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Mawrtian Tennis honored with three Varsity Sports Network titles

Bryn Mawr Tennis received top honors from Varsity Sports Network (VSN), which named coaches Kate Brendler and Matilde Taborda-Almaguer “Co-Coaches of the Decade” and Cameron Corsoe ’17 its Player of the Decade. 
Brendler took the helm of Bryn Mawr’s varsity tennis team in 2003, winning her first championship that year.  She was joined by Taborda-Almaguer in 2005 and together, they have proven to be a successful combination of technique and strategy. Under their leadership, Bryn Mawr has won the Interscholastic Athletic Association of Maryland A Conference tennis title nine times.

VSN Player of the Decade, Cameron Corse ’17 was on three championship-winning teams during her time at Bryn Mawr. She also won the No. 1 singles title each of her four years on the team. She went on to play for Notre Dame.
Corse told Varsity Sports Network how much she valued being a part of Mawrtian Nation tennis saying, “Having a shared mission with a group created a second family and enabled us to reach higher heights than we could have on our own, all while making fun memories along the way.”
While Corse played competitively outside of Bryn Mawr and went on to a storied and successful collegiate career, Brendler and Taborada-Almaguer have expertise in helping more casual players grow and develop into stronger players and people. 
Brendler told VSN, “Our success comes from our athletes, who are committed to academics and to improving their tennis.” She also credits her co-coach Taborda-Almaguer saying, “We have worked together to create a team that takes tennis seriously but still has fun and supports each other on and off the court.”
Bryn Mawr tennis is fortunate to have a pool of athletes with raw talent and more experienced players and coaches who know how to help both groups succeed in a cohesive team that has solidified Bryn Mawr tennis as a perennial championship contender.