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  • 1963

    Julia Devereux Glynn
    Several '63 classmates enjoyed a day visiting Mount Clare Museum House, the historic home of Charles Carroll recently. Pictured from left to right are Carol Hilbert Domnisse, Julia Devereux Glynn and Penny Primus Pine.
  • 1969

    Vicki Valsecchi
    After a hectic but fulfilling career in Management Consultancy / HR sector in the United Kingdom, I am now blissfully retired living in Northern France. Ian & I have a converted farmhouse , a short drive from numerous beaches. I still get back to see family in Baltimore, and am planning to attend the 50th reunion.
  • 1966

    Martha Scholz Cukor
    Who would have thought that 52 years after graduation from Bryn Mawr, 5 members of the Class of ’66 would find themselves around a table at dinner celebrating the 70th birthday of a class member? They were Liz, Martha, Midge, Debbie and Susie.
    Or that a one of those (Liz) would spend an extended time with one of the others (Martha) for the 4th year in a row at the beach and be joined by yet another class member, Kim? Or that a yet another ‘66er, (Judy), would arrive at Martha’s the next week for a visit?
    Or that Judy would next visit Kim on the way north for a family vacation?
    Can you believe that 52 years later, 7 members of the Class of ’66 got together in the space of 6 weeks due to friendship? There were only 44 or so graduates, and to this day we want to spend time with each other.
    What an extraordinary, wondrous situation.
  • 1965

    Jennie Lee Williams Fowlkes
    From the "Whatever Happened To" files - a few weeks ago I had a serendipitous email exchange with classmate, Barbara Carroll. Since graduating from Bel Air High School Barbara has been a freelance journalist, filmmaker and photographer living in Colorado and South Florida. What fun to catch up. I am going to encourage Barbara to join us for our 55th Reunion next year. If anyone else knows someone else who is not on our lists why not reach out, as well. Since our 50th was cut a bit short let's make the 55th a bang-up event.
  • 1964

    Elizabeth J. Caldwalader
    Now that my husband has retired from McCormick and Co., we have been traveling a good deal, from a month-long trip to Croatia a few years ago to a 6-week sojourn in the UK (England, Scotland, Wales), Jersey C.I., and France. We had a very difficult few years taking care of elderly mothers, who both died two years ago, just 2 months apart, so we did not travel much during that time. We are now considering adding an addition to our house, or even potentially relocating to Europe to live. Still painting and printmaking from my studio in the Mill Centre, still hoping that someday I'll figure out how to keep the house from filling with clutter. Owen is getting near the end of his PhD program in Nuclear Chemistry/Particle Physics and has traveled to Geneva to work on the Large Hadron Collider at CERN. He was able to join us for our 2 weeks in the Orkneys and Shetlands earlier this summer.
  • 1967

    Eleanor Cover Harding
    Garth and I are still alive and well in Sarasota FL. We moved this summer from our house in a golf course community to a downsized high rise apartment downtown. Big lifestyle change! We are enjoying being downtown, walking more, and signing up for lots more arts, entertainment and volunteer work. Having less space and fewer things feels liberating, although we still have way too much stuff for just two people! We are still trying to travel as much as possible - this year is Canada, Israel and Sicily. We feel very fortunate and grateful.
  • 1969

    Leighton King Wheeler
    It is a bit unbelievable that our 50th reunion is coming next spring. Rex and I spend most of our free time with our children and grandchildren, here in Baltimore, in Easton, Maryland and in Falmouth, Maine. I routinely run into Bryn Mawr people, and that's a nice thing.
  • 1969

    Marilyn Koeppel Ogburn
    Class Note: Surely we are not coming up on our 50th - we are way too young for that! I do hope that all who possibly can will be here for our reunion. I would really love to see you all! Some BMS related news -My husband and I recently built a house just over the footbridge from BMS, so we can now hear the cheers from field hockey and lacrosse games - and the Banner March! Our oldest, Claire, Class of 2005, was married last August to a wonderful guy. He's a pilot in the Air Force. She is pursuing a legal carer in Dallas. Our youngest, Grace, Class of 2011, moved back to Baltimore from Texas last year and works at the Baltimore School for the Arts, which she attended for 9th and 10th grades. Love having her back in town. Husband Lee is working as hard as ever at his law firm with no plans for retirement - as of yet. I have gone back to law as a volunteer at Maryland Legal Aid, working on appeals from their CINA Unit.( foster children). Really hoping to see all of you from '69 next May!
  • 1969

    Peggy Speas
    I retired from the University of Massachusetts in August 2017, and have been enjoying just hanging out with my husband Andy. We are starting the process of moving to our house on Cape Cod.
  • 1962

    Berry Marshall Hoak
    Dale and I celebrated our 50th Wedding Anniversary with a Road Scholar trip to Greece where we wed.  We went early and were able to spend time with Joan Daliani.  Miss Hamilton would approve of our meeting place being the new Parthenon Museum.  Joan introduced us to a lot very small museum, the Bernaki (best food nd view as well as exhibits).  Together we returned to see the church where we married.  Joan is doing well and lives mostly in the Pelopponeus where she bikes to the sea daily to swim.  Next time we would like to visit her in her small village.
  • 1969

    Louise Woods Eaton
    Hello to all. I am much the same, finally quit teaching (free, free, free at last!) and took a wonderful trip to Kenya and Tanzania in January. Not enough time to read all the books in the world, but I am still trying. Visit if you are anywhere near Kentucky. My door is always open and the guest room is ready.
  • 1969

    Katherine Edmunds Gallagher
    Class Note: Looking forward to our reunion since I missed the last one! Lots of news here ... Although it wasn't chilly in hell and no pigs were airborne, I got married in December! Lucky guy or so he claims is Matt LaMotte, St Paul's School, '69. He teaches history at an independent school in Middleburg, Va so it is something of a commuter marriage but all goes well. We had a great trip to Chile in 2017 and look forward to more travels in the event that we live long enough to retire (I work for UMMS health care system here on the Shore - now in my 6th year). My daughter Grace, 25 is living in Baltimore pursuing interior design and her sister Elaine (formerly Faith -- recent name change) graduated from Washington College in 2018 and is working fulltime at Easton's excellent art museum. I see a fair amount of Leighton and her daughter Lee, who lives here in Easton and is not only my lawyer but helped Elaine get through college as a frequent babysitter. Survived another major surgery at UMMC in early June and am grateful to be upright and mobile.
  • 1969

    Bridget Murnaghan
    I am still teaching in the Classical Studies department at Penn, with no immediate plans to retire. This spring I published several books I had been working on for a long time, including a translation of Euripides' Medea and a co-authored book on Classics and Childhood, which has a discussion of Edith Hamilton's Mythology -- still one of the first points of contact with the ancient world for many people. Both of my children, now in their mid-20's, are back living at home as they figure out what comes next. My daughter Jane plans to get a PhD in Ancient Near Eastern studies; my son George is less sure what he will do, but it is not likely to be anything quite so academic.
  • 1969

    Patricia Beatley-Patterson
    I am retired and my husband, Rodney, a freelance videophotographer, is winding down his client list and plans to retire in the next two years. Then, we are seriously considering moving to California. Our daughter Jaina will be a senior this fall at St. Mary's College of Maryland. Her major is philosophy with dual minors in economics and art. I have been encouraging her to go to law school, but I think that is a losing cause!

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