Upper School

Welcome to the Upper School

The Upper School years are full of excitement, a time of wonderful intellectual growth and self-discovery as girls grow through adolescence toward adulthood.
 Bryn Mawr’s vigorous college-preparatory program offers stimulating and challenging academics across many disciplines. In addition, our coordinate program with Gilman School and Roland Park Country School provides the opportunity for our girls to participate in coed classes during their Upper School experience, and to choose from a large and varied selection of elective courses. When making their course selections, Bryn Mawr girls may choose from seven different foreign languages.

One of our goals as we work with our talented students is to foster independent thinking. Girls are encouraged at each step to develop their own questions, and we consciously nurture in our students the awareness that asking one’s own question is often more valuable than answering someone else’s. Bryn Mawr girls are known for developing a strong and well-founded opinions and for not being afraid to share them.

Equally important are the many opportunities that our students have for leadership, athletics, artistic expression, community service and fun! We encourage our students to get involved in the life of the school both inside and outside the classroom. It is not unusual for a Bryn Mawr student to finish her academic classes for the day and participate in a club meeting or have a conversation with a teacher before heading off to sports or play practice in the afternoon. We know that students who pursue their interests and are involved in school life – and who form strong relationships with peers and the adults on campus – are young women who are prepared to lead vibrant lives within their larger community.

Outside the classroom, school-wide activities are organized by the Student Government Association, the Arts Council, the Athletic Association, the Community Alliance for Everyone, the Community Service Learning Association and the Environmental Coalition, whose elected leaders work together to coordinate numerous activities sponsored by the groups. More than 50 student-led clubs encourage girls to explore familiar interests as well as try new things. Students may also choose from many different sports options throughout the year. We have 16 interscholastic sports teams that compete during the fall, winter and spring seasons and, for students who do not play on a team, there are other activities from which to choose. Opportunities for artistic expression also abound on our campus and beyond. We have singing groups, handbells, a rock band and we also offer instrumental lessons and an ensemble performing group, as well as several evening coffeehouse performances (open mic nights). Finally, Bryn Mawr students perform in several theatrical productions each year, some coordinated with our neighboring boys' school.

We welcome you for a visit to see firsthand the delights of a Bryn Mawr education.

Jennifer C. Galambos, Ed.D.
Upper School Director
Located in Baltimore, Maryland, The Bryn Mawr School is a private all-girls kindergarten, elementary, middle and high school with a coed preschool for ages 2 months through 5 years. Bryn Mawr provides students with exceptional educational opportunities on a beautiful 26-acre campus within the city limits. Inquisitive girls, excellent teaching, strong student-teacher relationships and a clear mission sustain our vibrant school community where girls always come first.