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Inaugural Arts Awards Ceremonies

Recognizing student achievements in dance, music, choral and fine arts, Bryn Mawr’s Middle and Upper Schools held inaugural Arts Award ceremonies this spring. 

The Upper School Arts Department celebrated the accomplishments of graduating seniors as well as underclassmen for their contributions to the arts at Bryn Mawr in the first-ever Arts Awards Ceremony.  Students were also inducted into the National Honor Society of Dance Arts, the Tri-M Music Honor Society and the Maryland Senior All State Orchestra and Band.  

The Middle School honored students in fine art, dance, drama, BrynSymphony, choral groups, performing arts, and named a Middle School Artist of the Year.

Read below for a list of honors. 

The following members of the Class of 2023 received awards:
Marguerite Antoniades
Mia Boydston
Meley Cullors
Alex de Jesus
Arezu Fayyazi
Clare Gibson
Selene Gonzales-Santos
Olivia Hood
Merriwether King
Leah Lewis 
Sabrina MacArthur
Annie Soon
Christina Sousou
Carolyn Su
Eliza Turall
Koko Ugbo 
Olivia West
Arreyelle Wilson
Caroline Wu
The following students were inducted into honor societies
National Honor Society of Dance Arts: 
Elizabeth Coulson ’24
Sophie Gourmand ’24
Chandler Prettiman-Watkins ’24
Sophie Weiser ’24
Arreyelle Wilson ’23
Tri-M Music Honor Society:
Mia Boydston ’23
Cara Chow ’24
Clare Gibson ’23
Leah Lewis ’23
Christina Sousous ’23
Carolyn Su ’23
McKenzie Tebo ’24

Maryland Senior All-State Orchestra and Band:
Cara Chow ’24, violin
Alice Li ’25, harp
Crystal Wang ’24, piano
Arts council reps:
9th grade- Louisa Mulligan and Virginia Whalen
10th- Kate Black and Kelsey Chang
11th grade- Ellie Chi and Zavi Richardson
12th grade- Selene Gonzales- Santos and Leah Lewis served as class reps along with President Mia Boydston, VP, Merriwether King and Sec.Treasurer, Carolyn Su
Dayseye section leaders are:
Dayseye Section leaders: 
Mia Boydston ’23
Jenna Bruning ’25
Alex de Jesus ’23
Sophie Gourmand ’24
Elisabeth Stevens ’24
Olivia West ’23
Dayseye Cabinet members are: 
Mia Boydston ’23
Christina Sousou ’23 
Elisabeth Stevens ’24
Sophie Weiser ’24

Quadrivium section leaders are: 
Megan Chiu ’26
Cara Chow ’24
Michelle Dong ’25
Alice Li ’25
Carolyn Su ’23
McKenzie Tebo ’24

The Middle School also held its first Arts Awards assembly.  Awards were given for fine art, dance, drama, BrynSymphony, for each choral group, the musical and a Middle School Artist of the Year.

Fine Art Awards
The Creative Mind - Anna Hao ’29
The Whimsical Artist - Annie Herb ’29
The Alma Thomas Award for Colorful Design - Lena Mavrellos ’28
The Musical Cubism Award for Imaginative Work - Ava Richman ’27

Dance Awards
Releve Award - Emma James ’28 and Sophia Rothwell ’27
Outstanding Choreographer - Abigail Brynes ’27, Lucy Guyton ’27 and Thalia Millet ’27
Middle School Dance Company Respect Award - Madeline Navaleza ’28 and Ava-Noelle Wright ’27

Drama Awards
Outstanding 6th Grade Drama Students 
Eva-Marie Rody ’29
Emma Lagogiani ’29
Severn Strong ’29

Most Improved - Arianna Kamangar ’29
All-State Award - Tiffany Luan ’27
Music Performance Award - Maggie Schneider ’27, Liana Kai ’27, Clara Luo ’27, Tiffany Luan ’27
BrynSymphony Away - Maggie Schneider ’27

Choral Music
Cantemus 6th Grade Vocalist of the Year - Avelynn Puckett ’29
Exclamemus 7th Grade Vocalist of the Year - Neves Jones ’28
Sumus Deae 8th Grade Vocalist of the Year - Isabella Ayala ’27
Most Outstanding Middle School Music Student - Hannah Fisher ’27

Rising Star Award - Taylor Bard ’28 and Harlow Tarleton ’27
Shining Star Award - Brooke Brotman ’28 and Justice LeGrand ’27
Outstanding Crew Member Award - Gayle Lancaster ’27
Cast Choice Award - Abigail Matino ’28 and Bani Gourab ’27

Middle School Artist of the Year - Ava-Noelle Wright ’27