Edith Hamilton Library


Mission of the Bryn Mawr School Archives

  • To appraise, collect, organize, describe, preserve, and make available School records of permanent administrative, legal, fiscal and historical value.
  • To provide adequate facilities for the retention, preservation, servicing, and research use of such records.
  • To serve as a research center for the study of the School’s history by members of the School and the scholarly community at large
  • To provide educational services in the use of archival material and collections care.
  • To provide reference services to assist in the School’s administration and operations.
  • To serve in a public relations capacity by promoting knowledge and understanding of the origins, programs, and goals of the School and their development.
  • To facilitate the efficient management of the recorded information produced by the School's departments and offices.

Donation Policy and Deed of Gift Form

The Archives seeks memorabilia such as uniforms, scrapbooks, photograph albums, artwork, textbooks and other items representative of the School's rich history. Please contact the Archivist if you believe that you may have such items and would be interested in donating them to the School. A formal donation document with Deed of Gift form is available here.

Institutional Collection Policy

Non-current records and materials should be assessed to determine if they are of historic, informational or educational value to the community. It is essential that the School cares for and maintains items that describe its history and development. If you believe that you have such material please contact the Archivist.

Access Policy

School archival records will normally remain closed for a maximum period of twenty years from the date of their creation (the date on which each document was written) unless the office of origin has designated a shorter period. The only records that are restricted for a different period are:

  • Trustee and Trustee Committees minutes — restricted for 75 years.
  • Faculty minutes and records of Faculty Committees reporting to the faculty — restricted for 20 years except for members of the faculty or administration.
  • Records of committees reporting only to the administration — restricted for 20 years.
  • Student records and Personnel records — restricted for 75 years.
Access to certain other records may be restricted by law regardless of time passage.
Some records may never be released as authorized by the Head, the School Archivist, and the Archives Committee.
During the restricted period the records will be available only to the office of origin and the Archives staff. Consideration will be given for access by others when a written request is presented to the Archivist, and a written approval has been obtained from the appropriate School officer now responsible for the function performed by the office of origin.
The records of the School will be made available in accordance with the rules and regulations of the School Archives. Access to Archival material does not imply nor infer permission to use, copy or quote said material in any manner. Please refer to the Use Policy for those permissions.

Use Policy: This is the full text of the Use Agreement that researchers will sign before beginning any work in the Archives.

The Bryn Mawr School Archives (“the Archives”) is a private collection of materials owned by the Bryn Mawr School. Access to the Archives, other than by school personnel who work there, is limited to individuals who have been granted specific permission to view the private materials. Permission to review material in the Archives and use archived material is granted only upon agreement to the following conditions:
  • No materials may be removed from the Archives without permission of the Archivist.
  • Because the use of certain materials is restricted by law, by reason of their origin, or by donors, use of any material in the Archives is subject to the approval of the School Archivist.
  • Use of records which are not processed or are being processed, records of exceptional value and fragile documents may also be restricted.
  • If material is subject to a copyright, it may not be used without the consent of the owner of the copyright (or his/her legal successor.)
  • Departmental or Administrative records may not be quoted, paraphrased or used in any way without the consent of the person now responsible for that department or office or the Head of the School.
  • The use of material obtained from the Archives shall be in conformity with the law.
  • The undersigned shall indemnify the Bryn Mawr School and the School Library and hold them harmless from any claims arising out of the undersigned’s use of material from the Archives.
  • No record or photograph, nor any part of a record or photograph, contained in the Archives may be cited, paraphrased, published or reproduced without the prior written authorization of the School Archivist or the Head of School. This condition cannot be waived in any manner by The Bryn Mawr School, including but not limited to, by course of dealing.
  • The terms of this written agreement are exclusive and cannot be modified except in a written agreement signed by the School Archivist or the Head of School.
  • The undersigned is required to provide a copy of any material created through use of Archival records to The Bryn Mawr School at no charge to the School.


Material in the Archives is of mixed copyright ownership. The Bryn Mawr School Archives adheres to the requirements of federal copyright law and to the rights and permissions that belong to others. Possession of the physical object does not imply nor infer any right to reproduce the intellectual content of that object, including text, images, audio and video material.
Located in Baltimore, Maryland, The Bryn Mawr School is a private all-girls kindergarten, elementary, middle and high school with a coed preschool for ages 2 months through 5 years. Bryn Mawr provides students with exceptional educational opportunities on a beautiful 26-acre campus within the city limits. Inquisitive girls, excellent teaching, strong student-teacher relationships and a clear mission sustain our vibrant school community where girls always come first.