airbnb, we also learned to get around Los Angeles a bit using Uber when the kids were not available to chauffeur and loved it! Steve actually officiated the wedding, and the reception was a wonderful mix of our traditions and Jasmine's Armenian customs. Two days later, they headed out to a Hawaiian honeymoon, and we began the trek home. We had hoped to spend our first official winter on Sanibel after a quiet December and Christmas here in Maryland, but it was not to be. December 26th marked the first day of what would become a 3 month painful stint in bed for me - the worst time I have ever had with my back. Just as I was attempting to walk again and we thought we could squeeze in some "spring break" on the island, the cat suffered a rare cervical between her neurologist in Annapolis and mine down here in the boonies having finally discharged both of us, we are looking at an early June departure to spend the summer on Sanibel, just as we did before retirement! LOL Should any of you happen to tune in here, hope all is well in your lives! I move slowly these days, with the gait of a drunken sailor, but at least I do still move!
  • 1972

    Maureen McKewen Kelly
    Hope all my classmates are well and enjoying life! Seems like a long time since walking the campus at BMS as a student. It was a great school to prepare us for going forward. I hear many of you have done extremely well with your careers. I congratulate you! Life is good! I spend time managing a website for Baltimore Glass Co., Inc., their Facebook page, Human Resources, and splitting time between Baltimore and Tucson, AZ. Love visiting the desert as it is my second home and a great place to hike and enjoy the outdoors. Stay healthy, happy, and engaged in every moment! My best to all of you!
  • 1973

    Chachie McLean Chafey
    Still working at PNC in Investment area in downtown Baltimore (coming up on 38 years!). Our daughter Catie was married in October and Allie will be married this upcoming December. Carly, back from 2 years in the Peace Corp. in Mozambique, is living and working in DC. Wonderful to have her close by. Bought a beach house in North Cape May a year ago which we are loving. Life is pretty good.
  • 1975

    Joan Glazer Farber
    It has been a busy year for our family. Miriam was ordained a rabbi in May and started as director of Adult Jewish Learning and Interfaith Engagement at the JCC of Manhattan. Her husband Beni is the assistant rabbi at a congregation in Manhattan. Our grandson Shai is talking and making friends at daycare, the life of a toddler. Adam is now assistant carpenter on the national tour of Phantom of the Opera and loving life on the road. Yael will graduate from Dickinson College this spring and hopes to work for a few years before graduate school. 
    Professionally, I am co-director of a not-for-profit coordinating Intensive Jewish learning experiences for adults. We are in our third year. Check out to see what I am doing. Andy is still with Consumer Reports after 22 years. So life is good.
  • 1976

    Holly Ballard Kreutter
    Still living in Singapore with husband, Steve. It's been 29 years in Asia! Son, Jeff, got married in 2015 and is in LA working for Uber. Second son, Russ, got married in 2016 and is working in Ft Lauderdale for Hidden Harbor. Great to have two daughters-in-law to round out the family. Daughter Becky is working in DC at Office of Science and Technology Policy but will be switching out due to the pushback on alternative energy initiatives.
  • 1978

    Carey Hoff Mitchell
    I am excited to report that I welcomed my first grandchild in April. Christopher Zachary Nevins, son of daughter Sarah, is the new love of our lives. Although this new bundle of joy lives in another state, happily we get to keep in close touch through the wonders of FaceTime.
  • 1979

    Gilly Obrecht Babb
    I'm no longer in the classroom, having opted instead to tutor students and engage in various volunteer opportunities. Our oldest, Gillian, teaches special ed. in Anne Arundel County. Olivia is at JHU earning a masters and certification in education and Andrew is a sophomore at U of MD. Bob is beginning his 39th yr as the baseball coach at JHU and received two huge honors; the new JHU stadium was named after him and he was voted into the baseball hall of fame. It's clear that both accolades are a direct result of his marriage to me!!
  • 1979

    Margaret McQueen
    Hal and I are doing well - still living in Arlington Virginia. Our four daughters are all busy and enjoying sports, music, Girl Scouts and other activities. My Brownie Troop is about to "bridge" to Junior Girl Scouts. I continue in the Office of the Secretary at the US Department of Health and Human Services.
  • 1980

    Andrea Frindt
    Still in Chile, waiting for visit from BMS classmates. Ried was here last year with husband and daughter. Married, 4 children, 1 grandchild, live mostly out in the country. Trying to keep out of work to enjoy life. One of my children lives in California, so I'm still attached to the US. Best memories from my year at BMS, love Baltimore .
  • 1981

    Carol Siegrist Caballero
    2016 was not a great year for the Caballero family. The year started off with me having open heart, single by-pass surgery, followed by a long recovery, and it ended with the death of my mom, after a long battle with Alzheimer's. Bryn Mawr provided wonderful support during both events and I am grateful for my wonderful Mawrtian friends! On a positive note, we had a great 35th reunion and I had lots of fun planning it with my fellow classmates! My husband is still teaching at Towson University and doing some consulting work on the side. My older son, Cameron, is a sophomore at Vanderbilt, doing very well and enjoying Nashville. My younger son, Tyler, is in the throes of the college process and deciding where he will spend the next 4 years. Sam and I are not excited about being empty-nesters soon, but we will adjust. We will still have the dog at home. Hope to see many of you in 2017, on or off campus.
  • 1981

    Ann Russell Ashton
    I'm still living in Roland Park and still working at St. John's Parish Day School! I'm also still President of the Board of the Baltimore Humane Society! I feel very dull and boring I don't have any NEW news! ;-)
  • 1982

    Elizabeth Geesey Holmes
    I'm about to celebrate 10 years living in Rhode Island. I never thought this was where I'd end up. I've been working as the Head of the Infrastructure & Content Department in the US Naval War College Library for 2 years now. My husband also works there as a Professor of Strategy and Policy. I very much enjoy working with this specialized academic collection. My daughter Emma is 17 and a Junior and we've been busy looking at colleges. In my "free" time I am loving singing with the Providence Singers Choral Group. We recently performed Mozart's Requiem with the RI Philharmonic, and recorded a CD in January which will be out later this year. I think of BMS often as my sister lives across the street from the Lower School on Boxhill Lane. I enjoyed running into classmate Mary Ann Emerson and husband at Petit Louis in Roland Park over Christmas break. We enjoyed catching up on each other's lives.
  • 1984

    Mary Ellen Chandler Matheson
    I am still living in Arlington, VA (last 17 years!) and still see Karin whenever I can who lives only a few miles away (on Mary Ellen Ct.). My husband and I have two 14 year old red head girls, named Emma and Margot and one 12 year old boy, Lochlan. Lots of soccer in our lives, and sadly never any field hockey. I had great fun seeing many BMS friends this summer at Lynne Mallon's gorgeous house. And I had great fun with Lisa Kaufman in Sun Valley where our families were vacationing at the same time. I launched my own fundraising consulting firm this fall (with a focus on women and girl empowerment causes). Hope to see some BMS folks soon!
  • 1984

    Nina Colhoun Wilson
    I live in Wenham, Massachusetts on the North Shore of Boston. My husband and I have 4 kids: Gardner in college, Tookie and Harrison boarding students at Phillips Academy and Levertt age 12 who is still at home. We are busy with our kids’ sports and musical pursuits. We love living in New England. All the best to the class of 1984
  • 1985

    Janet Sarbanes
    Janet Sarbanes ('85) has a new story collection coming out in April, titled "The Protester has Been Released." More info here:
  • 1987

    Tonya Unger Garber
    I am still living in Towson with my husband, Dwaine, and my son, Matthew. I've been with the Department of Defense for almost 13 years and I currently manage a business development program for entry level employees. It keeps me very busy but it very rewarding. Matthew graduates next year so we will begin the college search this Spring. Where does the time go? I am also helping with the planning of the 30th reunion. I've enjoyed reconnecting with classmates and I am really looking forward to seeing everyone! My niece, Maddy, will graduate from Bryn Mawr this year so the Gym Drill will be extra special for me.
  • 1987

    Anna Norville
    I am looking forward to attending the reunion this year.  My family and I moved to Virginia in 2015 after living 17 years out in LA.  We bought a home in Newport News in April 2016 and finally moved into it over the Christmas holidays.  We are enjoying the new neighborhood – it is close to my work at the Mariners’ Museum and Park, where I am the VP of Development and External Relations.  I got to see Susan Hood ’87 and her family in Yorktown, VA over the Thanksgiving holiday, which was fun!  If anyone is in the historic triangle area of Yorktown, Williamsburg, Newport News (or even Norfolk / VA Beach), give me a call!
  • 1987

    Joelle Novey
    Continuing my work to engage faith communities in Maryland and the DC area in addressing climate change through Interfaith Power & Light (DC.MD.NoVA) -- more important than ever, now. And grateful to be the Mama of a two year-old (Ellis) who helps me be more aware of the moon, passing garbage trucks, and has me on the lookout for sea lions and owls.
  • 1988

    Jennifer Griffin
    Great to catch up with so many of you this year as I finally entered the world of social media! Coming up on just about a year from the debut of my first book, Understanding Your Child as a Spiritual Gift and I can't stop writing. I just sent my next book, Understanding Morning Sickness as a Gift, off to my editor and am furiously selecting Drashot for another project, Voices of the Young, B'Nei Mitzvah Drashot to Inspire You. Contact me if you come out to Berkeley!
  • 1991

    Jane Strachan
    Hi all! I'm living in Yangon, Myanmar and leading the emergency response, disaster risk reduction and climate change action team for UNICEF. If you're traveling through this way, please look me up.  I'm happy to have visitors and host unpaid interns for months at a time! 
  • 1995

    Nina Lee Bond
    For the last three years, I have been making the 1.25 hour schlep from Roland Park (around the corner of the house Bryn Jenkins grew up in) to Lancaster, PA to teach Russian and Russian literature at F&M College. On the days I don't commute, I'm usually at a local Baltimore city cafe working while seeing old BMS faces like Meg Cohen, Mandy Fine, Camilla Roberson, and then going home to my one-and-a half year old daughter and my five-year old son, who goes to school with one of Marianne Dawn's children. Just saw Lauren Crabtree yesterday, and this past weekend saw Alexa DeLoskey at an event that her company planned. BMS alums are everywhere! Love it!
  • 1996

    Melissa March Smith
    My husband and I were thrilled to welcome a little girl in October (our first), Chloe Kellen Smith. She was born on the same day as her great-grandfather, Kelly Miller Smith Sr., who was an extraordinary civil rights leader and visionary, so the bar is set high for baby girl! A Mawrtian in the making? :)
  • 1997

    Elaine Shen Chen
    I left litigation to return to public radio (a field I was introduced to during senior year at Bryn Mawr). I work on a health podcast in New York and collaborate with scientists to produce audience engagement projects on topics we cover on the show. My husband and I have two great kids; the youngest just started walking!
  • 1998

    Erin Quist
    I'm still living in San Francisco and would love to connect with Bay Area Mawrtians. I have started a new online store called SunQuist (, which provides SunCare for your Hair. Accompanying the site is a blog providing hair styling, specifically braids, and would love any feedback on the blog (
  • 1999

    Julie Sabatier
    After what has definitely been the fastest year of my life, I'm finally getting around to announcing that on January 20, 2016 my husband, Levi, and I welcomed our son into the world. Owen Henry Cecil is a funny, sweet, adorable kid who has changed our lives for the better. He loves blueberries and books and guitars. One of his favorite things to say is "thank you!" We're loving life in Portland, Oregon, where I continue to enjoy my work as a producer for our local public radio station, Oregon Public Broadcasting. 
  • 1999

    Liz Barr
    The last year has been my busiest year ever! Last spring, I moved back to Maryland after spending 4.5 years at UW-Madison for a PhD in Rhetoric, Politics, and Culture. Then last summer my partner and I had a beautiful baby boy, and we got married last fall. Quite a whirlwind. We are living in Ellicott City for the time being, and I'll be making one last trip to Madison this May to defend my dissertation.
  • 2001

    Anna Himmelrich
    It was fun seeing everyone at the class reunion in May! Since then, Matt, Julia, and I welcomed a new baby, Henry Samuel Kozlov, in December.
  • 2002

    Catherine Baylin Duryea
    I am working on my PhD in Middle Eastern History at Stanford while living in Blacksburg, Virginia. Looking forward to seeing everyone at reunion this year!
  • 2003

    Meghan Church Rennard
    My spouse, Mike, and I welcomed our son, Max William on May 3, 2016. Our little ginger keeps us busy in Hamilton.
  • 2003

    Alexandra Sutton Lawrence
    I got married in November to my fiancé, Aaron, who emigrated from England at the end of the summer. We're planning a big wedding in May in Baltimore, and looking forward to starting our lives together here in North Carolina!
  • 2003

    Jacqueline Ober Gupta
    For once, I can’t say “just the same old”. My husband, Justin, and I just got back from Thailand and Cambodia. Over the holidays, I sold my house in Homeland to live full-time in Federal Hill. As you all must know by now from the many BMS alumnae communications, I left my job improving policy around health and housing and am the new Alumnae Director for Bryn Mawr. It is good to be back! Email me if you would be interested in volunteering for our reunion committee or to say “hi”. See you at our reunion!
  • 2003

    Mary Emma Young
    I live in Washington, DC, and work as the communications director for the trade association for U.S. pet food and treat makers.
  • 2004

    Emmy Frank
    Emmy received her MFA in Directing from Penn State University in August of 2016, and recently began a new position as an Assistant Professor of Drama at Lone Star College in Houston, Texas.
  • 2006

    Rebecca Thomas
    Rebecca is currently living in Portland, Maine! She moved here two years ago and is loving being back on the east coast and exploring the beautiful state of Maine. She currently is the Outreach & Alumni Director for a gap year organization that offers semester and summer programs abroad for students. She also works for a local non-profit that is helping high schools in Maine start outdoor clubs and leads local adventure programs and trainings. An avid traveler, she still continues to lead programs abroad in South America and Southeast Asia and recently returned back from a custom program in Cuba!
  • 2009

    Ally Magill
    Since graduating college, Ally has stayed local to Baltimore with the occasional burst of travel abroad or across the states. She has spent a lot of time working in the outdoors with youth and on urban farms. At this moment in time, she works as a barista at a cafe in Roland Park and is studying to gain a Masters of Chinese Medicine at the Maryland University of Integrative Health. She will be moving into her clinical phase later this year and hopes to develop a practice based on radical accessibility and women's health.
  • 2011

    Grace Harrington
    I currently live in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, where I am a fundraiser at my other alma mater, Wake Forest University. Since November, I have also been involved with the Women's March on Washington. Before the march, I worked to shuttle thousands of North Carolinians to DC for the event, and now serves as Co-Chair of Women's March North Carolina. In my spare time, I continue to write music (as I did while at Bryn Mawr).
  • 2011

    Miriam Wolf
    After completing my B.A. in Justice, Law & Criminology and minor in Spanish from American University in Washington, D.C., I embarked on a 3-month backpacking trip of South America. I am currently working as an Admissions Officer for The Intern Group in the capital of Santiago, Chile. My passions include exploring new lands, teaching English to ESL students in her spare time, and trying new food recipes. I believe living abroad is the best way to gain confidence and discover one’s true self. If any alumnae wish to contact me for traveling tips of South America, please do not hesitate to contact me!
  • 2013

    Bridget Finnerty
    was named Lyon of the Week at Mount Holyoke!


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