Captains Corner: Varsity Lacrosse

The Varsity Lacrosse team captain speaks about her goals for this season.
What's your team's strengths?

We think our strength would be our resilience. No matter what, we work hard everyday and always stay positive in the face of adversity.

What is the hardest thing about being a captain?

Not letting our emotions show to much. It can be hard in the heat of the moment when everyone is frantic or upset to stay composed and stoic.

What do you enjoy most about being a captain?

Leading this lacrosse team is so much fun and such an honor. This team and program is really special so I enjoy just playing a role in it.

Did you set any goals for your team this year? If you did, what were they? If not, do you wish that you did?

"Good vibes" and "all in" are our two mottos this year. In such a competitive league it is so important to be positive. For example, we were losing to St. Pauls by four at half time in our first season game but everyone is so supportive and positive that we were able to come back and win by 2. "All in" is about really dedicating your self to the team and acknowledging that you are part of something bigger and greater. These mottos have really defined our season up to this point.
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