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Tri-School Lower Schools Gather with Author Jon Agee

Lower Schoolers got a taste of tri-school coordination this week, as students from Bryn Mawr, Gilman and RPCS gathered for a presentation by author and illustrator Jon Agee. 
During his “Tell and Draw” event in Gilman’s Alumni Auditorium, Agee doodled for the kindergarten and first grade audience and told a story as he drew. He even showed some of the books he’d written and illustrated as a 6-year-old child (all of which were titled "Book"). Students enjoyed seeing friends, neighbors and siblings from the tri-school and hiking over the bridge.
Later that day, older elementary students from the three schools assembled for Agee’s presentation on "How Do Stories Take Shape.” He showed more of his very early work, including some folded paper illustrations, and again, doodled and told stories (including the old favorite The Incredible Painting of Felix Clousseau). Following the presentation, fourth graders enjoyed playing a special round of Rock, Paper, Scissors before heading back over the bridge.