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Class Notes Archive 2015-2016


  • 1937

    Susan Penniman Burns
    We are sad to report that Susan passed away in April 2016. You can read her obituary here.
  • 1945

    Peggy Cromwell Taliaferro
    Anne Allen Boyce Dandy, Helen Duker Hubbard, and I are the Class of 1945 representatives at the Broadmead Continuing Care Community in Hunt Valley. In addition to us, there are about ten other BMS graduates so we see each other often which is really nice. Recently we all gathered here for a visit from Bryn Mawr’s Ann Kangas, Assistant Director of Development, and Kathie Wachs, Alumnae Director. They filled us in on all the exciting and forward-looking things that are happening at the school these days. It made me so thankful to have been a part of that school, and I just wish I had someone from the next generation there right now.
    My biog news is that I am finally a great grandmother. My daughter, Meg Tipper, Class of 1970, is the grandmother and her son Stephen Feiss and his wife Jacquie have a beautiful (of course) little girl. Thank goodness for FaceTime because they live in Vermont!

    Many of us were sad to miss our big 70th reunion last May. Maybe we will just have to arrange another time. 2020 seems like a long way off!

    Love to all my classmates and especially to Barbara Burns Moorhead’s family.
  • 1949

    Carew Cotton Lee
    Carew Cotton Lee has returned to Baltimore after decades of living in Bethesda and giving her notable energies to Mount Vernon. Carew is now living at Symphony Manor on Roland Avenue, not far from Somerset Rd where she lived when she went to Bryn Mawr.
    -- sent by Jane Pumphrey Nes '49
  • 1950

    Barbara 'Bunny' Cromwell Lohsen
    Here are a few things I've been doing. Tennis several times a week-monthly art class- lots of reading and visiting with my daughter and son-in-law who live in Baltimore. Also like to go sailing weather permitting.
  • 1951

    Joan Matthews Jenness
    2014 was generally a good year with a trip to NM to visit daughter Judith.
    December started with a bout with cellulitis which went on for 2 months through 5 antibiotics, 3 emergency room visits and 3 hospital stays. Ugh. The final IV antibiotic appears to have finally worked despite also producing anaphylactic shock.
    I've seen all I want of things medical for a good long while and am considering a switch to astrophysics.
  • 1953

    Emita Hill
    Just had a milestone birthday. Guess we all did :) Still excited about "Bronx Faces and Voices," the book of oral histories I published last year, and working on two other oral history projects: Ballroom Dancers, and Women in the sustainable food movement. Fun!!
  • 1956

    Helen M. Bowdoin
    I have been enjoying this mild New England winter reading twice weekly with a little first grader who is bused out to Lincoln from the city. She is a bright, dear little girl. It's refreshing to spend time with a six year old instead of a 76 year old.

    I'm enjoying a writing group that meets locally and comments on a range of members' work:  history, short stories, novels, poetry, and memoirs. The variety makes for a diverse group several of whom have become friends.

    Besides gardening, and any excuse for being outdoors, last year Nick and I visited friends and family in New Hampshire, Vermont, Colorado, Big Bend National Park in far west Texas and, of course, Maryland. Nick is still working, part time, for a small high tech company. It’s gratifying that at 84, people still want and need his particular skills as an engineer. Where many of you have been married 30--40 years, we'll celebrate our tenth wedding anniversary this July up in Maine. We're only beginners.
  • 1956

    Eleanor Zell Weaver
    Eleanor Zell Weaver and her husband Al moved into the Blakehurst Retirement home and I learned recently how quickly Eleanor made her mark. Apparently she had come up with a rich and delicious after dinner coffee drink and, having met with the chef, he put it right on the Blakehurst menu. When I recently was having supper there with a relative, four of the six at our table ordered the “Weaver Coffee.” It looked as delicious as everyone says it is.

    She spends much of her time caring for Al and says she is so fortunate that her older son Al lives close by. Her younger son Cliff is on the phone with her several times a week from his home in the North Carolina and comes up with regularity to see them both.

    Eleanor is finding great pleasure in recently learning that her granddaughter will be entering Temple University in Philadelphia next fall.

    -- sent by Peggy Mock Obrecht '56
  • 1957

    Lynn Little Featherson
    Last year was tough for me. My husband of 54 years, Ed, passed in July and I had a total knee replacement in August. Right now, I am in my newly purchased condo in Naples, FL trying to furnish the condo and adjust to being a widow. It is lovely here.
  • 1957

    Jane Boyd Carr
    Our 60th reunion is coming up next May. Please contact me with your current email and/or address. We are planning a reunion dinner in Baltimore on May 6, 2017
  • 1958

    Anne Edmunds Croker
    Not much news. Doug and I got a new puppy last October, a yellow Lab who, now at 7 months weighs 75 pounds, and is a juvenile delinquent. We enjoy our life in Charlottesville where we have met lots of new people. We look forward to seeing our family whenever we go to MD. Our grandchildren are growing up too fast! Doug still working in the home building business with lots of work in DC and VA .
  • 1958

    Neilson Peirce Andrews
    Sue and Leanna happen to be in Baltimore at the same time the first week of April so we took the opportunity to have a small Bryn Mawr Reunion lunch at the Peppermill. We were joined by Pat, Sally, and Anne who made it up from Virginia. Betsy, Page, Sallilynch, and Linda were part of the Baltimore crew. Terry was unable to join us at the last minute and Lucy couldn’t either. We have been lucky enough to do lunch and catch up once or twice a year. If you want to join us, please let me know. There is always room for more and we would love to hear from you.

    My life is perking along at a steady pace with volunteering for Blue Water Baltimore and the League of Women Voters of Baltimore County. We just had a very successful fundraiser featuring the Capitol Steps. It was lots of fun with plenty of timely satire on the coming election. I am still reading to the preschoolers at Armistead Gardens School. It is a City school with a diverse population. The kids are great and really cute.
  • 1959

    Seymour Smith
    I just came back from a 2 week stay in Guadeloupe and recommend it as a lovely warm, vacation spot and a great place to practice your French. 
    If you are in the Boston area, Cameron, my husband, and I live in Rockport by the sea, which is 40 minutes north of Boston. Please look us up and we would love to welcome you here. Pandy Shoemaker and Rosalie Oster, both 1959 grads are also in the Boston area. 
  • 1961

    Cathy Cooper
    They say the Eastern Shore of Maryland is the Land of Pleasant Living. I subscribe to that. Easton is the first small town I have ever lived in, but I am adjusting -- after 10 years. Penny Patterson Paxton and I had a nice lunchtime visit to the Atlantic Ocean last fall -- pretty good since she lives in Colorado.
  • This was our home the first three years of our marriage and where we brought our granddaughter this past summer.


    Berry Marshall Hoak
    I have participated in clinical trials at NIH and have responded. I had 40 transfusions in 38 months, but my last transfusion was 10 months ago. As a responder in a drug trial at NIH I was asked to tell my personal story to an auditorium of 500 scientists as part of the awards ceremony. The idea was they would enjoy knowing the way their research helps individuals in their trials. I prepared by giving my 7 minute talk to 16 family members and friends. They all had good insights which I think helped to make it so successful.
    I look forward to seeing classmates next year and giving them all this time a BIG HUG.  Dale and I took our granddaughter Lucy who had just turned 16 to England where we had a magical time together. Back to doing my volunteering now at CW!
  • 1964

    Kim Means Beard
    I'm still feeling somewhat badly about missing last year's 50th reunion - but attending a week long birding adventure in West Virginia [which I had signed up for without realizing it would conflict with reunion] ended up seeming like the thing I really wanted to do. So - there we are! I'm spending a lot of time with my camera; and far too much time online. Why aren't more of our classmates on Facebook??? C'mon people! I'm still volunteering at Live Arts in Charlottesville, and also at The Wildlife Center of Virginia in Waynesboro.
    John and I, married for 44 years this upcoming May, are still living in Free Union in the same house we've been in for 35 years now. Both sons are currently living in Charlottesville, which is nice. No idea how long that will last, but we'll enjoy it while it does. #1 Son Toby and his South African bride of 2010 are no longer married. #2 Son Alec has never been married - but does currently have a girlfriend - as does his brother. Nary a grandchild in sight. 
    I'm heading off soon (February 21) for a 10 day birding trip to Costa Rica and really looking forward to that.
  • 1965

    Michele L’Archeveque Woods
    I have retired from teaching! Now my husband, of 41 years, and I are able to spend more time with our 5 grandchildren. We are lucky to have 3, 5 year olds, a four year old and a 3 year old. Life is wonderful! Michele L’Archeveque Woods ’65.
  • 1967

    Edie Rodman Clark
    I have been retired since June 2013 and have been living with my dear husband Tim Smyser in a house on the Occoquan River near Manassas, Virginia. We have a fantastic neighborhood of caring, fun people. In May 2015 I was commissioned to be a Stephen Minister -- a lay ministry role requiring 54 hours of training. It's all about listening to someone who needs a caring, compassionate person to meet with an hour a week. It is not counseling. I also volunteer on Thursdays at a local hospital. I visit patients, listen to them, bring them small amenities, and sometimes pray with them when that's what they want. Tim and I enjoy music immensely and try to hear live music regularly. I am enjoying my keyboard. He's as great as ever at singing and playing guitar/bass. He's also interested in creating a music recording studio. We have friends who take us sailing on the Potomac, and in May 2015 we took a 19-day road trip in California to see 12 family members and 11 friends. All in all, life is lovely at this stage!
  • 1967

    Caroline 'Carrie' Peterson
    Almost 20 years in Philadelphia, such a beautiful, changing and lively city for the entire period. Michael and I live near the upper reaches of Fairmount Park near the Wissahickon Creek in West Mt. Airy where I have an Art Therapy Studio which also hosts meditation and yoga programs. Mt. Airy has a 21210 feel to it! I have been developing Mindfulness-Based Art Therapy programs for persons diagnosed with cancer for 16 years. I am now in my 6th year at the Abramson Cancer Center at Pennsylvania Hospital in the historic district which is part of Penn Medicine. Have continued researching my work and publishing. Excited to teach first year medical students from Drexel University art-making this spring as part of their humanities curriculum. Occasionally in my dreams, I still run around Bryn Mawr's woods and fields (circa 50s and 60s). Wishing all my classmates well.
  • 1967

    Frances Marbury
    I'm in my next to last year as principal of a small public school (83 students, kindergarten - 8th grade) in the fascinating, very small town of Marlboro, Vermont. Go Bernie! 

    I still have lots of family in Baltimore and try to visit at least once a year. I find the Black Lives Matter movement compelling and am currently reading Between the World and Me by Ta-Nehisi Coates. Lots to reflect on in terms of my upbringing where a picture of Robert E Lee graced our dining room.

    Looking forward to our 50th reunion!
  • 1968

    Joanna Pancoast Duncan
    Rory and I welcomed our 3rd granddaughter on March 2. Judy Stahl Robertson came down from Connecticut for a visit. We've vacationed with Ellie Adams Lewis, Candy Chandler Douglas and Susan Faust Chesser several times in the last year.
  • 1980

    Janice Busen Caramanica
    Greetings, Fellow Mawrtians! Things are busy chez Caramanica. Our son graduates from high school this spring, and our daily lives involve planning college visits and searching for summer internship opportunities, along with our full-time employment. 

    I am taking a break from the State Department and working at a Defense Department agency for a year. The commute has greatly improved, and I'm trying to use the time to work out more regularly at the gym.

    Joseph, my husband, continues to work for the US Government as a petroleum engineer. This past year he had protestors lined up outside of his office to object to new natural gas pipelines. 

    I enjoy hearing from fellow classmates through Facebook. All the best, Janice
  • 1981

    Tracy Harris Grenoble
    Love this new format! Haven't submitted a class note in quite a while. I'm living in Scottsdale, Arizona with my husband, Mark (empty nesters! - getting old!! ). We have 2 daughters. Alexandra graduated from U. of San Diego last May and is now working for a private equity real estate fund in NYC. Elizabeth is a JR at Chapman U. in Orange, CA and is studying in Prague this semester. I work in the Counseling Dept. of the Catholic high school where my girls attended. My husband is in hotel and spa management and development. We love to travel (off to Nashville for the first time this weekend) and hike and love visitors. If you are looking for warm weather, AZ is the place, unless of course you are talking about summertime and then you will not want to be visiting then. Miss you Mawrtians class of '81...I still look back so fondly on our years at BMS and I truly do know what a good education we received!
  • 1982

    Lori Theodore Calvo
    After multiple layoffs, it became abundantly clear I needed to regroup and find a new direction. So I went back to school and earned a certificate in Health & Wellness Coaching from the Maryland University of Integrative Health (MUIH). I work with men and women who want to make lasting life changes to support their wellness (starting positive habits or stopping negative ones, shifting careers, etc). I help folks identify what's most important to them, tap into their inner motivation to make positive change, and identify obstacles getting in their way. The shifts are amazing, and I love it! 

    On the home front, my husband, Keith, and I are approaching our second anniversary. I think I'm starting to get the hang of it. :-)
  • 1982

    Elizabeth Geesey Holmes
    I just celebrated my one year anniversary at my new position as Head of Infrastructure & Content at the US Naval War College Library in Newport, Rhode Island. I had been working part-time as a Law Librarian in charge of the library and all online research resources for a mid-sized law firm in Providence. I am now Head the 1/3 of the library that orders, processes, catalogs and provides access to library materials in all formats. We are also responsible for building and maintaining all the library's systems, such as the online catalog and electronic Reserves system. It's been a rough ride going back to work full-time from part-time but now my daughter is in 10th grade and I have the time. In my "spare" time I'm also singing with the Providence Singers. We just performed the Messiah with the RI Philharmonic. I also enjoy hanging out with my daughter and husband, and taking walks with our dog.
  • 1983

    Emilie Hilgartner Blaze
    Hi everyone! It’s been a fast year- My husband John and I are trying to keep up with lacrosse schedules, work, and finding time for us! We have 3 in college and 1 in high school this year- our son Hil, junior at Furman University, Patty a sophomore at the University of Richmond, Julie a freshman at Vanderbilt and fellow BMS graduate, and Nellie a freshman at McDonogh. Hil and Julie are on their collegiate lacrosse teams, and Nellie is on JV at McDonogh. Patty is in the business and leadership school at the University of Richmond. 

    I am celebrating the 10 year anniversary of owning The Little Shoebox- a ladies high end shoe boutique in Ruxton. A very busy year indeed! All the best to my fellow classmates!
  • 1984

    Margaret Mathis Lindeman
    Happy 50th Birthday year to all of us! I don't know about you, but 50 doesn't sound as old now as it used to! I'm still living in NC and in my fourth year "back", as a Third grade teacher. I took 17 years off to raise our girls, and felt led back to the classroom. I must admit that I feel happy and fulfilled, even though I'm one of the oldest educators on campus! Our oldest daughter, Emily, graduated from college in May 2015 and is living in Atlanta, GA, waitressing and successfully pursuing her acting/film career. Our younger daughter, Annie, is a sophomore in college, and pursuing a degree in digital, journal, and product photography. At this writing, she is applying for multiple summer internships. So, that means that yes, Ken and I are empty nesters! I adore my girls and miss them like crazy, but I am loving this new lifestyle of being able to go away for weekends, feed only two at a time, and juggle two calendars rather than four. We always love having our girls home, but it's a blessing to be on a new adventure with my best friend. We'll celebrate our 27th anniversary this June. Again, happy 50th birthday wishes to all, near and far. May this be a fabulous year for everyone!
  • 1985

    Amy Meltzer
    I recently received The Covenant Foundation’s 2015 Covenant Award, which is given to educators for their dedication, inspiration and vision.  You can read more about the award here:
  • 1987

    Amy Behrens
     I am now working as a parent coach in the Boston area, serving parents locally and remotely by phone or Skype. I continue to teach classes focused on peacemaking, community service, and art for children, youth, and women as well. I love my work and feel grateful for my experiences at Bryn Mawr as I raise my own 3 girls and support parents and children. 
  • 1988

    Alice Duffee
    I just published my first children's book. I've read a lot of kids books in my day, having 7 of the little critters myself. And I live on a goat farm. So, I put the two together, and, voila, "Toga the Goat." It's the story of a little tin goat who explores a pygmy goat farm. It's on (Otherwise, same old same old - cooking, laundry, working, you know, normal stuff.)
  • 1988

    Jennifer Griffin
    I am happily living in Berkeley, CA with my wonderful husband and four amazing children. I recently released a parenting book, Understanding Your Child As A Spiritual Gift, introducing a new theory of parenting. Check it out on and email me if you come to the Bay Area. I can't wait to read Alice Duffee's new kid's book and catch up with her out here. Who else has written a book?
  • 1989

    Amy Moran Durocher
    I am still enjoying life in Baltimore. This was a year of milestones that I am still trying to "wrap my head around." Twenty years of marriage, 19 years as a social worker at Johns Hopkins and one teenager, Sam, age 13 and one tween, Nate, age 10. Continue to enjoy a yearly tradition of getting together with good Bryn Mawr friends for a nice summer weekend!
  • 1989

    Julie Smith Marshall
    Great to catch up with everyone on this Class Notes site! It seems hard to believe that I am have been working at Bryn Mawr as the Director of Development for 14 years now. It continues to bring me great joy, especially since my daughter is a Bryn Mawr student who loves the school as much as her mama! Dave and Eli are great, too, even though they don't come to Melrose Avenue everyday. If you ever find yourself near campus, please stop by and say hi.
  • 1990

    Kathie Guben Wachs
    I'm typing this from my office in the Gordon Building. All is well here at BMS. Sophie is in 9th grade and Sam is in 5th grade. The exciting news is that since life just isn't busy enough or challenging enough, we decided to get a dog! We are very excited but slightly apprehensive. I hope everyone is well!
  • 1991

    Colleen Mallon Casse
    The past few years have been a whirlwind! I got married in May 2011 to Matt Casse, a fellow Yalie. We met at our 15th year college reunion. Since then, we had our daughter, Catie, in October 2013, and our son, Matty, in April 2015! We live in Baltimore, just a few miles from Bryn Mawr. I am looking forward to seeing everyone at our 25th reunion!
  • 1991

    Katie Pollard
    I lead a research lab at Gladstone Institutes and am Professor at University of California, San Francisco. I live in Potrero Hill with my husband Cory and twin four-year-old boys Jasper and Ellis.
  • 1991

    Julie Rubin
    So many exciting changes have come my way since our last reunion and I'm really looking forward to seeing our class again in May! I have to say that I love how Facebook lets me keep up on everyone's lives, their kids and fun vacations. (I love that I know that Dawn rides a motorcycle and Jill has an adorable rescue pup.) What hasn't changed is that my husband, Jim, and I still reside downtown on the water in Canton in Baltimore City, and spend most weekends on the Chester River on the eastern shore (a short jaunt, but incredibly restorative). Jen Keyser and I talk and see each other all the time (she is still Jenny to me!) - it's really wonderful that my very best friend is from BMS. I also see Jessica Suriano (nee Wolf, Class of '92) quite a lot because I serve on the board of BEST for which she serves as the Executive Director. So fancy! I volunteer a lot for animal welfare and rescue (serving on the board of the MD SPCA), which I love -- and our pups, Lola and Zorro are also big supporters. :) I am still teaching at UMD Law (and it makes me feel super old that I just finished my 12th year as an adjunct there but I love mentoring the law students as they navigate their paths). In 2014, I finished my 3-year term as the chair of BMS' board of trustees, which was incredibly fulfilling. Good, hard work for a place I truly love. My dad is 75 and still suits up to practice law everyday - and I get to see him all the time since we work less than a block from one another. Love that. My sis, Mara Rubin ('88), lives with her husband and 2 adorable boys in Rockville, so I get to be Aunt Julie, which I love. Jim's two adult children have their own babies (3 and 1 on the way in June), so I am a proud grandma! This past January began my fourth year serving as a judge on the Circuit Court for Baltimore City, which continues to be the most exciting, challenging and fulfilling job I could imagine. I still can't believe I get to do what I do. I love it. (I also see Marianne in court! No surprise, she's a fabulous lawyer. ) See you all soon!
  • 1991

    Jane Strachan
    Hi all, After 10 years with USAID's OFDA, I'm joining UNICEF Myanmar as the Emergency Specialist in June (ish). I'm excited for this new chapter in my personal and professional life! And though I'm sure my dog will hate the heat, we'd both love visitors. Myanmar is a beautiful country and a great place to see some unique parts of Asia!
  • 1992

    Jessica Wolf Suriano
    I proudly serve as the Executive Director of the Baltimore Educational Scholarship Trust (B.E.S.T.), and Bryn Mawr is one of our treasured member schools. Maureen Walsh serves on our Board of Trustees, and it is wonderful working with her and hearing all the great things happening at Bryn Mawr. Julie Rubin ('91) serves on our Board as well, so I am always happy when I have time with her. 

    My kids are getting old - Julia is a 5th grader at Roland Park Elementary, and her brother Alex is a 2nd grader there. Time flies! A total guilty pleasure these days is my standing Sunday morning run with Caroline Rosenberg Pinkin, followed by coffee with Jen Keyser ('91). And thank goodness for FB (embarrassing but true) for allowing me to stay up to date with my classmates near and far.
  • 1993

    Corinne Funk Hammons
    I'm settling into my new job as CEO of Little Flower Children and Family Services, a wonderful charity serving NYC and Long Island. Life at home with Lee, Caroline, and Grace is sweet and amazing -- and fully documented on Facebook. Missing Bryn Mawr all the time, and continually thankful for BMS giving me roots and wings.
  • 1994

    Felicia Williams Wilks
    I became the Head of the Upper School at Garrison Forest in 2016. I use the skills I learned at BMS everyday :)
  • 1994

    Jennifer McNeely Daniels
    I am enjoying life in Indianapolis with Joe, Rosalie (4), August (1.5) and #3 due in May. In January. I took a new role with Elanco (animal health division of Eli Lilly) as Director of New Products, working on R&D pipeline strategy, which is very satisfying. We continue to breed horses on the side and added chickens to the menagerie this year. I love hearing from BMS classmates!
  • 1995

    Molly Ness
    I'm still an associate professor at Fordham University, where I teach courses in teacher education and train doctoral students in language and literacy. My husband and I just bought a home in Rye, New York. We spend our summers in Maine, where we're fortunate to spend time with other BMS classmates (Ariel Pepple Speicher). We've got three girls (ages 6, 7, and 9). In December 2015, I published my second book and I'm currently working on my third.
  • 1996

    Alison Espisoto Pritchard
    Hard to believe we're coming up on our 20th reunion - I can't wait to see old friends this May! It continues to be really fun to be so involved at Bryn Mawr, both as an alum and as a parent. May is in pre-1st this year and loving the amazing learning opportunities that Bryn Mawr offers. She's even a pro at the school song now...though I'm not going to say she has all of the words quite right ;)
    As members of the BMS Alumnae Board, Sarah Fowlkes Mumford and I (along with several other alums) have been hard at work on an alumnae cookbook which will debut at this year's alumnae weekend in May. Thanks to all of you who contributed recipes! Keep an eye out for the book at bazaar and other alumnae weekend events this's chock full of delicious recipes, and a couple of really hilarious throwbacks from previous Bryn Mawr cookbooks.
    Can't wait to see you all soon!
  • 1996

    Jennifer Costanza Shopkorn
    Hello Fellow Mawrtians! Not much to report. Life is fairly routine. I still work in strategic communications in the government. I live in Alexandria, VA with my wife, Amy, and our dog, Nigel. Bryn Mawr was such an incredible influence in my life and who I became that it is really important to me to stay involved and give back. That's hard to do while not living in Baltimore, but it’s been so much fun to be a STEM mentor to current students and stay involved in strategic planning and alumnae giving. Hope this Class Notes edition finds everyone well and I hope to see many of you in May!
  • 1997

    Joelle Novey
    Have been doing my best to keep up with my exuberant son, Ellis Joseph Merlin ("Elie" for short), born November 2014. I continue to live on the DC-Maryland line at Eastern Village Cohousing, Silver Spring, and work with congregations of all faiths to respond to climate change through Interfaith Power & Light ( I've enjoyed when this work has brought me into contact with some fellow Mawrtians who are "caring for Creation" in Maryland, including the Rev. Cristina Paglinauan '88, who serves the Episcopal Church of the Redeemer in Homeland, and Hilary Harp Falk '97 at the National Wildlife Federation.
  • 1998

    Jesse Lynn Kulp
    After many years in San Francisco, I live in Nashville where I work for a private school as a Database Manager.
  • 2001

    Anna Himmelrich
    I am still living in Los Angeles and, needless to say, completely slathered in sunblock at all times. Matt and I got married in my parents' front yard in May 2012 and welcomed Julia Jefferson Kozlov on April 1, 2014. I am excited to see all of you at our reunion!
  • 2001

    Karen Byank Mathura
    I live in Bethesda with my husband, Jeevan, and our three, silly kids, Kali (10), JT (8) and Kiran (5). I started out as a nurse and then went to law school. I am an RN JD and handle claims and risk management issues for many DC and Baltimore hospitals and medical practices. I see Marianne quite often (she's JT's Godmother!) as well as Colleen and Julie when we can squeeze in some "girl" time. Can't wait to see everyone!!
  • 2002

    Jessica Ayd
    My husband, Patrick, and I welcomed our baby girl, Paige Galvin Walsh, into the world on November 4, 2015. I've been soaking up every minute of my leave before I return to work at the end of January. Hoping Paige will be a member of the Class of 2033!
  • 2002

    Allison Sheff Bruns
    I am a realtor in Baltimore and living downtown. I married Gilman alum Jason Bruns in 2014 and we are expecting a baby girl in April 2016 - all is well!
  • 2002

    Sara Sajadi
    I am wrapping up my first year in Baltimore (since graduating BMS!) as well as my first year in brand management at McCormick. Both have been great and I'm happy to be back home!
  • 2003

    Alex Sutton
    I'm living in London with my boyfriend while working on the last two chapters of my dissertation. I'm planning to graduate in summer 2017, with a PhD in Environment from Duke University and afterwards work in the environmental philanthropy sector here in the UK. I'm continuing to run my startup, Kedge Conservation, and we've now completed two successful community development projects -- one in Kenya, and one in Namibia.
  • 2003

    Emily Woodward
    Hi! I'm working in Investor Relations at Time Warner Inc. And I live in Hoboken, NJ with my fiance, Warren. We're getting married in September in Baltimore and are excited to spend many weekends in Baltimore leading up to the big event! Best wishes to all.
  • 2004

    Mimi Schatz
    After living in Colorado for the past 5 years, I'm packing up and moving to NYC to work as a software developer. Although I'm mildly terrified about returning to the concrete jungle, I'm looking forward to being back on the east coast!
  • 2004

    Maggie Hoffman Nolan
    My husband, Patrick, and I are full-time luxury wedding photographers living in Ellicott City, but serving the Mid-Atlantic region & traveling for destination couples. We are launching a leg of our business in Northern VA and Colorado this year and already have 35 weddings on our calendar for 2016.
  • 2004

    Emily Strauss Lichtstein
    I am still living in New York, having moved from Boston in December of 2010. My husband, Jeff, and I got married in Baltimore in October of 2014 and welcomed our first, Abby, on December 31, 2015.
  • 2004

    Alice Bowie
    I am currently living in Charlottesville, VA with my fiancé Adam Rhodes. I am scheduled to graduate from UVA's Darden School of Business in May. I will be getting married in Baltimore the following week. Please feel free to reach out if you every find yourself in Cville!
  • 2004

    Cora M. S. Pluta
    My husband, Will, and I moved in January '16 from DC to Southern California, where we are enjoying the weather. We are expecting our first baby in July '16.
  • 2004

    Stephanie Fine
    I am an attorney practicing at Arnold & Porter LLP in General Litigation. My husband, Ted, and I live in San Francisco with our pup, Phoebe, and we enjoy exploring all that California has to offer on weekends.
  • 2004

    Laura Campochiaro Sena
    Hi everyone! I'm back in Baltimore doing residency at Hopkins in internal medicine! I'm also married now and have an 11 month old baby boy who is hilarious. We're living in Canton, and I'd love to reconnect with people still in the area!
  • 2004

    Victoria Thomas
    I'm coming up on my 8th year in the San Francisco Bay Area, and have recently made the leap from book publishing to a software company specializing in digital publishing (when in Rome!). I'm also currently serving on the board of Habitat for Humanity Greater San Francisco. Would love to catch up with any Mawrtians in the area!
  • 2004

    Allie Chafey
    After graduating from Duke business school, I've been living in San Francisco for almost 3 years where I am a Director at Visa in Digital Solutions. My boyfriend Chris and I continue to enjoy international travel, most recently to Africa and are going to Colombia in May. Would love to reconnect with others in the Bay Area!
  • 2009

    Paige Greene
    Currently in law school at Wash U in St. Louis, MO. Looking to move to Chicago. Any alums out there should get in touch!
  • 2010

    Paris Bienert
    Everything is going well with me. I loved working for the National Women's Political Caucus in DC for my first year out of college, but I couldn't turn down the opportunity to come back to Bryn Mawr :) I'm now working in the Development Office supporting the Alumnae and Annual Fund programs. In my free time I play on the Baltimore Blizzard Women's Ice Hockey team and occasionally other social sports teams, and I play Thursday night trivia with Meghan and Emma Kaplan (we're always looking for more players!). I also serve as the President of the Maryland Women's Political Caucus and am participating in a candidate training program for women called Emerge Maryland. I always want to hang out with classmates so please let me know when you’re in Baltimore!
  • 2010

    Emma Kaplan
    I'm looking forward to starting medical school at the University of Maryland next year. Since graduating from college, I've enjoyed living and working in Baltimore.
  • 2010

    Cricket Lynch
    I’m currently a Surface Warfare Officer (SWO) onboard USS New Orleans (LPD 18) - best ship in the Navy. Stationed in San Diego, but we're on deployment to Asia and the Middle East right now, carrying several hundred Marines with us. I mainly stand six hours of watch a day safely navigating the ship while driving evolutions, and then take care of my 50 Sailors. Paris is still my best friend...I am kept well informed of the Bryn Mawr scene, haha. I'm engaged to a guy that I won't see for at least another year – hooyah, dual-military relationships. Charlotte is a legal adult, Mercer is too tall, and my parents still live on the farm.

    Also, JUST saying, if I can submit this while at sea across the world, most of you all should be able to get this done too. Let's get a move on J


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