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Bryn Mawr Receives Fifth Consecutive AP Computer Science Female Diversity Award

The Bryn Mawr School received the College Board’s AP Computer Science Female Diversity Award for the fifth consecutive year.  The award was created to help close the gender gap in computer science.  
Bryn Mawr received the award for both AP Computer Science A and AP Computer Science Principles, making it one of only 64 schools nationwide and just five schools in Maryland to be recognized for both courses.  
Upper School students can choose from nine different computer science courses, including AP Computer Science A, Advanced Topics in Computer Science, Entrepreneurship, Graphic Design, Programming iPhone Apps, and Robotics.  All Bryn Mawr students are required to take an introductory computer science course in Upper School.  Students begin their computer science studies with a device-free class in PreK, eventually moving to a 1-to-1 computer science class ranging from iPads to chrome books, culminating in the required Upper School introduction to computer science.  
“Computer science is the source code of our economy and so much of our daily lives,” said Trevor Packer, College Board Head of the AP Program. “In the five years since we began the AP Computer Science Female Diversity Award, it’s been heartening to see schools like Bryn Mawr welcome so many more young women into this vital field.”