Captains Corner: Varsity Track

The Varsity Track team captains discuss their hopes for their team this season.
What are your hopes/goals for the team?

One goal for this season includes coming together as a team to bring more wins as a whole. We are so easily separated by the different events that we do just because of the nature of being on a track team, but we are working around that.

What are some challenges you faced this year?

The main challenge had the most to do with the nature of being a track team with the different events. We are working on finding different ways to come together even off of the track and/or field and outside of practice.

How is the spring track team compared to previous years?

There is less of a dynamic of who's in charge and who's just on the team. However, we have worked as a collective group of captains on including other teammates in our decisions and making sure that no one is afraid of us just because we're captains.

What has been the best part of being a captain for this team?

Collectively, the best part of being a captain is being able to support everyone even if they are doing something different from you. And even though all of us are captains of different events (jumping, long distance, sprinting, and throwing), being captain allows us to be there for others that we wouldn't normally talk to.
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