Middle School

Welcome to the Middle School

The Bryn Mawr Middle School program offers girls a wonderful opportunity to learn and grow in a challenging and supportive environment. We celebrate the fact that each girl will change and develop significantly over the course of these three years, and that the pace of growth will be different for each of them.
The middle school years are a time of very active learning about oneself, relationships with others, and the larger world. We want to ensure that our girls have the right tools, knowledge, and guidance to have a healthy and joyful experience.

Our program is designed to support and stretch our students at this crucial stage of their academic, physical, and social development. Bryn Mawr teachers create classrooms that are safe spaces for students to take academic risks and think critically about the world. Students tackle topics as diverse as sustainable development, Shakespeare, and algebraic functions, and teachers emphasize student skills—showing girls not only how to learn, but also how to be their own best advocates. Our intellectual traditions honor the importance of the arts, languages, and physical education as part of the core curriculum. Our current pedagogy recognizes the importance of teaching our courses in a one-to-one laptop environment in which girls learn to curate and integrate the vast amount of information available to us. Students also have plenty of opportunity to create, build, and communicate their magnificent ideas in our project-based science classrooms and innovation space.

Beyond academics, Bryn Mawr understands that social and emotional development at this age is critically important. Our advisory program offers on-going guidance for students in navigating changing friendships, making healthy choices, and cultivating self-awareness and independence. We provide many outlets outside of the classroom for students to develop new interests and connect in unique ways with peers. Arts and athletic programs offer both introductory and enriched programs in order to allow beginners and more advanced students to shine. Clubs, service learning, and class trips provide opportunities for bonding, new passions, and new perspectives on the world.

The middle school years are transformative ones, and at Bryn Mawr we are committed to making sure that they are also full of learning and laughter. Come see us in action!

Amanda Macomber
Middle School Director
Located in Baltimore, Maryland, The Bryn Mawr School is a private all-girls kindergarten, elementary, middle and high school with a coed preschool for ages 2 months through 5 years. Bryn Mawr provides students with exceptional educational opportunities on a beautiful 26-acre campus within the city limits. Inquisitive girls, excellent teaching, strong student-teacher relationships and a clear mission sustain our vibrant school community where girls always come first.